Korean Idol's student era! Delivering graduation photos from the true story of the legendary popular and classmates♪


One month has passed since the new semester has begun ^ ^ ^ ^

Finding a wonderful person at school, such as "that person is cool! Cute!", And making a noise with friends is the real pleasure of school days ('▽ `).♡

Seeing very popular recommendations around the world"There are tens of millions of people in the world who like this person?Must be ... "Such,

Have you ever thought about a nerd? smile

So this timeK-POP idol's mote episode of school days, true stories by classmates, and legendary graduatesWe will deliver it with a variety of♪

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K-POP idol student days
~ Popular, Mote Episode Collection-

From now on, we will carefully select and deliver idols that have a strong impact of popular people, especially mote episodes.♪

NCT Jae Hyun

Quote source

Jae -hyun goes to "many idols"Seoul Performance Arts High School "I'm from ^ ^

He is a good -looking guy and his height is 180cm, and he has an incredible visual.♪

First of all, please see the video of the radio public broadcast that was revealed in the shocking episode of school days (´∀ `)What a junior high school when Jae -hyun was an ordinary person

A junior high school junior, "I fell in love with Jae -hyun at first sight," delivered a letter to the public recording of the radio as Shizuni (NCT fans)!

"It's okay when you hit the corridor?Volleyball that seniors at school on their feet at school(in Korean)I was watching

"I heard that Jae -hyun sang at the Cultural Festival, and the stage battle was held in the morning in the morning."A mote episode like a youth drama was revealed ... lol

When there is such a cool senior at school and passing by in the corridor, the world that makes a fuss at the school festival is too enviable ... (̱)♡

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Speaking of WonnonBear length and tall"THE Korean handsome"That's right♪

WonnonMote episode isPublished in Cebchi's content!

 When I was a junior high school student, it was revealed in the video

"The third grade classroom is on the 4th floor, and the second grade classroom is on the third floor, but the junior girls felt the gaze of the cleaning time girls on the 4th floor."It was stating!

Wonwoo is not a positive character type, but if you don't talk, you have a mysterious atmosphere (´∀ `).

Isn't the atmosphere that is concerned about what kind of person you are in the visuals, isn't it why the girls were the focus of the attention of girls? ^ ^


Jeanhao decided his debut in the final first place on the audition program "BOYS PLNET" in April 2023.

Unusual for idols, I lived as ordinary people to college students!

However, as soon as I appeared on "BOYS PLANET", a photo of Jeanhao from another college student who took another picture was uploaded to SNS σ ('⌓').

"Lots of hidden photos in the university, which were famous for their handsome handsome, and starring Jeanhao starring Jeanhao, were released on SNS on SNS."

You can tell how popular it was with this episode alone (´∀ `)

This is a video when the short film of the Cultural Festival was released ^ ^
The cheers of the girls from 15 seconds are idol class, so please take a look!

 This is a secret shot taken by a girl student in the university ...
It's not good to take a hidden picture, but it's amazing that other students can take pictures even though they are ordinary people lol

It's enviable to be able to take the same class as such a handsome (● ˃ ロ ˂) ꠥ

Enhypen Sonu

It is Sonu, who is in charge of ENHYPEN, but he was famous as a cool senior!

When in junior high school,Is there 35 Oppa on the school anonymous bulletin board, which was famous for being a cool senior (35 in Korean) for three years? Please go out with me! "It was written.

It's already an idol class popularity and visual since I was a student.♪

NCT127 Jongu

John Wow, who attended a technical high school as a general public in high school.
Immediately after John Woo debuted in 2018, a writing with an anonymous bulletin board in Korea has become a hot topic!

"The cool person on the bus every day is riding in the same time at the same time, and if I thought I didn't get on it from one day, I debuted at NCT's Jung Woo."
It was σ ('⌓')

There is an event like this manga ...
I'm sure I was looking forward to going to school every morning, I'm jealous (´Д`) y♡


Quote source

Did you find a student? In response to the question, Subin himself said, "I was an introverted in school and was not motivated at all."

However, on the anonymous bulletin board in Korea"I was surprised because Subin thought it was similar to my first love partner."There was a writing (゜ ∀ ゜)

It's surprising that the idol I was looking at was my first love person in my school days!

Furthermore, this writing became a hot topic, and it became clear that classmates were "tall and cute", which was Subin!


Quote source

You can't remove Taehyun in the idol's mote episode!

As you can see from the photos of my school days, the visuals are already completed ^ ^

Such Taehyun's episode isWhen I was a student, I couldn't refuse even if I was confessed by many girls, and if I noticed, there were many girlfriends.

It seems that multiple people were dating for two people, but there were several people who claimed Tae -hyun's name.


Quote source

After working as an IZONE, Chewon is currently working as a leader of LE SSELAFIM.

"Knowing brother" broadcasted in Korea on April 29, a high school mote episode has been released!

"On the anonymous bulletin boardI went up to ask if I had a boyfriend in Kimcha Won for a year or if I liked it, and people from other classes came to the classroom to see the face of Chewon. "It was an episode!

Chewon himself also said, "I was happy because I liked being interested, but I was ashamed, so I pretended to be doing other things and pretending to be reading a book ^ ^ ^ ^


Quote source

When Tsuwi debuted as TWICE, the goddess visual was shocked to the K-POP world!

The Mote Episode of Zwi was revealed by members John Young.

school days,"There was a person who was asked by a stranger on the subway for contact information, and there were people who came to multiple schools to the cuteness of Tsuwi while attending school."It was stating!

I'm afraid to follow the school, but the popularity that people gather outside school is amazing ('∀ `)!

Red Velvet Irene

Quote source

It is no exaggeration to say that Irene is called "Irene-sama" and has a beautiful appearance that represents the K-POP world.♪

He has been alive since he was a student, and he was a famous beautiful woman in the local Daegu!

"There were many people who came to the classroom to see the face of Irene, and when testing a high school in junior high school, there were many people who came to see their faces through the window."The episode that said was released (´∀ `)

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K-POP idol student days
~ A collection of true episodes by classmates ~

From now on, we will introduce impressive true episodes by K-POP idol classmates as a student.♪

TXT Young Joon

           Quote source

Yong -jun attended the Korean art high school, the same as BTS Jimin.

There are many testimonies from classmates that Yongjun had many friends and were very popular (´∀ `)

The members, Subin, have revealed an episode to prove their popularity.

Yongjun saw Subin at the high school graduation ceremonyIt was "perfect yang" lol

It seems that Yongjun was stopped by a friend everywhere he went!

 It is a popular person who is recognized by idol members (´∀ `*)

It ’s cool as I was in school.♪

NCT127 Jaehyun

Quote source

Jae -hyun also appeared in Mote Episode.
Here are two true stories from classmates♪

The first is the same year, SEVENTEEN's Dogyom revealed on the radio of the video below on the high school episode ^ ^

 "I went to the same school, but I couldn't talk because Jae -hyun was cool and shining."

The second is Golden Child's Chang Jun on the radio program

"I had few idol trainees in my department, and my friends were praised for being cool, but as Jae -hyun was transferred, I was buried."I revealed an interesting episode (´∀ `)

In addition to the mote episode, it's amazing that even idols of the same sex are hesitant to talk to them ... lol

It is no exaggeration to say that he is a legendary student in the No. 1 idol world.♪( ´▽`)


 Quote source

Minji just graduated from high school in 2023.

Kumjun -Hyun, a trainee who appeared in "Boysplanet", which ended the broadcast in April, revealed Minji's episode that was in the same class!

Jun -Hyun did not charge his mobile phone at school and sent a group talk to the class, "Can you lend me a mobile battery?"

Then,Minji hit Junhyun with Ton -ton and lent me a battery, "Use this."♪

moreover,JunhyunIt seems that BOYS PLANET trainees asked for a sign of Minji, but he was willing to accept the sign!

Cute and gentle Minji,It's an angel ... (´ ▽ `)♡ 

bonus♪K-POP idol student days
~ Legendary graduate Al photo book ~

From here on, we will carefully select and deliver the legendary graduate graduates of the K-POP idol.♪( ´▽`)

In addition, the idol who graduated from school in 2023, K-POP graduation song
HerePlease check it out together♪

IVE iso

Quote source

Born in 2007, a photo of the graduation album when I went to junior high school this yearis♪

It's terrible that this is a junior high school graduation album ... σ ('⌓')!


Quote source

Yujin debuted in 9th place from the audition program "Boysplanet".

This is also a photo of this year's junior high school graduation album (° ▽ °)
The visuals are too good and I think it's processing, right?

ENHYPEN Jay & Sonu

                 Quote source
Jay is one year older than Sonu, but in 2022 I graduated in the same class!

It's a big hit for these two people in the same class ^ ^


Quote source

Speaking of ITZY's manne and Yuna, it features big eyes and beautiful long hair!
It is a stable visual even in graduation photos ... (´ ▽ `)♡

IVE Won Young

Quote source

Among the 2023 graduation idols, the graduation photo of Wonon Young has become a hot topic (´∀ `).

It's so beautiful that it seems to be a picture of the album, Wonnon -sama is true lol ٩ ('ω') و


This time, I focused on the K-POP idol school days ^ ^

Looking back on the episodes of the idols this time, I felt that it was a fate of becoming an idol, as it was popular and attracted attention in school since I was an ordinary person.♪( ´▽`)

 In particular, I would like to pay attention to the mote episode of my school days, as idols with even more amazing episodes are likely to appear in the future (∀ ∀).♡

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