[Korean graduation song special feature] Delivering a heartwarming friendship song and crying graduation song! Introducing K-POP idols from February 2023♪


Speaking of March, it's a graduation season in Japan! Congratulations to everyone who graduated!

I think there are various thoughts before goodbye to friends and the beginning of a new life ^^

This time, it is the graduation season, so we will send you a special graduation song for the 2023 version of the graduation season.♪

We will introduce Korean graduation songs mainly with K-POP such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, and TXT.♪

Friendship songs you want to hear with friends, graduation songs you want to hear when you want to cry, support songs to boost new starts.

Deliver the song you want to hear according to your mood ^^

In addition, K-POP idols who graduated from high school in 2023 will be introduced!

There are only big idols that will lead the K-POP world in the future!

Please enjoy reading to the end.♪

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Introducing the "graduation" culture unique to Korea!

Did you know that there are various differences in the culture of "graduation" in Korea and Japan?

This time, I will introduce general information and culture about graduation in Korea ^^

Although it is a close country, it is interesting due to unexpected differences in culture, so please read it.♪

What is the Korean graduation season?

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In Japan, the graduation ceremony will be completed in March, and the new year will begin in April ^^

If you support Korean idols, you may have felt that the time is faster than Japan!

In Korea, one month earlier than JapanFebruaryThe graduation ceremony is held, and the new semester begins in March.

Therefore, it is a standard that K-POP idols' graduation ceremonies and graduation albums will be available in February.♪

What is the Korean graduation ceremony?

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Junior and high school students will go to the graduation ceremony wearing uniforms like Japan!

Then, for college students, gowns and square hats are common ^^

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I graduated!At the end of the graduation ceremony, there are many people who throw a square hat!

In Japan, hakama and suits are common, so I yearn for one scene of the drama ^^

Korean graduation culture

  • Flour

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In the same sense as a square cap, there is a culture of dating flour to celebrate that you have graduated in Korea!

At the end of the graduation ceremony, there was a sight of the flour that each brought brought!

However, since they were escalating more and more things other than flour, more and more schools are now banning flour.

  • Uniform break

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Graduated from uniform!"There was also a culture of breaking uniform.

However, there are people who do not want to break uniforms, and they are treated as social problems, such as becoming more and more radical.

With the cooperation of the Education Agency and the police, it has now become an abolished culture!

  • Eat jar noodles

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In Korea, there is a culture to go to a Chinese restaurant on the day of the graduation ceremony and eat jar noodles!

Many people say, "I've seen K-POP idols on VLOGs" ^^

In the past, ""The jar noodles are expensive and special foodIt was common to eat for graduation celebration!

With its name, there is still a culture of eating jar noodles on the day of the graduation ceremony!

Perfect for the graduation season! Introducing Korean graduation songs!

I want to listen to the graduation ceremony! Collection of friendship songs



"FRIENDS" is a unit song of BTS Kozu (Tete and Jimin)!

In this song, which is sang by the two people of the same age, there are many fights while looking back on high school days, but "You are my soul mate"

To become an idol, Tete is from Daegu, Jimin moved to Tokyo from Busan, and Kuozu who has overcome various hardships sings.^^

It's a song I want to hear with a friend who is so close to you to quarrel.♪



"CAMPFIRE" is a well -known masterpiece by Seventeen.

It is known as an important song of SEVENTEEN and CARAT (the fan name of SEVENTEEN), but it sounds like a song given to an important friend ^^

It is an impressive friendship song that seems to cry when you ask a friend at the graduation ceremony.



TWICE's "BRAND New Girl" is a song that sang the friendship of a girl on the way with a dream ^^

The theme is graduation, but I don't want to be afraid because it's a cheerful and pop song like TWICE! Recommended friendship song for those who♪

It is a perfect song to make memories with friends!

I can cry because it's emo! A collection of graduation songs

IU "Graduation Day"


IU's "Graduation Day" is a Korean classic graduation song ^^

Maybe I think there are many good days than a bad dayI feel like the lyrics and the gentle singing voice of IU will wow up anxiety about the new road.♪

By all means, it is a graduation song that you want to pay attention to the lyrics!

BTS "Spring Day"


BTS's "SPRING DAY" is an important person "want to see"It is a song that sang my thoughts.

You're separated and can't meet right now, but do you want to meet?

It's a song that will spoke your feelings when you miss someone!

TXT "Goodbye Now"


"GOODBYE NOW" sung by TXT is a perfect song for graduation with the theme of goodbye!

It is known as a typical song for the graduation ceremony in Korea ^^

It is a cover song that was announced in 1991, and retro tune stirrts nostalgia.♪

Push your back! Support song collection



Gaho's "START OVER" is a song that boosts the back of the person chasing a dream.♪

Even if you just hear the intro, there are many people who come to a pin ...!

That's right ... It's that masterpiece known as the OST of the drama "Yasuin Class"!

When I heard "START OVER", I felt like I became the protagonist of the drama.I will grab my dreams!I feel strong ^^

Treasure "My Treasure"


Treasure's "My Treasure" is a song that makes you think it's okay even if there are painful days or difficult things.

Even if I can't do it, I should start again"The lyrics are saved ^^

It is a wonderful support song that makes you feel bright to do your best from tomorrow.♪

Introducing K-POP idols who graduated in February 2023!


Quote source

I'm Minji, the oldest member of NEWJEANS♪ 

Minji graduated from Han Rim Performing Arts High School, where many K-POP idols have passed many!

The high school side says about Minji, "I was always serious and solid when I was a trainee, and I spent my school life a lot ^^

When I was in my third year of high school, it was the same class as NMIXX Soryun and Bay!

The members of the girl group who are active on the front line seem to be the same class (;;)

At the graduation ceremony, there were some people lined up.♪

NMIXX Soryun

Quote source 

NMIX's Soryun graduated from Han Rim Performing Arts High School this year!

A lot of appearance on the day of the graduation ceremony has been uploaded ^^

It's incredibly beautiful (;;)

There seemed to be a lot of friends with classmates in the class!

Also, on the day of the graduation ceremony, the reaction when the classmates danced "DICE" in front of them are also talked about!

The appearance of dancing together with a slimy is cute, isn't it?♪


Quote source

NMIXX's bay also graduated from Han Rim Performing Arts High School!

Before I moved to Han Rim Performing Arts High School, I went to Yangsan Women's High School, and I was a junior of AESPA winter ^^

Bay himself was surprised at the unexpected commonality!

Let's check out the state of the graduation ceremony of Bay here.♪

It's always a cool bay during the performance, but at school has a high school girl's expression and it's very cute!

Furthermore, Soryun and two people take Serka.♪

By the way, when Bay graduated from high school, "I wanted to go to the PC room and karaoke roomThat's right ^^


Quote source

ENHYPEN's John Won graduated from Han Rim Performing Arts High School this year!

Here is a graduation photo that is too cool for John Won ^^

There was a schedule on the day of the graduation ceremony, and unfortunately I could not participate.

but! John Won uploads the way to get a graduation certificate to VLOG!


There are also ways to enjoy the last school in uniforms and eat classic jar noodles ^^

You seem to have enjoyed school life even when you were busy.

It seems that John Won became a classmate and became a good friend of BAE173 and MCND Win.♪

According to Dohyun, John Won is a type with little friends, and it is a very special one for the same type of Do -hyun ^^

It seems that I made a wonderful friend in high school, and it was smiling!

IVE Won Young

Quote source

IVE's Won Young graduated from Seoul Performing Arts High School, known for its Karashi -colored uniform!

Unfortunately, the graduation ceremony has not participated, with concern that many people will gather.

but,"The photo of the graduation album is too cute!"It became a topic ^^

It's true that you graduate to high school while doing a busy schedule!

In Ive, it is known that Yujin and Rei are the same high school as Wonon!

In addition, it was reported that Manne's iso entered Han Rim Performing Arts High School this year ^^

TREASURE Park Jong -Woo

Quote source

Treasure's Pakjeong Woo also graduated from Seoul Performing Arts High School this year!

Here is a VLOG where you can see the whole picture of John Woo's graduation ceremony♪


The members rushed to the graduation ceremony, and John Woo seems to be happy ^^

We have won the Special Award for the Special Awards, and the members are likely to be proud!

Finally, I received a message and present from the members and finished the day of the graduation ceremony.♪


This time, we introduced Korean classic graduation songs!

Have you found your favorite graduation song? ^^

The songs I heard at the time of graduation did not fade for many years.♪

The Korean graduation culture introduced this time was also very interesting!

Learning the culture of your favorite idol country is also one of the pleasures of the activities!

Also, this year, many idols who are very active, such as New Jeans, Ive, and ENHYPEN, have graduated from high school.♪

Let's support together so that the push for adults can be more active ^^

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