Japan's first tour will be held! Popular AESPA feature! Deeply digging the charm of each person, such as members' plain clothes and language skills♪There are also projects that allow you to participate in AESPA support ads!


Yo Jagle Warring States period"AESPA has an overwhelming presence even though it is said!

At the beginning of the debut, the visuals that came out were attracting attention, but it was even more surprising that people were surprised.

The potential of each member has to be said to be an artist of SM Entertainment!

This time, we will send you a special feature of AESPA.♪

We will deliver the latest information for each member and the details of the Japan tour, so please enjoy it to the end ^^

In addition, we will introduce the Senil Crafan project of the three AESPA support advertisements that are currently being implemented!

What is Senil Crafan?Launched a project to issue a support advertisement for individuals and plannedServices to realize support advertising by exchanging support money for those who agreeIs.

This support advertisement is planned by fans who want to support AESPA, which will hold the first Japan tour.♪

Participate in "Senil Crafan" to perform the first solo concertAespaWould you like to excite together?

About Aespa


AESPA is a Korean group girl group ^^, which debuted on November 17, 2020 ^^

Red VelvetSince then, about6For the first time in a yearSmWhen the girl group debuts from entertainment, it becomes a big topic!

Furthermore, what I couldn't hide is the potential of the members who have both visuals and abilities.

Members have areas that they are good at, such as vocals, wraps, and dance, and their strengths are clear ^^

The year after debuting, won the rookie award at all South Korean award ceremony!

At the melon music award, it has become a hot topic that we have achieved four crowns, including the grand prize, "This year's Record Awards"!

AESPA has attracted popularity and attention not only from South Korea and Japan but also around the world, and participates in the largest US festival "Coachella" and the United Nations Forum. ^^

The unique and catchy music and the group color of the strong and cool girl crash, which are a bit different from the previous SM Yo -Jaggles, are gaining popularity.

In addition, it has become a focus on all the topics, such as characters, fashion, and hairstyles of attractive members.♪

Introducing the latest information on members!



  • Real name: Yu Jimin
  • Date of birth: April 11, 2000
  • Birthplace: Suwon City, Gyeonggi, Korea
  • Height: 167.8cm

Karina, the leader of AESPA!

Although it is Karina who handles both vocals and wraps, it is a member who is often noticed by dancing.♪

It is characterized by a powerful dance style that makes use of long limbs, and has a visual and ability suitable for the center!

It seems that such a carina has begun to become an entertainer longing for her girlhood ^^

Nowadays, he has been active as the same group as a girlhood member in the SM unit "Girls on Top".Successful nerd"It is said that♪

In addition, SM Town, which was held in January this year, performs a performance on the EXO Kai, Red Velvet's Sulgi, and NCT Dream's Geno!

I showed a smooth dance like Karina and made my fans boiled ^^

In addition, Karina was a former SM trainee, and it has become a hot topic to reveal his friendship with Che Hyun, a member of KEP1ER!

It's very cute to see the two people taking photos with Photoism ^^



  • Real name: Eri Uchinaga (Uchinaga Eri)
  • Date of birth: October 30, 2000
  • Birthplace: Tokyo Japan
  • Height: 166cm

Giselle is the first Japanese female idol in SM Entertainment!

Giselle is a Japanese father and KoreaA half member with a national mother♪

Giselle, who had dreamed of becoming an artist from an early age, KoreaIn a public audition held in the countryNCT127of"Cherry BombSinged, passed!

The trainee period is about11Month,SmEntertainmentIt was the shortest debut among past female idols^^

AespaActive as a rapper of last yearSm town"Zoo]NCTThe fans were boiled with the same wraps as the rapper!

Giselle, who is very active as a rapper, has many wonderful aspects as a person ^^

Last year animal protectionIt was reported that the group was anonymously donated and that the donation was Giselle!

Giselel is usually a disposal issueI revealed that I had decided this donation because I was interested.

Put a positive effect on your surroundings with your own actionsIt's a nice artist to give, right?^^



  • Real name: Kim Min -Jung
  • Date of birth: January 1, 2001
  • Birthplace: South Korea Busan Wide Area City
  • Height: 163cm

expensiveBoastAespaWinter is active as the main vocal!

Not only is the high -pitched singing voice that passes is attractive, but also has a reputation for stable live songs.

Also, despite the vocal position, "NEXT LEVEL" has been a topic in charge of the rap part!

Clearly with the rhythmic feelingI received a high reputation in the pronunciation rap^^

As Giselle, he dreamed of becoming a singer from an early age, at the dance festivalThe place where I was participating was scouted by the current office and became a trainee!

Such a winter has a wonderful episode of fan thoughts.♪

last year10Moon, due to the schedule of Los Angeles, the winter winter who got off at Incheon Airport gives fans like a letter.I was shot.

The fan who received the letter is thatIt's a topic by publishing the content!

In the letter, "everytimeMyAespaI get a lot of cute letters from the fan name), so this time I will write cute!", He said that he sent his letter to his fans.The content!

moreover,"Always give me a lot of loveThank you so much」「MyThanks to the originalI feel like it!Thank you for making me happy!"And thank you for the long sentenceFeelings were spelled (; ;

If the behavior of the fan thought was too nice, it became a big topic!

Thanks to the fansIt's a wonderful artist who doesn't forget your feelings.



  • Real name: Nin Etuo
  • Date of birth: October 23, 2002
  • Birthplace: Harbin, China
  • Height: 161cm

Ninnin, a Chinese member who is active as the main vocal of AESPA with the winter!

It features a transparent singing voice that is strong and deeply permeated ^^

Despite the manne, it is known that the trainee period is the longest among members.

When I was scouted by the current office, "A company with such a great singer ...?He said he doubted the scam (laughs)

It has been clear that he had participated in numerous audition programs in China before joining the company!

Ninnin seems to make the egosa well, and sometimes searches for his name 20 times a day!

Such a ninnin, a fans collaborated and produced the sound source of "NO" of Megan Trainor, and posted it on Tiktok!

It is too early to reach the person!"♪

@aespa_official Ep.01 | NingTouchable 🖤🐍🦋 #NINGNING #aespa #untouchable #blackmamba ♬ Untouchhable Kpop I am the Original --mieom_ee

Dig further into the charm of each member!

Calina with outstanding style! Popular cute plain clothes collection♪

Has long hands, legs, and neck on a small face, as if "Like a virtual characterKarina is said!

He is 167.8cm tall and is known as the tallest member among members!

Calina, which has an outstanding style, has the highest fashion sense and is popular in plain clothes.♪

Let's look at the cute plain clothes of Karina, the topic♪

Quote source

First of all, Calina with a rough style in a T -shirt♪

Surprisingly, Karina has a lot of boyish plain clothes, but the gap is popular again!

Over -size T -shirts and pants are cute ^^

It is a black jacket and a cute navel.♪

It is a simple coordination, but when Karina wears it, it will be more fashionable ^^

Over -size and more good style!

Quote source

With the impression of oversized and boyish clothes, plain clothes wearing cute pink dresses became a hot topic.♪

Even though it is casual with a white sneaker on a dress, there is still a flower!

From cool boyish clothes to cute girly clothes, it looks good in any style ^^

Giselle of Japanese members! Cool English collection of giselle who is fluent in language skills

Giselle is known as a trilingual that can be used in English as well as Japanese and Korean.♪

He grew up in Japan, but he said that he was better at English because he was attending an international school!

Let's take a look at the cool giselle English collection of fluent English!

The first is Giselle when you gave a speech at the United Nations Forum!

It's very cool to speak English like a native.

It was a hot topic that the appearance of speech was cool without being moved on a big stage!

In addition, in Yonton, he is talking with his fans in English!

It looks more relaxed than when speaking in Japanese or Korean ^^

The gestures grew bigger, and when you speak English, you can see a different figure than usual.♪

In addition, there is a figure that helps members who are confused by ice order in English from the side!

The giselle that you order lightly is very cool, isn't it?♪

Winter with the strongest looks! Bob photo book that is cute and cute♪

When the teaser photo before the debut was released, the most notable visual member winter!

It has changed from long hair long hair in the debut song "BLACK MAMBA", and Bob Hair shown in "NEXT LEVEL" is too cute!

After that, although it has various hairstyles such as long hair and medium hair, fans who like Bob Hair on the winter will not end ^^

This time we will send you a special feature on Bob Hair of Winter♪

First of all, it's a blonde Bob -style winter.♪

It's like a doll -like visual, and the original white skin looks even more clear!

The small face is also outstanding ^^

In addition, the fluffy hair of the winter blonde bob♪

Despite the cuteness of a puppy, the makeup is combined with the mature look!

The blonde Bob is a black hair Bob winter, with a greasy atmosphere!

It changes from a fluffy girlish atmosphere and gives the impression of a strong woman ^^

The cute and cool appearance are attractive, isn't it?♪

Which do you prefer, blonde and black -haired Bob Winter? ^^

Ninnin with excellent singing ability! A collection of videos that understand the greatness!

One of the two main vocals that AESPA is proud of!

Among the 4th generation female idolsBest vocal"He has the ability to pass wherever he goes.

Let's take a look at a video that shows the greatness of the singing ability of Ninnin, which is powerful but delicate.♪

First of all, it is a collaboration stage with SHINee Onu at SM Town held in August!

It is a stage with a great senior onu, but he performs a dignified singing that is unlikely to be the first year of his debut!

The transparent singing voice of Ninnin is permeated.

In addition, SM Town held in January this year also has a collaboration stage between BOA and Red Velvet Wendy!

The deep singing voice of Ninnin fits well with "Time After Time" ^^

moreover! Introducing videos sung by Ninnin at the age of 13 in the extra edition♪

In addition to your original talent, you can clearly see that you have reached the level of singing skills by training and effort.

Japan's first tour will be held! Deliver the details of the tour♪


AESPA LIVE TOUR 2023 in JAPAN (provisional)Is decided to hold!

This tour is scheduled for 10 performances in 4 cities nationwide, but it is rumored that the winning magnification is high and tickets will not be hit.

This time we will deliver the details of such a tour!

AESPA LIVE TOUR 2023 in JAPAN (provisional)
  • March 15, 2023 (Wednesday) Osaka Castle Hall in Osaka Prefecture
  • March 16, 2023 (Thursday) Osaka Castle Hall in Osaka Prefecture
  • March 18, 2023 (Saturday) Osaka Castle Hall in Osaka Prefecture
  • March 19, 2023 (Sun) Osaka Castle Hall in Osaka Prefecture
  • April 1, 2023 (Saturday) Tokyo National Yoyogi Stadium Daiichi Gymnasium
  • April 2, 2023 (Sun) Tokyo National Yoyogi Stadium Daiichi Gymnasium
  • April 15, 2023 (Saturday) Saitama Super Arena, Saitama Prefecture
  • April 16, 2023 (Sun) Saitama Prefecture Super Arena
  • April 29, 2023 (Sat / holiday) Aichi Prefecture Japan Gaishi Hall
  • April 30, 2023 (Sun) Aichi Prefecture Japan Gaishi Hall

It is a tour of the arena -scale, such as Osaka Castle Hall and Yoyogi Gymnasium.♪

In addition, with the decision to hold this tour, the Japanese official fan club "My-J" is open!

Adving reception at the fan club has ended, but if you want to go to a concert or fan meeting in the future, check it out ^^

The first Japan tour commemoration! Let's get a support advertisement for AESPA in Tokyo/Osaka!

The first Japan tour of AESPA will be held in about 2 months remaining ^^

Just before the Japan Tour, I guess MY is also excited!

How! Fans who want to make their first Japanese tour more exciting are planning AESPA support advertising one after another!

This time, the following three projects have been launched through "Senil Crafan"!

AESPA Winter Japan Tour Support Project

AESPA Japan Tour Support Project

AESPA Giselle Japan Tour Celebration Project

First of all, I would like to introduce Senil Crafan and these three projects.♪

What is Senil Crafan?

What is Senil Crafan?Launched a project to issue a support advertisement for individuals and plannedServices to realize support advertising by exchanging support money for those who agreeIs ^^

There is an advantage that you can issue a large advertisement that is difficult by individuals by raising support money through Senil Crafan ^^

again,"I don't have time to prepare and plan, but I want to give a support advertisement!I think there are many people.

By becoming a Senil Crafan's "supporter", you can participate in the support advertisement! Because it is a great strength of Senil Crafan ^^

For those who support the project, we will give you a return product produced in a part of the support.♪

I want to know more about Senil Crafan!Please see here too!

What kind of project is "AESPA Winter Japan Tour Support Project"?

Japan tour is decided and I want to convey my thoughts to the winter as much as possibleI want to excite the first Japanese tour of AESPA"The fans are moreWe are planning a support advertisement for AESPA Winter♪

Winter who is active as one of the main vocals of AESPA and makes members and fans bright as a group mood maker ^^

There is a fan -thoughtful side, and why not deliver love to the winter, which always gives fans a lot?

In the "AESPA Winter Japan Tour Support Project" that started this time, we aim to post advertisements at Shinjuku Unica Vision ^^

The holding period is according to the Tokyo performance4/1(soil)~4/2(Day)2We are planning the day!

Shinjuku Unica Vision is the most popular advertising medium, and you can broadcast the best photos and videos on a huge screen!

We are currently conducting Senil Crafan so that this winter support advertising project will be realized!

¥ 300,000 yenWe are aiming to achieve, and we are accepting support money from 1,000 yen.

If the target amount exceeds, the posting location will be added, and the supporting period is "" ""Thursday, March 2Is up to!

Please look forward to the return product according to the amount you have supported ^^

What kind of project is "AESPA Japan Tour Support Project"?

I want to celebrate and support AESPA, which works a lot in Japan"This is a project launched by fans.♪

ASPA, who has been active for two years since his debut!

Many fans are waiting for a single concert in Japan ^^

Would you like to make support advertising successful to deliver such thoughts?

The "AESPA Japan Tour Support Project" aims to post advertisements in dragonflies in Osaka! 

The event is 3 on the first day of the Osaka performance/15(water)Is planned!

Dragonfly is a medium that is definitely noticeable because it is installed in Dotonbori, which has a lot of traffic.♪

1,000 yen ~ We are accepting support money, ""¥ 150,000 yenI am aiming to achieve!

If the target amount exceeds, the number of places to be posted will be increased, and the supporting period is "" ""March 1st (Wednesday)Is up to!

What kind of project is "AESPA Giselle Japan Tour Celebration Project"?

I always get energy and happiness because I am working hard every day in the foreign country of Korea, so I want to celebrate such Giselle in Tokyo, my home country.Giselle's support advertising plan launched by fans with the thought.♪

Giselle is the first Japanese female idol in SM Entertainment!

Would you like to make a successful advertisement for Giselle, who has a cute wrap, with a cute side? ^^

In the "AESPA Giselle Japan Tour Celebration Project", which started this time, we are aiming to post advertisements at Shinjuku Unica Vision!

The holding period is according to the Tokyo performance4/1It is (Sat)!

 ¥ 180,000 yenWe are aiming to achieve, and we are accepting support money from 1,000 yen.

If the target amount exceeds, 4/1(Saturday)It will be held for 2 days on 4/2 (Sun) ^^

If surplus occurs, it will be donated to a non -profit organization under the name of Giselle!

The support fee recruitment period is ""March 1st (Wednesday)Is up to.

In order to enliven the AESPA tour of the AESPA, let's work together to achieve support advertising!

If you have any concerns about Senil Crafans or support advertising, please feel free to contact us anytime!

We also provide free consultation on LINE♪



This time3We are planning to have a Japan tour from the monthAespaI sent you a special feature♪

How was the latest information of the members and the charm of deeply digging?^^

The more you know, the more you can find a wonderful side as an artist!

NowWe have also introduced the project of three supported advertisements in implementation!

Getting a cheering advertisement will not only convey the willingness to support the artist, but also makes more people know the appeal of pushing.^^

please,AespaOne Japan tourI would be glad if you could excite you♪

If you are interested in this support advertisement, please feel free to contact us!

Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

Looking at the examples introduced this time, many people may feel like "I want to give Senil advertising!"♪

"I don't have the courage to give an advertisementIf you are worried, "Isn't the procedure difficult?"JapanPlease feel free to consult with^^

Senil Advertising AgencyJapanOfficialLINEBy registering, automatic response chat solves your concerns about cheering advertising!

It is safe to be able to consult by phone as well as chat to the staff.♪

You can complete LINE only from consultation -medium arrangement -design production to advertising reports!

First of all, please register as a LINE friend ^^


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