Ive that made your debut in Japan is deep in 5 minutes! Introducing membership information such as the meaning of the name, height, and Instagram♪


The 6 -member girl group Ive, which was decided in Japan in October 2022!

Recently, the number of opportunities to see in Japanese media has increased ^^

Speaking of Ive, "Rookie Girls Group's Warring States periodIs it said that in 2022, the rookie award will be tanned? ! And a group of topics.

There is an apartment in all of music, visuals, and performance!

The popularity from the beginning of the debut has not stopped, and it is attracting more attention around the world ^^

This time, I will introduce the information of IVE and members that you will be interested in in detail!

In addition, we will also tell you the latest information on Ive and information on official SNS, so please check it out.♪

About Ive



"Ive" is a 6 -member girl group debuted on the single album "ELEVEN" on December 1, 2021!

With a gorgeous visual and ability that is not like a newcomer, it is a rookie group that is also exploding in Korea and Japan.♪

The members are also talked about that former IZ*ONE Won Young, Yujin, and Ray, who are the only Japanese, belong!

The group name comes from "I have = Ive", which means "I have a dignified figure like Ive" ^^

Completed groupAs is said, in the debut song "ELEVEN", they fully appealed to the charisma of them and grabbed the hearts of many fans!

The MV has survived 100 million regeneration in about 4 months, and the music program achieves 13 crowns!

Also, on October 19, 2022, the first single "ELEVEN -JAPANESE Ver.-" will be debuted in Japan!

The Korean debut song was sung in Japanese, and the MV has already been released.♪

Please check it out ^^

Introducing members!



  • Real name: Anne Yujin
  • Date of birth: September 1, 2003
  • Birthplace: South Korea Tadayoshi Kitamichi
  • Blood type: type A
  • Height: 172cm

Yujin with a mature look and a lovely smile!

In 2016, Yujin became a trainee for Starship Entertainment and worked for about two and a half years since 2018 as a member of IZ*One.

After that, debut again as the vocal of Ive ^^

Not only singing but also dancing all -rounder, we are pulling the group in terms of performance!

And Yujin was the youngest line in IZ*ONE, but I was selected as a leader in Ive!

It is said that it is suitable for leaders because it is difficult to be a leader, but can also take a closer look at the members and consider the members.♪

In addition, Yujin, who has a natural beauty and outstanding style, is sometimes called for brand work!

The personal Instagram has a photo of the Burberry event!

It seems that not only work as Ive but also model work will increase ^^

  • Real name: Kim Gaul
  • Date of birth: September 24, 2002
  • Birthplace: Korea Incheon Wide Area City
  • Blood type: B type
  • Height: 164cm

Gaul, the oldest member of Ive!

Gaul, who has a large sauce, is said to be "just like the youngest is!", But the point to be distinguished is a mole in the lower left of the mouth that the person likes as an attractive point ^^.

He is 164cm tall, but he is the shortest member of the tall group Ive.

Gaul is in charge of wrap and vocals, but the eye -catching is a powerful dance!

Gaul was in the dance tournament in 2017, and was cast by the current office and became a trainee!

Although it is not an official position, it has the ability as a main dancer.♪

According to the person himself, he is quiet, serious and has few emotional undulations, so he seems to be able to notice the changes in the members ^^.

In the group, it looks like a reliable sister!

  • Real name: Chang Won Young
  • Date of birth: August 31, 2004
  • Birthplace: Korea Seoul
  • Blood type: O type
  • Height: 173cm

Wonnon, an Ive center with overwhelming visuals!

The adorable looks and the good style that is unique is not easy to find an idol world!

Won Young was not interested in becoming an idol when I was a child, and I was studying for an announcer and lawyer.

I enjoy English because I was attending an international school♪

However, in 2016, it was a trainee after being cast on the street to the current office!

In PRODUCE 48, which was held in 2018, I made my debut as IZ*ONE in the first place ^^

When the debut as Ive was decided, many fans waiting for Won Young have a blessing voice!

Won Young is not only an idol, but also cosmetics and apparel model work!

In 2021, it became an official ambassador for "MIU MIU", and on the personal insta, he also attended the "Spring/SUMMER 2023 FASHION SHOW" held in France.♪

It seems that solo work will increase further in the future ^^

  • Real name: Kim Ji -Won
  • Date of birth: November 21, 2004
  • Birthplace: Jeju Island, Korea
  • Blood type: AB type
  • Height: 170cm

Liz, which has a high singing ability and is said to be an IVE tone fairy!

He was highly evaluated by the vocal teacher, and he practiced singing while running so that he did not disturb the live.

The gap between the cute appearance and the stoic figure on the song is also attractive!

In the cover of "금 금 만 요", which has exceeded 1 million views, you can enjoy Liz's singing voice as much as you want ^^

"Liz" is a stage name, and comes from the nickname of the heroine Elizabeth of the novel "Pride and prejudice".I want to be an elegant and self -affirmationIt seems that the meaning is included ^^

In addition, the personality that is too kind has become a hot topic!

Liz was set up to the staff who dropped the cake, "Can you tell me you have dropped it?"

It was impressive to protect the staff until the end and clean up the cake together.

  • Real name: Rei Naoi
  • Date of birth: February 3, 2004
  • Birthplace: Japan Aichi Prefecture
  • Blood type: type A
  • Height: 169cm

Ray, who is active as a Japanese member of Ive!

Despite being a foreign member, I am in charge of the main rapper for IVE and do wrapping!

He is highly motivated to speak Korean, and the Korean Language Exam TOPIK has the 4th grade.

It is a hometown that you are worried about, but it is not the rumored Tokushima but Nagoya!

After that, he said he grew up in Tokyo ^^

Ray is said to be "rich?"

VLOG when I returned to Japan, revealed the state of my parents' house♪

It has been rumored that he grew up in a wealthy house because he said that a large painting was displayed behind the sofa and that there was a culture that gave a bouquet with his family!

  • Real name: Lee Hyunso
  • Date of birth: February 21, 2007
  • Birthplace: Korea Seoul
  • Blood type: O type
  • Height: 166cm

IVE's charming manne, iso!

It is a very cute member that has a look that combines innocence and lovement, and still has no innocence when laughing.♪

Iso has an experience of a kids model in SM Entertainment, and was cast to the current office in 2019 and became a trainee!

Such iso is an active junior high school student who is 15 years old (as of October 2022)!

The members are also loved as "baby" ^^

In the group, he is a vocal and is in charge of many king parts!

In addition, he is good at performing expression management during performance, and has a charismatic side.♪


Deliver the latest information on Ive!

IVE that has been released on the 3rd single "After Like" released on August 22!

It was a retro song that felt nostalgic with a unique music like Ive ^^

In this Kamba song, it was ranked first in the six major charts in Korea, and recorded records exceeded 1.11 million copies!

Ive, whose momentum does not stop, will make a debut in Japan on October 19th.♪

Just before the debut in Japan, the schedule in Japan has been decided one after another!

・ October 14th (Friday) Music Station appeared
October 15th (Sat) KCON 2022 Japan
Wednesday, October 19th Released the first single "ELEVEN -Japanese ver.-"

Although it is undecided, a release event commemorating the debut in Japan has been decided!

Keep an eye on your activities in Japan ^^

Official SNS information of Ive!

Ive Official Twitter

This is Ive's official Twitter!

Since it is an account where all information about IVE flows quickly, such as comeback and music programs, IVE fans are required to follow ^^

Ive Member Twitter

This is the official Twitter of IVE members!

In this account, many members will be posted ^^

You can see self -portrait photos and members of the members, so please follow up.♪

Ive Japan Official Twitter

To quickly know the information on Japanese activities of Ive, we recommend following your official account in Japan!

Ive is also updated frequently because it is focusing on activities in Japan.♪

Ive Official Instagram

The official Instagram has a record on the music program!

We recommend you to follow as you can check the costumes at once.♪

Unfortunately, only Yujin (@_yujin_an) and Wonongon (@ for_EVERYOUNG10) currently have individual Instagram.

However, I think that there is a possibility that other members will be able to make personal accounts of other members in the future ^^

Ive Official YouTube

It is the official YouTube of IVE ^^

You can see the popular reality content "1, 2, 3 Ive" on YouTube!

Ive Official Facebook

Ive information can be seen on Facebook!

If you want to see the official photos at once, check out the photo of the Facebook account ^^

Ive Official Tiktok

@Ive.Official 릴레 릴레 Love Dive 🌊💘 #LOVEDIVEchallenge #러브다 브 챌린 챌린 #IVE #아 브 #LOVEDIVE #러브다 브 ♬ Love Dive -Ive

At the official Ticktock, you can see a lot of cute figures that the members are dancing and the Ticktock challenge ^^

There are some videos that can only be reached by Ticktock, so check this out too!


This time, I introduced Ive, a very popular girl group in Korea and Japan ^^

Ive, who has achieved a lot of results in his first year of his debut, is attractive for each member!

Even though it is a completed group, it seems that further growth can be expected.

In addition, we are focusing on activities in Japan, so it seems that there will be a lot of opportunities to meet in the future.♪

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