Introducing the latest information of popular KEP1ER members in 3 minutes! What is the real face of the members seen on Twitter and Instagram? Up to albums and popular songs♪


This time, we will introduce KEP1ER, a multinational group in Japan, China and Korea!

Kep1er, born in Galpura, is a group that gathers elites among the fourth generation!

Members with various backgrounds have created a dark group ^^

This time, we will send a special feature on the popular album songs from the latest information of the members!

In addition, we will introduce Senil advertisements issued by fans in the past!

I will also mention Senil advertising that appeared in Times Square in New York.♪

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What is KEP1ER?

Kep1er is a Korean nine girls group that debuted on "WA DA DA" on January 3, 2022!

Born in the audition program "Girls Planet 999: Girls' Festival", 5 Koreans, 1 Korean and American nationality, two Japanese, and one Chinese belong ^^

The group name "Kep1ER" combines "KEP" and "1" "to be one and the best" of "grabbing their dreams".

The fan name is "Kep1ian" and means "person supporting Kep1er".♪

The characteristic of the group is that each member is high because it was born from a survival program.

Live performance is also stable4Among the girls' girls groupsTop ability"^^

I'm looking forward to how much growth you will show in your two and a half years of activity.♪

Deliver the latest information on members!


Yujin, the oldest member of Kep1er and leader!

Yujin is a veteran idol who has been active as a member of CLC for seven years, and his ability has been outstanding since the appearance of Galpura.♪

Yujin has done a cool concept in CLC, but in KEP1ER, he also challenges cute concept ^^

Even on SNS, it shows a cute figure that does not change.♪

Insta uploads a photo of a long bangs of black hair!

It is a photo that has a cute feeling that does not make you feel the oldest while keeping a mature atmosphere.^^

Sister -like appearance is also released without bangs!

Which do you prefer, Yujin with bangs and no bangs?♪


The only Chinese member and the main dancer!

It is a member who has not only beautiful visuals, but also dynamic but delicate dance and vocal skills!

Xiaotin is polishing the beauty day by day ^^

Post a white costume when you appeared at the Japanese record award on Instagram!

Gorgeous costumes are suitable for visuals far away from humans.♪

moreover! On Twitter, bold costumes with open back are also uploaded!

The sexy and elegance of Xiaotin stands out ^^


Mashiro who is in charge of vocal and dancing as a Japanese member of Kep1er!

He is a former trainee of JYP Entertainment and is known for having interaction with ITZY members ^^

It is an attractive member with the strength of the core in a soft atmosphere!

In December last year, I visited Senil Cafe on my first birthday after my debut became a hot topic!

Recently, Instagram publishes a beehind photo of the magazine 1st look.♪

The appearance of laughing with Xiaotin is also very cute ^^

The dark pink teak also looks good!

On Twitter, offshots with black dresses are posted!

Elegant and elegant costumes look great, right?♪


Chohyun is pulling the group as the main vocal of Kep1er!

It has a unique tone that can only be produced by Chohyun, ""Sound fairy"Is the nickname ^^

Visuals like lovely rabbits are also popular♪

The black hair uploaded on Instagram enhances the whiteness of Chohyun's skin!

In addition, on Twitter, Serka with a cute do -up with makeup with Swarovski shining!

The compatibility with sparkling costumes is also outstanding, brought out the charm of Chohyun ^^

Day -ion

Dayon who is active as the main dancer of Kep1er!

Dayon not only attracts people with powerful dance, but also has high vocals and rap.All -rounderIt is also said!

Recently, the appearance of mature and mature has become noticeable ^^

Substated on Instagram with a do -up Selka that looks good on blue color control♪

The pink lip and nails are also cute ^^

On Twitter, there is also a Celka with a cute casual cap on wave hair.♪

It looks younger than usual with orange teak!


Hikaru who is a Japanese member of Kep1er and is a main rapper and main dancer!

From the beginning of Galpura Broadcasting, attention has been focused on charisma that attracts people.♪

Hikaru has challenged various makeup and hairstyles after his debut!

A short bangs are released on Instagram!

The bangs of the bangs are also cute ^^

Twitter also has a princess cut hairstyle♪

The black hair looks great!


Bahue in charge of the Kep1er vocal!

At the start of Galpura Broadcasting, my brother became a hot topic about TXT's Huninka ^^

My dad is a German American, my mother is a Korean half, and I have an exotic visual♪

Instagram has a rough figure wearing a hoody!

Because the visuals are gorgeous, the beauty can be beaten even with casual clothes ^^

On Twitter, "Selkathon Mulu‼︎🎁"And post a cute selfie!

Pink orangeThe compatibility of hair color and makeup is outstanding♪

Yong -un

Yong -un, who is active as one of the main vocals of Kep1er!

Yong -un is known as an all -rounder that can dance and wrap as well as vocals ^^

It was an apartment that sets it apart from the appearance of Galpura!

Yong -une is popular for cool beauty visuals like foxes♪

There are also shots with cute wave hair on Instagram♪

Twitter also has a different nudie makeup!

It looks more mature than usual ^^



Yeso, who is Kep1er's manne and is in charge of dance and vocals!

He has a long dance history, and has the ability to choose the second 9th place in the top 9 in Galpura!

Yeso is said to have a high mental age, but recently it looks mature ^^

Instagram also has beautiful blonde hair!

Blond hair suits pure white skin!

On Twitter, I have posted a cute twin tailed photo ^^

The pink costume looks very good and it's cute!

Carefully selected! Introducing 3 popular album songs♪


The first thing that cannot be removed is the debut song "WA DA DA"!

"WA DA DA" isIt is an energetic and catchy song, and it became very popular in Tiktok ^^

At that time, what kind of concept was to make a debut, and attention was focused on cool and cute girl crash concepts!

The album is released2On the day15It has also been a topic that has broken over 10,000 copies and updated the first -hand record of the debut album of the successive girls group.♪


Next, the title song "Up!" Is an uptempo song suitable for summer, drawing out the cute side of Kep1er.♪

It is included in the second mini album "DOUBLAST" of Kep1er ^^

The unique styling is also cute, so please check out various music programs!


The third popular song is "Rewind", which is also included in the second album!

Rewind] Is a fan song with a message to be grateful for a long time.^^

It is also the point of this song that the ballad songs are utilizing the beautiful voices of the members.♪

Kep1er appeared in Times Square? ! Introducing super luxurious Senil!

Yong -un

It is a bass shelter advertisement in Yong -un, commemorating the 100th of the debut.♪

Light up at night, it will be projected even more ^^

By advertising near the office, you can also see the possibility of being seen!

In Korea, traffic advertisements such as subway and bus shelter are the mainstream, and you can see many idols and support advertisements!


It is a Senil advertisement to celebrate Mashiro's birthday.♪

How! This time, Mashiro appears in the vision of Times Square in New York!

Mashiro was projected on the powerful screen for 15 seconds every time!

Advertisements in New York, a large city, are attracting attention from fans around the world ^^

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This time, we introduced Kep1er of the talented girl group!

Did the charm of each member and the charm of the popular songs be transmitted? ^^

Kep1er has a fixed period of two and a half years, but it is gaining popularity not only in Japan and South Korea but also worldwide!

We also introduced KEP1ER's bass shelter ad and Times Square ads that were realized from the desire to support Kep1ER!

Getting an advertisement will also lead to the appeal of pushing!

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