I anticipated Korean idols that seem to be Japanese! What is Il De? Why advance to Japan? Introducing the Group that I did in 2023♪


 KPOP has an enthusiastic fan not only in Korea but also around the world^_^

Introducing KPOP idols to debut in Japan while there are many enthusiastic fans around the world.♪

Do you have any KPOP idols you want to debut in Japan? :)

With the introduction of the idols whose debut was decided in 2023, I tried to predict the idols that would be expected to debut in the future^_^

KPOP spreads the market worldwide not only in Korea but also in the United States and Japan!

Is there any advantage that KPOP idols that are expanding the music market make their debut in Japan?

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Why is K-POP idol debuted in Japan?

I often see Korean idols working in Japan.♪

What are the reasons and benefits of K-POP idol debuts in Japan?

🗾Reason for debut in Japan🌍
  1. The Japanese music market is one of the best in the world.
  2. Japan has a culture that supports idols.
  3. Easy to come and go.
  4. Concerts can be held all over Japan, making it easier to make money.

① The Japanese music market is one of the best in the world

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The music market in 2021 is the second largest after the United States!

In Korea, about 50 pairs are debuted a year.

While there are many idols to debutGain popularity also requires support from other countries>"<

Japan has a larger population than Korea, so gaining popularity is indispensable for active activities!

② Japan has a culture that supports idols

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In Japan, there have been idols with various concepts such as Johnny's, AKB, and underground idols.

It can be said that the culture of supporting idols is more rooted in other countries!

In Japan, there are few idols with contract periods like Korea, and it is a natural culture to support for a long time.

To continue the popularityIt is also important that there are many fans who support you for a long time!

③ Easy to come and go

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Japan and Korea are about 2 to 3 hours by plane, making it easier to schedule than other countries.

Because the number of flights is large, it may be the point that the fans are easy to go back and forth^_^

In fact, there are many Japanese fans and Japanese fans participating in Korean performances and Korean performances!

④ Concerts can be held all over Japan, making it easier to make money.

Quote source

Japan is not just one placeYou can take a national tour.

In Korea, there are few concerts in Seoul and performing concerts in regions such as Busan.

On the other hand, in Japan, tours around the world, such as "Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Sapporo", are possible.

In Japan, you can make a stable revenue.

Concerts cost a lot, but the more performances they have performed, the higher the profit!

It is also an advantage of Japan to be able to earn stable profits, such as the release of events and singles!


I introduced the reasons for debuting in Japan,What is the criteria for debuting in Japan?

✨Standards for debuting in Japan🎤
  • If you contract with a Japanese label and release a single or mini album for the first time in "Japanese", it will be a debut in Japan.

 ※The debut in Japan is also called "Ide".

In Korean, Japan is called "Ilbon", and if the Japanese debut is Korean, it will be an Irbon debut. For short"Ide"It is often called♪

KPOP idols who release songs in Japan are ""Japanese original"And puts Japanese lyrics on the songs that have already been released in KoreaJapanese versionMost of the two types are debuted.

"Japan Original" will be treated as "domestic songs", that is, J-POP, and Japanese record companies and offices will have the rights of songs.

As a resultIf you create a Korean artist who has a thick fan base before your debut in Japan, the Japanese can expect great profits.

By issuing a "Japanese version", the Korean side is more likely to enter the Japanese market.

The release of songs in Japanese can maintain more interest and perfection in the song because of the similar nuances with Korean.

Is the trend expand overseas? Still why K-POP idols make their debut in Japan?

Top idols, such as BTS, TWICE, and BLACKPINK, are also popular in the United States.♪

Recently, many idols want to skip their debut in Japan and expand in the United States.

Quote source

The reason for wanting to work in the United States without debuting in Japan is that if you rank in a billboard, you will get a big topic and attention!

It seems that you can become a star at once by having a "trigger".

The United States is the world's number one music market in the world, and it is essential to gain the popularity of the United States to maintain its popularity!

Although it is not in the United States, Japanese members have recently belonged as an idol that goes abroad.Ive has announced that it will advance to North America!

Quote source

Cacao Entertainment is a partnership between Kakao Entertainment Amelia and Sony Music umbrella in North America.It will make a North American debut on April 10!

Especially among the overseas expansionGaining popularity in the United States is like gaining fame.

KPOP idols ranked in the real building board are getting higher!

on the other hand,Newcomer is in the United StatesBTS andLike BlackpinkIt seems difficult to gain popularity without a high hurdle and no "trigger".

Ive has also made its name recognition in Korea and has made a debut in Japan and advanced to North America!

There are many idols who are sure to gain popularity in Japan and advance to the United States.

The reason is that Japan is more stable in terms of popularity and profits than in the United States.

Quote source

You can go around various places by concert, release singles, and hold privilege meetings at the same time, and the cost effects in one activity are enormous.

"Fame is the United States, profits are Japan"As the word says, one Korean male idol said that most of the profits were Japan, so Japanese activities seem to be a cash cow that supports idols!

* Cash cow (CASH COW): Products and businesses that can make stable profits over the long term.

In Korea, where 50 groups debuted each year, it is the first step in becoming a star to get to know the existence of groups overseas!

 Keep an eye on KPOP idols that will expand overseas in the future!

Introducing K-POP idols that were decided in Japan's debut in 2023!

Finally, I would like to introduce the idols that have been decided by the Japanese debut this year ()❁´◡`❁)


A female group with two Japanese people!

Quote source

On May 17th, ""The debut has been officially decided on Gingamingayo (-japanese ver. -)!

To commemorate the release of this Japanese debut single, Billlie's first visit to Japan "Billie Japan Debut Showcase" What is your B? "" Will be held on May 20 (Sat) Zepp DiverCity (Tokyo). I'm doing^_^

In Japan's debut song, the expression management of Japanese members "Tsuki -chan" was amazing in Korea!

The song itself is also an addictive song♪ 

MV is Korean ver., But I'm looking forward to what kind of Japanese ver. Will be released!


This is also a female group that debuted in Korea in 2022, where the Japanese belong!

Quote source

Former AKB's Sakura Miyawaki belongs, and the song is an addictive and talked about for each Kamba!

On January 25, this year, we released Japan's first single "Fearless" and made a debut in Japan!


A seven male group debuted from SM Entertainment!

Quote source

In February this year, Kyocera Dome succeeds and is currently on the world tour!

It made a debut with the 1st single "Best Friend Ever" on February 8th♪

Dance reminiscent of rust bond is also a point^_^

Purple Kiss

A female group debuted from the RBW entertainment to which the Japanese belongs!

Quote source

The debut album "Dear Violet" was released on March 22!

In addition to the album, we performed a single 1st live in Osaka and Tokyo in March.♪


If you look at the group that debuted this year, it seems that the group to which the Japanese belongs is debuting one after another (⊙o⊙).

With the existence of Japanese people, there is a aim to acquire market value without any problems!

Will it debut in Japan in the future? ! I tried to predict the K-POP idol!

It is becoming popular in Korea and Japan, and I anticipated idols that would debut in Japan in the future!


A male group that means "the order of eight boys with infinite possibilities"!

Quote source

Participation was announced in the KCON's third lineup!

The members who have appeared in "I -Land", which have become a hot topic in Japan, are a group that is popular in Japan!

It is a rookie group that has been adhered to 8TURN in the "Music Break THE KLOBAL STAGE SUB-CHANNEL !!!!! BILL EN BOYS edition" on April 4th of this month and is broadcast on TVer and has attracted attention in Japan!

Twitter (Japan)Click here for details


It is a group of expectations that are born from audition programs and have won the rookie award in Korea!

Quote source

The group name is "AtTheBEGINNING OFOThe abbreviation of "Riginality" is the meaning of "drawing a new and original story only for ATBO"!

Their survival programs that debuted with "THE ORIGIN -A, B, OR WHAT?" Was broadcast on "Abema", so the popularity of Japan seems to be strong (● '◡' ●).

The dance videos released on the survival program have surpassed 10 million views in two days and are attracting attention not only in Japan but also worldwide!


It is a male group of IVE junior!

Quote source

Many members who appeared in Season 2 of PRODUCE X 101 also belonged^_^

The 2nd mini album "CRAVITY SEASON2. [Hideout: The New Day We Step Into]" has shown that it is popular not only in Korea but also in Japan, including winning the first place on the weekly chart weekly album weekly albums in all Japanese Tower Records. 。

The Japanese fan club has already been established and a concert is also held, so it seems close to the day of debuting in Japan!

Twitter (Japan):Click here for details

Fan club:Click here for details

Just b

JUST B's B means “Burn” and is a male group that means “delivering music with constantly burning passion”!

Quote source

We have already held a signing session in Japan as a group, and debut is expected to appear in KCON!

With the championship of "Road to M Countdown", KCON's appearance will have a certain ability to appear!

We have been conducting activities with a view to Japan since the debut of Japan, such as making bromide printing with Lawson's internet printing.♪


A female group debuted in Korea in 2022!

Quote source

In Korea, it has already been talked about every time a comeback, and has won the first place in music programs!

Despite the average age of 16.6, each member is an ambassador for luxury brands^_^

The first single album "OMG" is14th in Apple Music top song, LINE MUSIC (Song TOP 100) 9th place, Real -time chart 8th, AWA (Real -Time Singing Song TOP100) 1st, Spotify Japan (Daily Suspended Chart) 2nd, December 22nd. There was an enthusiastic reaction in Japan with 9th place in the daily chart^_^

Twitter (Japan):Click here for details


Since its debut in March 2022, Tempest is a topic male group that has won the newcomer award and won the first place in music programs!

Quote source

Tempest is derived from "Arashi" in English, and has the meaning of "a group that causes a storm in the music industry with bright energy and powerful performance"!

There is no doubt that the popularity of Japan will rise in the future to participate in KCON in May!

Japanese officialTwitterYou can also have an account3rd mini album [on and on] Release commemorative event & privilege event held and many fans participated even before the debut in Japan.♪

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Introduced about KPOP idol's debut in Japan♪

Recently, there are many Japanese who debut as KPOP idols, so many offices tend to have a view to Japanese debut!

There are many idols who succeeded in Japan's debut and entered overseas, but it is very nice to increase their activities in Japan.♪

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