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Korean audition program "Girls Planet 999: Girls Festival" finally started!

The Girls Planet 999: Girls' Festival 999: Girls PLANET 999: Girls Planet 999: Girls Planet 999: Girls Planet 999: Global Girl Group's debut project, which has already been talked about before the start of the broadcast.♪

It is nicknamed "Galpura"♪

This time,I would like to introduce examples of popular trainees and support advertisements of the hottest "Girls Planet 999: Girls Festival"!

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Girls Planet 999: What is a girl festival?

The topic Girls Planet 999: What kind of audition is it?

We will introduce the contents of the audition!


Girls Planet 999: What is a girl festival?

 Girls Planet 999: The girl festival is 99 participants from Japan, South Korea, and China, who are heading for the dream of the "Global Girls Group Debut", stepped into the virtual space "Girls Planet".

It is a survival audition program that determines the debut member through training and missions to become a global idol that flies around the world.

Of the 99 trainees, only nine people can grasp their debut dreams.

Viewer voting is also being made to make a debut member!

Voting results are reflected in the 50%Korean region, 50%of the other global regions, and all aggregated votes are converted to scores!

K-POPFormer members of the idol "CLC", Choi Yujin and NIZI PROJECT, Rilica Kishida and Miwa Sakurai.♪

It's the highest level of gorgeous members in history ^^


Watching method & voting method

Galpra Girls Planet999 Girls Planet ranking method


Viewing method

Video distribution site "AbemaEvery Friday 20:20 ~

Click here to watch Abema "Girls Planet 999: Girls Festival"

Voting method

① Download the universe app
② Service terms of use, etc. Agree and enter the date of birth
③ Log in in conjunction with any of Google / Facebook / Apple / Twitter / LINE accounts
④ Nickname input

After entering (after login)
⑥ Search for Girlsplanet999 page from the round icon at the top of the screen and tap
⑦ "Girlsplanet999 Welcome to the planet!"
* There are planet (planet) of each program and idol group (planet) in the Universe app, so the concept of creating the name to use there and entering (landing)!
⑧ There is "Vote" in the icon menu at the bottom of the page, so if you tap there, the voting currently being accepted will be displayed.
⑨ Recommended according to guidance such as telephone number entry
⑩ OK if you vote for the recommended member

Voting period

First voting

 Deadline: August 28th 10 am

Voting can be voted once a day. It is reset at midnight every day and can be re -voted.

2nd voting ~ (Details will be announced in the future)

Click here for the universe page


What are the hottest girls (trainees)?

First of all, at this stageIntroducing the profiles of girls (trainees) selected as "Planet TOP9" based on the masters!

(As of 2021.8.27)

* Please note that it is not a debut confirmed member.


Hikaru Ezaki

Galpura Girls Planet999 Girls Planet ranking Hikaru Ezaki


  • [Name] Hikaru Ezaki
  • [Age] 17 years old
  • [Born] Japan / Fukuoka
  • [Height] 154.5cm
  • [Hobbies] Relax at a hot spring
  • [Special skill] Eating deliciously / rap
  • [Characteristics / attractive] Overwhelming skills to tell powerful eyes and efforts


Kang Yeso

Galpura Girls Planet999 Girls Planet ranking Kang Yeso


  • [Name] Kang Yeso
  • [Age] 16 years old
  • [Born] Korea
  • [Height] 157cm
  • [Hobbies] Drawing pictures/Web manga/watching movies
  • [Special skill] Acting/finger exercise
  • [Characteristics and charm] Visuals with acting skills, cuteness and beauty cultivated from child role experience


Shen Xiaotin

Galpura Girls Planet999 Girls Planet ranking Shen Xiaotin


  • [Name] Shen Xiaotin
  • [Age] 21 years old
  • [Born] China
  • [Height] 168cm
  • [Hobbies] Watching movies
  • [Special skill] Dance
  • [Features / attractiveness] Chinese trainee No.1 is beautiful and looks good and has leadership.


Sue Louichi

Galpura Girls Planet999 Girls Planet ranking Sue Louichi


  • [Name] Sue Louichi
  • [Age] 21 years old
  • [Born] China
  • [Height] 165cm
  • [Hobbies] Game
  • [Special skill] Dance / song / rap
  • [Characteristics and charm] Charismatic popular person, all -rounder


Jung Ji Yoon

Galpura Girls Planet999 Girls Planet ranking Jung Yujin


  • [Name] Jung Ji Yun
  • [Age] 21 years old
  • [Born] Korea
  • [Height] 168cm
  • [Hobbies] Music appreciation/dance/walk
  • [Special skill] Putting a melody on the vocal/empathy transfer/code
  • [Characteristics / charm] Gap between the usual kind impression and the coolness on the stage, the passion hidden in the stage


Seo Yong Eun

Galpura Girls Planet999 Girls Planet ranking


  • [Name] Seo Yong Eun
  • [Age] 17 years old
  • [Born] Korea
  • [Height] 159cm
  • [Hobbies] Boys Group dance
  • [Special skill] Choreography copy/perfume collection
  • [Characteristics / attractive] Extremely motor nerve / powerful dance


Choi Yujin

Galpura Girls Planet999 Girls Planet ranking Choi Yujin


  • [Name] Choi Yujin
  • [Age] 25 years old
  • [Born] Korea
  • [Height] 164cm
  • [Hobbies] Pilates/Watching Movie
  • [Special skill] Japanese
  • [Features / attractiveness] KPOP Idol CLC former member, overwhelming ability and strength of feelings for fans


Tsai Bean

Galpura Girls Planet999 Girls Planet ranking Zai Bean


  • [Name] Tai Bean
  • [Age] 26 years old
  • [Born] China
  • [Height] 165cm
  • [Hobbies] Riding on a cart/skate/bungee jumping
  • [Special skill] Dance/boys group cover dance/rap


Ayana Kuwahara

Galpura Girls Planet999 Girls Planet ranking Ayana Kuwahara


  • [Name] Ayana Kuwahara
  • [Age] 15 years old
  • [Born] Japan / Hiroshima
  • [Height] 162cm
  • [Hobbies] Seeing a Korean drama
  • [Special skill] Makeup
  • [Features / attractiveness] Former Popteen Model Dance and Song are professional level


The fan support advertisement is amazing! ?

The final debut member reflects the referendum results, so"Cheering advertisements" that issue idol advertisements at stations and SNS are excited!

We will introduce what "support advertisement" is and the actual situation!


What is support advertising?


The advertisement that the fan himself publishes for the idol he wantsIt is called "support advertisement, Senil advertisement".

"Senil" means "birthday (생)" in Korean, and as an advertisement for fans to celebrate the idol's birthday, Korea."Senil advertisement"Is spreading.

Actually, this "support advertisement" is not a company or organizationYou can put it out by individuals ...!

And Girls Planet 999: Even at the Girls Festival, support advertisements by fans who want to debut are attracting attention!


case study

Let's take a look at the support ads that are being implemented and implemented "Galpura".♪

 * Introducing examples of other companies (people).

Sue Louichi


Sue Louichi
  • [Contents] Flag support advertisement
  • [Period] 2021.8.1 ~
  • [Advertiser] Unknown


Yurina Kawaguchi

Yurina Kawaguchi
  • [Contents] Subway advertisement (South Korea)
  • [Period] 2021.9.18-10.17
  • [Advertiser] @yurina_gall


Choi Yujin

Choi Yujin
  • [Contents] Subway advertisement
  • [Period] 2021.8.1 ~ 2021.8.31
  • [Advertiser]@yujin_960812


For those who give support ads

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    This time, "Girls Planet 999: Girls Festival"Introduced the examples of "Planet TOP9" and "Supporting advertising" by the master's evaluation and the flow from the appearance!

    It seems to be popular not only in Japan, China, Korea, but also around the world ^^

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