Galpla shoots! What is KEP1ER? Introduce the video of the topic and the topic!


 MNET's Survival Audition Program "Girls Planet 999" Global Girls Group, Global Girls Group, Birth from Girls Planet 999 (Common Name: Galpla)!

Nine people selected from among Japan and Korea's participants became members and finally debuted

This time, we will introduce the detailed profile, debut day, etc. of the "Kep1er" member! I have not seen Galpla yet, but I want to know more! People are also great attention♪

What is Galpla?

Garpura Galpla Girls Planet 999 Kepler

 Galpla points to Japan and Korean Joint Audition Program "Girls Planet 999: Girl Festival" delivered in MNET in 2021!

Japan-China Korean Joint Audition Program "Girls Planet 999: Girl Festival"99 people from 13,000 people who applied from Japan, China and Korea were selected, and 33 each of the J Group C Group K GroupWas struggled with your debut while receiving auditions through personal evaluations and team missions!

Finally,Popularity vote has 9 participants by the top 9 participants debut membersI grabbed my dream as♪


KEP1ER Member Introduction

 The nine people chosen as debut members vary from the idol activities that were active in the active duty to the original practice students of the famous office♪We will introduce you in the final order!


1st place Kim Che Hyun

Garpura Galpla Girls Planet 999 Kepler Kim Che Hyun
  • [Book name] Kim Che Hyun
  • [Date of birth] April 26, 2002 (19 years old)
  • 【Hometown】 Korea


Che Hyun who decided the debut at the final rank 1st place isFrom 2016 to SM entertainment that NCT and Redvelvet belong from 2016was doing!

In 2020It was a member candidate for "AESPA" debuted from SM EtterShe was also said, Karina, Winter, and Ninnin was synchronized! !

However, she was not blessed with the debut opportunity, she transferred to the "Wake One" office and joined Galpula.

She won the number of overwhelming votes in Korea's domestic vote and won the first place at the spot

Her wonderful debut!

At the end of the effort, maybe someone who moved to her dream come true? ^ ^


Kim Che Hyun Videos


 She showed off the IU 'My Sea' in combination mission,Her transparent singing voice and song match and KEP1ER look forward to what vocal to showIt is ^ ^


2nd place Hunin Bahie

Garpura Galpla Girls Planet 999 Kepler Hunin Babier

  • 【Big name】 Bahier Sarre Hunn
  • [Date of birth] July 27, 2004 (17 years old)
  • 【Hometown】 United States


From before broadcasting of GalplaShe has attracted attention as a "TXT" Hyninkai sister!

She is born in 2004 and Kep1er also entered a yearly group,She draws eyes with a group with 166 cm long and long limbsIt is ^ ^

She lived in China when she was young and she now forgot herShe can speak English and Korean, she seems to be active as a group of languagesis not it♪


Hunin Bahie Videos


Hyninbahie that her pop costume looks good♡

Ariana Grande in her roll modelThe voices of expectations are listening to the singing voice with her extensions ^ ^


3rd place Chu Yujin

Garpura Galplad Girls Planet 999 Kepler Chujin

  • [Book name] Che Yujin
  • [Date of birth] August 12, 1996 (25 years old)
  • 【Hometown】 Korea


The younger member Yujin is active as a member of "CLC" debuted from Cube entertainment in 2015was doing!

At the time of 4 minUTE, it was attracted attention as a girls group that debuted for the first time in five years, but I was shocked to the fans with tears with tears at the end of the spacing period. " ...

but,She debuted as a KEP1ER memberIt has been♡


Check video of Che Yujin


Hyona's "Bubble POP!"Barefoot and performanceWhen you do, you're talking about "163 cm, the height is 163 cm, but it is also said that it is too small and 9 heads?"

Because she is good at vocals and danceShe is a veteran sister in KEP1ER, and becomes the existence that pulls her groupThere is no doubt!


4th place Kim Dayon

Garpura Galpla Girls Planet 999 Kepler Kimudayon

  • [Book name] Kim Dayon
  • [Date of birth] March 2, 2003 (18 years old)
  • 【Hometown】 Korea


Coolbeauty Impression Dayon is a small, but it is small in 158 cm and K-POP idol,His ability of his dance was Pikaichi among Galpla participants!

He also appeared in MNET 'Produce 48' in the pastIt seemed that he seemed to fall off

I put my fans in his overwhelming ability and leadership and played his wonderful debut!She is a pleasure for her future success♡


Kim Dayon Videos


She is also an all-round that is good at vocal dance wrap,When she showed off "How You Like That" of Black Pink, she is at least a sense of presenceI was releasing!


5th Se Younghe

Garpura Galplad Girls Planet 999 Kepler So Young

  • [Book name] Seo Youngown
  • [Date of birth] December 27, 2004 (17 years old)
  • 【Hometown】 Korea


She is Youngheu, which is somewhere that is a mysterious impression,She seems to have a tea ceremony, and it seems that there is a mood maker♪

She is young when she learned Tekwondo, she seems to have an active one side!

She has fewer information, but she is a member with lots of fan services, so she will show the love to the camera.♪


So Youngown Videos


In combination missionShe was looking forward to a chic atmosphere stage Yunung!Gaps with her usually are also attractive members♡


6th Kang Yeso

Garpura Galpla Girls Planet 999 Kepler Candhoso

  • [Book name] Kang Yeso
  • 【Date of birth】 August 22, 2005 (16 years old)
  • 【Hometown】 Korea


KEP1ERHer young girl was also active as a child role in Korea

She is an adult visual, but there is still a yearly-like innocence,Her nickname is "Kang elementary school student"What is it! Smile

She was said to be good at her appearance acting because she had also appeared in a movie at a childhood era ^ ^


Can Yeso Videos


She is in the pastShe is active in a group called "Busters"Yeso who was doing it!

She has been active as a child because she was young, and somewhere I already feel the style as a celebrity ...! She is still a teenager, so it is also a member of looking forward♡


7th Hikaru

Garpura Galpla Girls Planet 999 Kepler Ezaki Hikaru

  • 【Book name】 Hikaru Ezaki
  • [Date of birth] March 12, 2004 (17 years old)
  • [Market] Japan


From the early auditionShe has attracted topics as a professional of J group!

Her cracked lap and dance were acclaimed from the master, she often reached the first place ^ ^

Even among her Garapla participants, it was said that the sense of popularity is high and the debut is reliable, and it was decided to confirm the debut at the final rank 7th!

Her height is the lowest in KEP1ER, butHer powerful dance is attractiveis♪


Ezaki Hikaru Videos

When I was in charge of the lap in "Boombayah" of Black Pink, Impact the viewerAnd the "J Group has had such a kind of person" and it became a topic!


8th Sakamoto Mai

Garpura Galpla Girls Planet 999 Kepler Mai Whimsum
  • [Book name] Mai Sakamoto
  • [Date of birth] December 16, 1999 (22 years old)
  • [Market] Japan


Famous as Japanese practice student of JYP entertainmentThe dance was 8th in the eighth!

He spent the practice age and practice age with the ITZY and NIZIU, but the debut in JYP does not come true,He returned to Japan and had a part-time job, but he participates in Galpla without his dreams

Isn't there a lot of fans who supported the dance from Japan as "next!"


Sakamoto Mai White White Videos


When I showed a girl crashed side with ITZY's "Mafia in the Morning", she played a wonderful woman's statue!

As a member of the futureIt is expected!

9th Shen Shahotin

Garpura Galpla Girls Planet 999 Kepler Shenhshootin

  • [Book name] Shen Chaotin
  • [Date of birth] November 12, 1999 (22 years old)
  • 【From birth area】 China


Shaotin, who was centralized in the JC group, has decided the debut at 9th!

THE Chinese beauty of ShaotinShe has the experience of the modelShe won more than 50 awards at a dance-related tournamentShe is the owner of the ability from the forebreak of Galpla♪


Shen Chaotin Videos

She is a gorgeous visual and elegant style that looks good, but the figure of dancing in a rustic white costume that is shown in her combination mission is also beautiful, and I will find it in love ...!


Debut date / debut song / SNS?

What is your debut date?


Garpura Galpla Girls Planet 999 Kepler

Initially, she was scheduled to be debuted at the mini album "First Impact" on December 14, 2021, but with her staff corona infectionJanuary 3, 2022The debut date has changed!

Also, the debut show held on the same dayJapan-Korea simultaneously broadcasted, topicIt's been!


What is your debut song?


Debut song "WA DA DA" announced on January 3, 2021it was done!

It is a new song that seems to be a newcomer idol group, but it has become a powerful and cool song that has attracted adults.♪


What is SNS?


Garpura Galpla Girls Planet 999 Kepler


Senior advertisement introduction

 I tried to put together the support advertisement of KEP1ER members! ※ It also includes examples of other companies.


What did you think?

Finally, it is KEP1ER of debut, but members who won the tough audition have their own and solid ability and they seem to sweep the K-POP idol world.♡

It has been formed yet, but I look forward to the future activities♪


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