Feature of the Korean representative G -AESPA (Espa) Make & Costume! Let's get a cheering advertisement near the Tokyo Dome and excite!


This time,Korean gal representative? ! Send AESPA's makeup and costume special featureI will ^^

AESPA that shows off new makeup and costumes every time Kamba or stage!

Let's look back on the topical makeup and costumes before the first Tokyo Dome performance♪

Please look for your favorite ^^

moreover,Don't miss the Tokyo Dome performance and goods information approaching next month.♪

Also, in this articleIntroducing AESPA's Senil/Supporting Advertising examples and media near the concert venuedoing!

I want to excite AESPA dome performance!」「I want to commemorate the first dome performance to commemorate the support advertisement!If you have anybody, please feel free to contact us.♪

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Strong gal makeup collection of AESPA members!


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First of all, we introduce from the overwhelming visuals of Karina!

The glitter of the tear bag is very cute ^^

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It is Karina who has a dark makeup that is a bit different from usual ^^

The so -called enclosed make -up eyes and teak are also deeply contained, and it's just a gal> <

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This isThis is Karina when I participated in the Cannes International Film Festival!

With a smoky makeup overall, it looks even more mature!

The color of the lip also looks good on the fair Calina ^^


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Japan's neat gal representative giselle!

Makeup is not very dark among members, and I have a soft impression.♪

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On the other hand, the makeup looks great ... (;;)

Makeup reminiscent of American singer Avril Lavigne ^^

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In music programs, there are also unique makeup ^^

The eyeshadow on the eyes is characteristic, and the cheeks are also very cute.♪



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Winter with a doll -like face!

The eyes contain pink eyeshadow, and it's like a fairy (;;)

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The eye shadow that matches the costume is a cute winter!

Both the royal road makeup and the unique makeup look great ^^

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A strong gal -like winter is too cute♪

The makeup of eye lines and eyelashes is darker than usual, and the color of the lip is emphasized!

What kind of winter do you like? ^^


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Speaking of a strong gal, it's still ninnin!

Make -up with the red eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eyes looks great♪

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Speaking of ninnin, the makeup where the outer corner of the eyes jumps with the cat's eyes looks great!

The smoky makeup, the ninnin with a different atmosphere from usual is cute ^^

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A pink eye shadow and teak and freckles makeup!

It is true that makeup can be a fantastic atmosphere ^^

Summary of costumes that are too cute of AESPA!

MV "Dreams Come True"

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Too cute! It became a topic,Costume worn in the MV of "DREAMS COME TRUE"That's ^^

Are the four people wrapped in pale fantastic costumes like a fairy? Goddess? It looks like (;;)

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If you look closely, the shape and design are different so that the members are maximized!

It's a costume created by a stylist who is also in charge of IU and Red Velvet costumes ^^

The MV looks better, so please pay attention to the costumes.♪

U.S. festival "Coachella Festival"


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AESPA who appeared in the largest music festival in the United States in 2022!

Appeared in gorgeous costumes as well as American artists ^^

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The sequins are scattered in detail, and you can see that it is a very particular costume ...! !

The sparkling costumes shine very well on the stage, right?♪

It was also impressive that I was wearing a white costume alone while the main was black ^^


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ASPA that appeared in the US music festival "Governors Ball Music Festival" again in a gorgeous costume!

The personality was clearly costume and performed coolly.♪


Who do you like? ^^

Unfortunately, Giselle was unwell due to poor physical condition, but I am worried about what kind of costume it was.

AESPA Tokyo Dome performance decided! Deliver the details of concert & goods!

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The first Tokyo Dome performance has been decided!

This dome performance is an additional performance of the Japan Tour from March to April.♪

AESPA LIVE TOUR 2023 ‘Synk: Hyper LINE 'in Japan -Special Edition-
Date and time
August 5, 2023 (Sat) 16:00 Open / 18:00 Start
Sunday, August 6, 2023 14:00 Open / 16:00

    You can get over the hot summer with AESPA ^^

    In addition, new goods are being sold for this Tokyo Dome performance!

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    Everything is cute, so it's going to buy everything ...! (;;)

    GoodsOfficial siteIt will be purchased or will be sold at the venue on the day!

    There are also venue -only products and venue -only benefits, so it seems good to buy at the venue.♪

    First Tokyo Dome performance! Get a support advertisement for AESPA and excite!

    Introducing AESPA's Senil/Supporting Advertising examples!

    First showcase commemorative support advertisement

    It is a winter support advertisement that was issued to commemorate the first showcase in Japan ^^

    It was published in "YOKOHAMA VISION" and "MOVIL VISION" at Yokohama Station in conjunction with the Yokohama Pia Arena!

    It's a wonderful advertisement that conveys the charm of the winter.♪

    Japan Tour Support Advertising

    ASPA LIVE TOUR 2023 ‘Synk: Hyper LINE 'in Japan is a winter support ad.♪

    On the day of the performance at Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium, a support ad was aired at Shinjuku Unica Vision.♪

    Unica vision is so powerful that you can just see it!

    Click here for media near the concert venue!

    I want to excite the AESPA concert more!」「I want to cheer on support advertisements near the live venue!I think there are people who say ^^

    ↓ This article ↓Then, we introduce media near the concert venue in Japan and South Korea.♪

    This time, there is also a medium of Tokyo Dome where AESPA performs live, so please take a look!

    Here is the article

    moreover,From here, you can check the media near the concert venue nationwide.♪ 

    [Japan] Around the concert venue

    We also provide poster advertisements at Tokyo Metro Korakuen Station, the nearest station of Tokyo Dome, so please refer to it ^^.

    Let's excite the first Tokyo Dome performance in Japan♪


    This time, we introduced AESPA's too cute makeup and costume.♪

    Did you have your favorite? ^^

    Checking makeup and costumes is one of the pleasures to follow the Yo -Ja Group!

    I guess it will show a new figure in the first Tokyo Dome performance!

    Let's spend a hot summer with AESPA in a dome performance that is approaching a month later! !

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