Explain the Korean comeback in 3 minutes! What is the meaning/period/flow of Kamba? Introducing how to contribute to the push!


This time,Deliver a commentary article that allows you to master Korean "comeback" in one shotI will ^^

A comeback that you always visit when you support KPOP idols!

What is a comeback in the first place?If you know or don't know, please read it!

If you read this article, you can immediately understand the comeback period, frequency, and how to do comeback activities.♪

In addition, I want to support the recommendation during the comeback! For those who areIntroducing how to contribute to the push that fans can do!

Let's excite the recommended comeback even more!

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What is Korea's "comeback"? time limit?

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What is a comeback?Artists will release new songsis!

It comes from "Come Back" in English, and is used by KPOP fans as "Kamba"!

The activity period of Kamba isAbout 1-3 weeks for veteran and mid -career idolsAbout 3-5 weeks for young idolsIs a guide ^^

Also, the frequency isVeteran and mid -career idol once or twice a year2-3 times a year with a young idolAnd various.

From this sense of speed, you can see the Korean -style Korean -like one with fast -fashioned metabolism!

actually,It is not unusual for groups to prepare the next Kamba during the Kamba period!

When Kamuba starts, you will be overcrowded, such as appearing on music programs, appearing on variety programs and radio programs, and holding autograph sessions.

There is also a pre -recording at midnight, so some idols get sick because of their busyness ... (;;)

Other than the Kamba period, we are preparing new songs and condes fan meetings for months, so there is no time to rest> <

Thorough explanation of the flow of Kamba! What do you do before Kamba and during the period?

Before Kamba

1. Camba announcement

Kamba's news comes suddenly ...!

In this way, the date of the comeback will be announced to the official SNS ^^

After Camba's announcement, the long -awaited fans will finally start! ! And the festival! (smile)

but,Actually, hints that can predict Kamba are hidden in various places!

As Kamba approaches, there is a sports (spoiler) from the idol side, or you start wearing a hat to hide your new hair color (laughs).

Also, in the news of the Korean media, it will be reported that "Cam back will be backed in the month!"

2. Cam bus schedule release

Camba's announcement will be about one month ago ^^

"So, isn't there anything for a month?"

During this periodA lot of content that expands fans' expectations will be supplied♪

Depending on the group, you will be informed of the schedule to Kamba like this!

If you tell me the schedule in advance, you will not be able to sleep too much! (smile)

3. Content release

There are various types of content that entertain fans♪

I will explain it with the terms used in the KPOP area ^^

  • Concept photo… A group and personal photos that match the concept of the new song. You can grasp this visual and album concept with concept photos
  • Teaser video… A preview video of a new song. You can enjoy the new song atmosphere with a short video of about 10 to 30 seconds


  • Highlight medley… Medley that cut out a few seconds of the song included in the album


The above is the main content released in front of Kamba♪

There is almost every day, so one month is quick ...!

During the Kamba period

1. Album release & MV release

Finally on the day of Kamba!

The album will be released and the sound source will be distributed, and the MV will be released ^^


The MV release time is the time described in the Camba announcement ^^

In order to get the first place in music programs, the first week's grades are important, so fans promote album purchase and sound sources and MV streaming!

2. Showcase holding

A showcase will be held for fans and media the day before or on the day before KambaTo do♪

It is common to show new songs and talk about the album ^^

It is distributed online through YouTube and other fans around the world!


3. Music program appearances

Speaking of Kamba's real pleasure is the appearance on music programs!

Korean music programs are broadcast every Tuesday to Sunday! Almost every day! (smile)

It appears in different costumes and visuals every day and entertains fans ^^


Immediately after the broadcast, the video goes up to YouTube, so you can search by searching for "Mnet (music program name) 손 공 (song name)".♪

Chicchem (individual camera) is also a must -see!

Recently, there is also a chicchem that you can enjoy the face of "Facecam" with a better face ^^.


In addition to the actual productionThere is a pre -recording called "Sanok", and fans can participate for free!

Idols spend a busy day every day with "makeup → advance recording → production"> <

4. Appearance of TV programs / radio programs

He also appears on TV and radio as Kamba Promotion!

"Weekly idols" and "idol radio" are standard.♪


5. Mini fan meeting

It's an idol who is spending a busy camsha period,There are also groups that hold a mini -fan meeting to interact with fans!

It appears in front of the fans before and after the advance recording, and performs a fan service by talking, photo time, and dance!

Sometimes you can see it so close ...! !


6. Fan signing session

moreover,A fan signing session will be held on the night after the actual performance!

There are many places that are currently being held by 30 to 50 people due to the influence of Corona, but it was previously held with 100 people!

Fans are very luxurious events, such as being able to talk and talking while getting a signature ^^


These are the main flow of the Kamba period!

Idols who are doing this busy schedule deserve respect ...!

If you think that you are working hard every day, you will want to support you more and more (;;)

The recommendation is Kamba! How to contribute to fans?

Understand Korean sound source charts and soundboard charts!

I want to be the first place in the music program! First, let's understand the Korean "sound source chart" and "sound board chart" ^^

Sound source chart」… The unique ranking of the sub -ski music distribution site (Melon, Genie, etc.) based on the number of streaming and downloads

Soundboard chart」… Ranking based on the sales of the sound board (album). There are two types, "Hunt Chart" and "Gaon Chart (Circle Chart)"


Korean music programs are basically ""Sound source grade」「Sound board results」「YouTube number of playbacks」「Fan voting」「Broadcast score"It will be given!

The "sound source chart" and "sound board chart" have a large score, and in order for K-POP idols to get the first place in music programs, it is necessary to improve here!

I want to know more about the sound source charts and each sound chart for each music distribution site! Please see this article♪

Click here for articles about sound source charts and sound charts!

We also introduce the characteristics of the scoring of each music program ^^

How to contribute to fans during Kamba?

So, as a fan, in what way can we contribute to the recommendation?

Specifically, let's do the four things we introduce now! !

  • Purchase album… Purchase where the number of sales is reflected on the sound board!
  • Streaming of Korean music site (Sumin)… I can't do Sumin from Japan now, but tricks ...! !
  • YouTube Sumin… MV Sumin that can be easily for overseas fans!
  • Voting for each music program… Download the voting app and vote!

I want to know how to do Sumin, voting, and tricks to do Sumin on Korean music sites! Please refer to this article♪

Click here for articles on how to contribute to the push!

Everything is difficult! Let's start with something that can be done ^^


This time, I introduced the Korean Kamba ^^

Not only will you release new songs, but also Korean Kamba is full of events, such as music programs, promotions, and interaction with fans!

If you know the mechanism of Kamba again, you can see the difficulty of the idol ... (;;).

Let's do what we are as a fan so that we can contribute a little to the push that we are always working hard ^^

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