Explain Stray Kids Vanchan on October birthday in 5 minutes! What is your relationship with Sana? Introducing the topical muscle beauty♪

10月誕生日のStray Kids バンチャンを5分で解説!サナとの関係は?話題の筋肉美もご紹介♪

Stray Kids is MNET's survival audition program "Stray KidsA 8 -person boys group born through.

It made his debut on March 26, 2018 from JYP to which TWICE and NIZIU belongs.♪

This time, we will introduce in detail about the charm of Vanchan, who will be the leader of the KPOP's 4th generation of Stray Kids and will celebrate his birthday in October, and the relationship with Sana, a popular TWICE member!

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About Vanchan

Banchan is a member of Australia born on October 3, 1997!

I passed the JYP global audition held in 2010 and started a trainee life in Korea.♪

Banchan is known for having a multi -talented talent, including lyrics, vocals, and dance.

actuallyThe trainee period is 7 yearsAnd the hard work person who took the most time before his debut!

The trainees around me who were practicing together debuted before Vanchan as a member of TWICE, Day6, and GOT7.

He says that he sometimes became alone in the dormitory.

In such a situation, Vanchan, who has been working hard without giving up, has now gained so much trust that he will be in charge of the Direction of Stray Kids!

In addition, Banchan, who is also known as a perfectionist, has been working enough to interact with fans until sleeping time.

There is no choice but to build my body to show my fans (^○^)

What is the relationship between Vanchan and Sana?

Sana, a Japanese member of TWICE, is often rumored to be a banchan girlfriend!

In fact, Banchan and Sana are not dating, so they have a relationship like a good brother (≧ ∇ ≦)

Why did you get along so much?

Banchan, who had joined JYP a year earlier than Sana, has a trainee period with Sana for about three years.

He was working hard toward the common goal of making his debut as an idol!

Banchan and Sana both were not good at Korean, but thanks to Sana's bright and friendly personality, they seemed to have deepened their words.♪

Banchan, who has been practicing Japanese since the trainee, was

Perhaps because of the influence of TWICE's Japanese members Mina, Sana, Momo, etc.It is also famous among fans that Kansai dialect is good!

Banchan's muscular beauty summary!

It is a Vanchan with a variety of talents and serious personality, but the charm is not limited!

Speaking of banchan, its wonderful muscle beauty body.

The trained beautiful muscles not only attract female fans, but are also the longing of male fans.♪

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In addition, this photo is a piece that makes you excited about the muscles of the banchan peeking from the costume (^○^).

This is a banchan with a black costume and an adult -like atmosphere.

The trained arms that emerge the blood vessels are outstanding♪

This is one piece where the abs that make the abdominal muscles glance.

It is an abdominal muscles that can not be imagined from the gentle expression of Vanchan!

Many people may be fascinated by this gap (^○^)


Introducing plans around JYP office

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Stray Kids member Hyun JinIt seems that he ate the "Pioni Jelato" at this cafe and distributed the V log at the time of Kamba last year (^○^)

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This time, it is attracting attention from all over the world with high performance and beautiful visuals.

We have introduced the details of Stray Kids's leader Vanchan's background, the relationship with TWICE Sana, and muscle beauty!

In the KPOP world, Banchan is known for having the best laps and vocals and the ability to write lyrics.

Actually, I have a great muscle beauty body♪

Fans who are fascinated by the sexy side shown on the stage are continuing!

STRAY KIDS, which celebrated its 4th anniversary, is still growing.

Expectations increase what kind of group to grow with Vanchan's direction (^○^)

The muscular beauty of Banchan will be further polished!

I would like to look forward to my future success♪

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