Explain Stray Kids Reno on October birthday in 3 minutes! Was it basic information such as age and BTS back dancer? ! Approaching that dance skill!

10月誕生日のStray Kids リノを3分で解説!年齢などの基本情報やBTSのバックダンサーだった?!そのダンススキルに迫る!

STRAY KIDS, which debuted from JYP on March 26, 2018 and is popular enough to conduct world tours!

Unusual in the KPOP world, it is a famous group for self -producing self -producing from music production to choreography.

Even in Stray Kids, which has such talented members, "Dancing jewelry"or"Dancing sculptureReno with a nickname

A member who is in charge of the Visual of Stray Kids. It is also famous for having high dance skills in addition to visuals! !

This time, I will introduce in detail about the ability of Rino's dance, which is the face of STARY KIDS, and rumors about BTS.♪

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About Reno


Rino is a 23 -year -old Korean member born on October 25, 1998!

The charm of Reno is that the members praise it.

Overwhelming visuals

With the coolness of everyone, we are attracting many fans not only in Korea but also from overseas!

Reno has such a visual that everyone envies,

actually"Stray KidsMNET's survival audition program "" "Stray KidsHe is also a member who dropped out for the first time.

It was decided to drop off because of the lack of growth, but after dropping out, I practiced until midnight and improved my ability, and it was miraculously revived!

As you can see from this episode, Reno is always evolving, with a spare time with a blessed talent of gorgeousness.♪

On the other hand, it is a member who is natural in everyday life, and is also a member of the fans who are familiar as a mystery (^O^).

What is the greatness of Rino's dance skills?

Even in Stray Kids, where there are many talented groupsDance skill is number oneReno has a high ability to be said!

I have been learning dancing in a dance studio for about 5 years before becoming a trainee,

There are also episodes that JYP was cast by JYP after participating in a dance event♪

You can see that you have high dance skills since then!

This video is a lot of views in Reno's FOCUS video.ManiacIs a perfect video!

You won't get tired of seeing the perfect looks and sharp performance images many times.♪

Was it a BTS back dancer?

In fact, Rino, who served as a BTS back dancer before his debut as Stray Kids!

"BTS"The Wings TourIt is said that he served as a back dancer in Japan's performance.

BTS is an idol group of seven -groups with many global hits such as "Dynamite" and "Butter".

It is a very popular boys group that is different from other KPOP idol groups, such as giving a speech at the United Nations.

Reno's overwhelming visuals and dance skills, who have served as BTS back dancers, may have been shining since they were young!

 In this video, Stray Kids showed BTS's "DNA"!

actually,BTS songs that were back dancersWhat I was able to cover after debut as Stray Kids is very impressive for fans.♪

After debuting as a stray kids, there is an episode that J-Hope remembered Rino, who was young at the time, (^o^). 

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Stray Kids member Hyun JinIt seems that he ate the "Pioni Jelato" at this cafe and distributed the V log at the time of Kamba last year (^○^)

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This time, we introduced Rino, a visual member of Stray Kids, who produces groups and gains a certain popularity!

Isn't there a lot of people who did not know about the height of Rino's dance skills and the great back dancer of BTS? ( ^ ^)

Reno is full of idol talent, such as dance skills and visuals, but Reno's appeal, who spares his efforts to improve his ability, will increase with age!

STRAY KIDS is a group that has the nickname of "mushrooms", which means addictive music, and is attractive with the music that remains in the ears and the dancing that does not disturb.

It is expected to become a popular group of BTS or higher by expanding the place of activity.♪

Keep an eye on Reno's visuals and dance skills that will be further polished!

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