Explain NCT Chonro on November birthday in 3 minutes! Introducing from past unexpected career to Instagram♪

11月誕生日のNCT チョンロを3分で解説!過去の意外な経歴からインスタまでをご紹介♪

The Boys Group "NCT" belonging to SM Entertainment, which is constantly evolving with "extension" and "liberation" as a group theme.

The NCT, which is currently composed of 23 members, is composed not only by Korea, but also with global members such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, and Thailand!

NCT's Chonro is a Chinese member with a high -pitched treble vocal.♪

This time, we will introduce the profile of NCT Jung -ro, which will celebrate its birthday on November 22, and unexpected backgrounds!

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About Chonro

  • [Real name] John Kenler
  • [Date of birth] November 22, 2001
  • [Birthplace] Shanghai City, China
  • [Blood type] O type
  • [Height] 178cm
  • [Position] Main vocal
  • [Family structure] Parents, brother
  • [Special skill] Piano
  • [Affiliation group] NCT / NCT DREAM / NCT U

NCT's Chonro is a Chinese member who is also a NCT Mannline!

NCT DREAM is in charge of the main vocal with Hechan and supports the NCT vocal line with high singing skills.♪

Jeongro, who joined SM Entertainment in March 2016, was originally a child.

I was scouted by SM Entertainment where I was a singer in China!

However, Chonro's mother, who did not know about SM Entertainment, opposes going to Korea!

Fortunately, Chung -R's father knew about SM Entertainment, so he was able to go to Korea safely.♪

Chonro lives in the NCT dormitory only during the activity period of NCT and NCT Dream, but I usually live with my mother at home my parents purchased in Korea (^○^).

I think it's wealthy that you can buy your home not only in China but also in Korea.

In fact, it is said that the grandpa of Chonro is one of the 10 millionaires in China, and Chung -Ro himself is a very wealthy family!

Since I was a child, I have been performing in entertainment, so Chung -ro, who was dignified since I was a child, is now called the chairman.♪

In NCT DREAM, Chison is Manne, but he talks with Chison without honorifics.

When I met, my age was only one year old or I wanted to treat me like a friend.

Chison is a friend of the same age, so he came to speak without honorifics!

The two are called "Jonji" by fans, but they have actually co -starred once in the child role before their debut.

It may be fateful that they debuted in the same group.♪

Mark and Hecchan also served as NCT127, so when they were absent during the NCT Dream's activity, Chonro was in charge of Hecchant.

It is extremely difficult to sing an esoteric part of Hechan, which has many treble and killing parts,

Chonro also sings high -pitched parts, etc., and on SNS, "Chonro treble" is a topic that becomes a trend word!

In addition, Chungro, who is a big fan of "Dragon Ball", is learning Japanese through manga.♪

In addition to NCT members, there are many friends of K-POP idols, and it is known that they are close to Seventeen Jun and Straykids Philics (^o^).


What is Chonro's surprising background? !

I mentioned earlier that Chonro was a singer in China before his debut, but in fact, he was a famous singer with a young but career in China!

Jeongro, who has been an audition for children's programs since childhood, and won numerous awards.

At the age of nine, he appeared at the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Expo, and was in charge of anime dubbing at Austrian Pavilion!

He was the youngest in history, performing at the Vienna Rakuyukai Association, performing at the closing ceremony of the Shanghai International Children's Arts Festival, and participating in national events.♪

Jeongro, who turned 13, had a solo concert in his memories before the voice change began!

In 2015, I visited Korea and Japan as a member of the Chinese Cultural University, so I have also performed on the stage in Japan (^○^).

Summary of Chonro's SNS!

Chonro does not explain Instagram's personal account, but has published off -shots with the NCT Dream official account!

However, weibo on the Chinese version of Instagram has a personal account.♪

Weibo frequently performs Weibo Live, and you can see how you communicate with your fans and collaborate with your good friends (^o^).

please check it!

★Chonro's WeiboHere

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This time, we introduced the NCT Chung -roe profile and the unexpected background before the debut!

Cheongro's performance, which supports the NCT vocal line with outstanding singing skills, attracts many fans.♪

NCT DREAM is said to be one of the most vibrant groups now, renewing various records.

Let's check the future of Chonro (^○^)

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