Explain BTS Guk on September birthday in 5 minutes! Introducing the cool and cute side of Guku by digging into solo songs and Instagram♪

9月誕生日のBTS グクを5分で解説!ソロ曲やインスタを掘り下げてグクのかっこいい&可愛い一面をご紹介♪

Among the BTSs that gain worldwide popularity, Guku, a member who is eye -catching both visuals and abilities!

BTS, which is the 10th year this year, is finally reaching the 25th birthday (Japanese age) in September.

Just before Guk's birthday, this time we will introduce Guk's profile, personal Instagram and solo songs.♪

Guku's cute photos posted on InstagramSo please enjoy it to the end!

In addition, at Senil Advertising Agency JAPANImplemented "HYBE Office Plan" as a plan around the Korean idol officedoing!

Sunlers/support advertisements around HYBE office

BTS Guk's birthdayWould you like to celebrate grandly? ( ^ ^)

Also, such a large eventPlan realized by crowdfundingand!

It is a service that launches a project to launch a support advertisement for individuals and support for YouTuber, and to provide support for people who agree with their thoughts and realize support advertising.

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We will also introduce the plans around this HYBE office and details about Senil Crafan.♪

About Guku


  • Real name: Jung Jung -kuk
  • Date of birth: September 1, 1997
  • Birthplace: South Korea Busan
  • Blood type: type A
BTS's Guku, 26th birthday on September 1st!

Guk isA cool visualandA lovely smileNot only is it captivating fansBTS's golden manne to perfect all of vocals, dance and performanceis.

Before the debut, Guk was scouting from seven companies, but I joined BIGHIT Entertainment (now HYBE) longing for the leader RM!

When I was a traineeExtremely shynessandShySo, there was an episode that said, "Try singing" and cried.

On the other hand, contrary to a very stubborn and unpleasant side aspects that I dislike, and that look pretty.A considerable effort and perfectionist personalitydoing.

The group is the main vocal, not only has a unique singing voice, but no one on the right of singing, voice, and stability.

The accurate and powerful dance is also the characteristic of Guku.

Guku is also a member with the strongest artist's skin, in addition to musical sense, as well as painting and video editing.♪

Digging Guku's Instagram!

On December 6, 2021, BTS members opened Instagram personal accounts all at once!

Guk is "@Abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz"Start with an account name that seems to be unable to decrypt at first glance!

Actually, this string is an alphabet array, and if you apply the alphabet of the underbar part, it will be the name of "JK" ^^.

Currently"@ jumgkook.97Is changed to an account name.

Guku's Instagram has a stylish post with a sense of unity.♪

In fact, to make this style, Guk has deleted all the past posts ...

For those who want to see the past photos!

First of all, it is a classic Guku car Celka!

The eyes are cute even if you are making it, isn't it?♪

After the soul con, which was held in March, uploaded Guk's cute Selka with the slogan.♪

It is a concert in Seoul for the first time in a long time, so I have a good expression ^^

This is the end of work at the end of work♪

The expression of the upper look is irresistible and cute!

In addition, there are photos lying down with their brother's dogs!

It is the real pleasure of Instagram to be able to see your private and relaxed appearance ^^

Summary of Guku's solo songs!

Next is Guku's solo song!

There are six solo songs released so far.

Each songRecorded albumor,What kind of songI will introduce it together ^^


Guk's first solo song recorded in "Wings".

It was a song that was completed while helping RM, and it seems that it was made while thinking about the members like the real older brother ^^

This song, which has Jung -kuk's frank thoughts, is a song that all BTS members who have overcome it even when it is painful.


LOVE YOURSELF Ken'a ANSWER 'This is the second solo song recorded.

"" "Happiness and happiness"Euphoria」。

As the title suggests, "Euphoria", which reminds me of a bright and happy scene, is a perfect song for pure guk ^^.

Focusing on the expressive part and recording many times until I was satisfied, this song

Guku said, "I put my heart in my heart, so don't forget it all the time."

You can see that it is an important song for the person himself.

My time

Map of the Soul: 7"My time』。

Although it is a refreshing and easy -to -hear melody, the lyrics have the frank thoughts of Guku to the past trainee.

It is a song that shows how Guku has been singer, so please pay attention to each lyrics ^^.

Still with you

 "" 2020 "released in the sound cloud"Still with you』。

Guku's first composition has survived 1 million times in about 30 minutes from the release!

This song is full of love for Guku fans, and it is a song that has become a hot topic when you want to meet Guk and BTS.


"SUGA produced"STAY ALIVE"teeth,"BTS 7fates: CHAKHOGuku's solo song included in!

BTS's original story "7fates: CHAKHOGuku's voice, which is used in the OST used in the OST, gives even more depth to the song.

"PROOF" also includes a cappella version, so please listen to it ^^


 2022 "" "BTS FESTA"My YOUCan be heard on the official YouTube and SoundCloud ^^

It is a song that matches the refreshing, warm melody and gentle singing voice.♪

Guku has promised to be grateful to the fans and will continue to work to be proud of the fans in the future!

Introducing plans around HYBE office!

At Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, "Plan around HYBE officeIs implementing!

Senil/support advertisements may be installed in front of the Hybe office, so the idol belonging to HybeSenil/Support advertisementAs a popular medium in Korea♪

In addition, by issuing support advertisements around the office, "Authentication shotI will also increase the probability of getting a picture (^o^)

Quote source

It's very nice for fans to go to see the advertisements you have given.♪

So this time

Here are three banner ads that can be installed around HYBE entertainment to which BTS belongs!

 The positional relationship of the advertising medium is as follows.

Since all three are in front of HYBE, it seems that the idol himself will see it!

I will introduce each details♪

① Convenience store GS25

Speaking of Korean convenience storesGS25You can install a banner on the wall of the famous convenience store chain in Korea!

If there is an idol advertisement at a convenience store used by many people, it will surely attract many people's gaze.♪

② Convenience store 7eleven

Next, it is possible to install a banner at the entrance of the general Seven -Eleven in Japan!

Two sidesBecause there is, it is outstanding impact♪ 

③ Panorama road

And the third isA huge banner with a width of 10m installed in front of HYBEis!

Because it is located from the HYBE main gate, It may look like an idol himself♪

Also, HYBEIn addition to the banner advertising plan around the officeDigital signage plan at the stationThere are also

Near the Hybe officeShin -dragon stationThe nearestIt is also recommended to issue Senil advertisements at the station.♪

Located in various places in the station, it is an advertisement that is easy to see for those who are waiting for the subway and those walking on the premises!

Quote source

Quote source

Please contact the official LINE for the detailed price of the plan introduced this time (^○^)

For more details regarding "HYBE Office Plan"HerePlease see♪ 

You can also realize such a large event with crowdfunding (^o^).

What is Senil advertising crowdfunding (hereinafter "Senil Crafan")?

It is a service that launches a project to launch an idol and support advertisement for you, and to provide support for people who agree with your thoughts and realize support advertising!

Anyone can plan and start a project for free,

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Until now, we have been featuring Guku on September birthday while delving into Instagram and solo songs. How was it? (^O^)

Guku, which is very popular around the world, is a cute and cool figure that you can show on your personal Instagram, is a very valuable content for fans.♪

In addition, it has been less than a month until my birthday, so if you want to celebrate Guk's birthday greatly!

Please refer to the plan around the HYBE office.♪

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