Deeply dig into the new star BABYMONSTER, which is expected in the K-POP world! When is your debut date? Japanese also belongs? Who dropped? Introducing videos that prove the talented group!


This time, we will introduce the girl group BABYMONSTER, which debuts from YG Entertainment!

The girl group will finally make a debut from YG, where artists with excellent singing skills and wrap techniques gather! !

BABYMONSTER, which is scheduled to make a debut this time, is not not only a cute visual but also a hamper! And the topic is boiling now!

We will introduce the debut date of BABYMONSTER and the profile of each member!

moreover,Currently (April 2023) Deeply digging about the reality content "Last Evaluation", which is now available at any time!

We will also deliver videos that can understand the greatness of the members, so please enjoy it until the end.♪

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What is BABYMONSTER? When is your debut date?

Quote source

BABYMONSTER is a girl group that will be debuted from YG Entertainment in 2023!

December 30, 2022 "YG NEXT MOVEMENTThe visuals in the back were unveiled for the first time.

Since BLACKPINK has been the first girl group in seven years, it is a big topic!

There are a total of seven debut candidates: three Koreans, two Japanese, and two Thai!

I wonder if everyone can debut, and from the general producerThere is a dropout"The notice ...

I will introduce the journey to the debut laterReality content "Last EVALUATIONYou can see it ^^

Many fans are waiting for the debut of BABYMONSTER, which is not only cute but also has the ability!

On the date of the worrisome debut, the clear date has not been revealed yet, but "Debuted with advance songs from April to June"Was reported!

In addition, there is also a news that the physical album is scheduled to be released from July to December ^^

The debut is finally approaching ...! !

What kind of story will be released by the debut ...

Japanese people also belong! Introducing BABYMONSTER members!



  • Real name: Kawai Luka
  • Date of birth: March 20, 2002


Luka is a Japanese member with the longest trainee period among the seven!

I was auditioned when I was 16 years old, and I have been dancing for more than 10 years!

From the dancer trainer, Luka said, "The understanding of the dance is clearly different from the other children, and the basic technique is excellent."Is highly evaluated ^^

Between the practice, there is also a pretty side with other members♪

Click here for cool lap performance of Luka! !




  • Real Name: Farita Chaimon
  • Date of birth: August 26, 2005


Farita, the producer, "Has a human separated physicalIs a Thai member who evaluates!

The limbs are long, long, fascinating and attractive, right? ^^

The Farita is an audition held in 2020, a trainee who passed only one of the 1226 people!

Please enjoy the transparent and pure singing voice of Farita that you will always want to listen to.♪




  • Real name: Enami Asa
  • Date of birth: April 17, 2006


Asa is the first Japanese member released from YG Entertainment!

I started dancing from the second grade of elementary school and passed in the audition I received in 2018 ^^

It is said that it is a trainee with a high level of comprehension because it is ambitious and many questions!

Also, from the producerBorn rhythmIs highly evaluated, and the rhythm's sense of rhythm is also affecting dance and rap.♪

Enjoy the perfect Asa high -speed lap so that you can not feel the language barrier!




  • Real name: Jung Ahyun
  • Date of birth: April 11, 2007


Ahyun said to the producerI think I can have so many weaponsKorean members who said!

Starting to dance at the age of 5, from the dancer trainer, "Child who understands the first control"Evaluation!

In addition, it is said that Ahyun is the most stable when standing at the center, so it is worthy of the center.

There is a talented talent, but Ahyun has a good self -analysis and is one aspect of an effort ^^




  • Real name: Shin Haram
  • Date of birth: October 17, 2007


Haram is a Korean member who was first published and spent about 5 years of trainee period!

Haram was auditioned after a kids model, but at first he thought he would fall because he was inferior to others.

From the rose of BLACKPIMK, a roll model, ""The voice is really good and I know how to control it. The sometimes a bush voice that comes out is also good!"I was happy ^^

It features a singing voice that combines the voice of Rose and Jis.♪




  • Real name: Lee Dyne
  • Date of birth: August 14, 2008


Laura is a Korean member who passed the audition after a scout and became a trainee for YG Entertainment!

A while ago, I belonged to the Kids Idol Group U.SSO Girls and worked with the NEWJeans Hein in ^^

I was convinced that I would have a singing voice that would shine if I polished, and the producer said, ""Bet to the possibility"

In the first monthly evaluation received in 2018, the appearance of crying after singing the lyrics incorrectly (;;).

However, in the end of the month, two years later, the ability of the song was mistaken!

Please enjoy the softer and comfortable Laura singing voice ^^




  • Real name: Private
  • Date of birth: February 17, 2009


Chikita is a Thai member who will participate in this project in about 3 months of trainee period!

The lovely character like the youngest is very cute (;;)

"Lisa of BLACKPINK who saw Chikita's dance" said, "I'm so good that I can't get around even though I came to Korea (in Korea)I was evaluated!

Speaking of Chikita, it has a beautiful high -pitched singing voice, and has a glowing talent that can not be imagined to be a trainee period 2 years.


What is the reality content "Last Evaluation"? Who drops BABYMONSTER?


On March 10, 2023, the reality content "Last EVALUATION", which recorded the journey to BABYMONSTER's final debut, was released!

You can see the growing up with the advice of the producers while receiving the last month's evaluation ^^

The worries and suffering of the members are also drawn naked, and it is the highlight of this content that you can see what kind of child each is before the debut!

The girl group, which will be debuted this time, seems to have a child that the producer has carefully selected for several years.

However, in the teaser of this content, "Possibility of falling out"Is also announced (;;)

Even at the earliest, in April, the pre -release songs are making their debut, so if there are people who have dropped out, it is not strange that they will be announced soon.

I hope everyone can debut as it is.

What is BABYMONSTER's ability? Too expensive singing ability is a topic!

"GONE" Luka x Farita x Ahyun


First of all, Rose, Farita and Ahyun's "Gone" showed in episode 2 of "Last Evaluation"!

Starting with Ahyun with a deep singing voice like YG, the singing voice of a clear sense of transparencyContinue ^^

Luka's rap with a sense of stability is so quality that you can't imagine a trainee!

"STAY" Asa x Halum x Laura x Chikita


In Episode 3, Asa, Haram, Laura, and Chikita showed off BLACKPINK's "STAY"!

Harum with a transparent singing voice and technique that makes me think that Rose is singing!

continue,Laura and Chikita with a soft singing voice, a treble treble singing voiceBut it will be even more exciting!

As expected, the wrap of Asa who uses bass and trebleSo, the audience is also enthusiastic (;;)

"Don't know what to do"


The trainees were seven people with unbelievable singing skills, but their performance is also outstanding!

Not only is the breath of the dance perfect, but the performance skills that do not make the look and gaze are surprising ...!

Especially the way to appeal when you come to the center is exactly the professional ^^

It is a group that makes you look forward to making your debut and powering up!


This time, we introduced BABYMONSTER, which will be debuting soon!

I guess the debut of BABYMONSTER, which has both visuals and abilities, has become more and more fun!

It is only YG Entertainment to think, "Where have you collected such a talent?" (smile)

It was a member who could not make a debut!

Let's watch our debut and grow together ^^

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