Digit the attraction of Korean entertainment! What is the popular reason for K-POP and Korean Dora?


What do you imagine when you hear "Korea entertainment"?

Now, I often hear in Japan, K-POP idols such as "BTS" and "TWICE", Korean dramas such as "Ryota Seko Class" and "Squid Game", which became popular with Netflix, and various awards You may imagine Korean movies such as "Family under parasite" which became a topic, etc. (^ ○ ^)

Therefore,In order to enjoy Korea entertainment from now on, I would like to have a great deal of Korean entertainment in Japan so much that it would be great for that greatness!

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Including K-POP idol, Korean drama loved and has ever watched more than 50 Korean dramas and Korean films!

I love that Korean I want to comment on why Korea entertainment but not only Japan but also all over the world ^ ^



About Korean entertainment

 Speaking of Korea's entertainment, after all we think that we first come to mind "K-POP Idol" "Korean Drama" "Korea Movie"!

In fact, many songs such as "BTS" and "TWICE" and "BlackPink" are ranked in a wide range of Japanese music charts.

There are many other people who have seen Korean dramas that Korean dramas are always ranking TOP 10 in Japan.

 I also became a coroni, and it became possible to watch Korean dramas well with Netflix, etc., with the increase in the time I'm at home, but still TOP 10 is in a popular work if everyone is popular Let's watch it and watch it ^ ^

Like me, there are many people who say "Corona and Korean dramas and Korean films!" (^ ○ ^)




   In this way, changing in the era of corona, the opportunity to touch the entertainment that many people have not touched so far?

In fact, Korean dramas such as "Ryota House Class" and "Intraction of Love" of Netflix Original work in Japan have become popular♪  

Even in Japan's entertainment, K-POP idol and Japanese artists are collaborating with songs, or parody of "Ryotae Class" and "Ika Game" in variety programs, and celebrities "this Korean I think that people who were not interested in Korea entertainment have also increased, and those who have not been interested in Korean entertainment so far have increased.

From now on, I would like to see the attraction of Korea entertainment deeply, why is weird attractiveness to the attractiveness!


About the attraction of Korea entertainment


 As "K-POP Idol" is heard and typical is the popular "BTS" and "TWICE" "BlackPink" in Japan!  

So how is this kind of idol, really?

We will introduce along with the results!

Popular K-POP idols worldwide




 BTS is a 7-man group of Korea debuted in 2013! Now, it does not only know Korea but also worldwide around the world ^ ^

  One of the three major music festivals in the United States "Building Board Music Awards" suppressed Justin Beaver for six consecutive years, and BTS shines in 4 crowns! In addition, various works have been achieved, such as 3 songs at Billboard HOT100 become number 1.

 In the tours held in 20 cities worldwide, Japan will also be held in Tokyo Dome and Fukuoka PayPay Dome in 2018 and 2019, and the total ranking in the "Oricon-Annual Ranking 2021" in Japan 's Sales Division by Artist' 1 It is very popular such as winning the position!





 Twice is also said to be a global Girls Group composed of Koreans and Japanese and Taiwanese, debuted in 2015, and is also said to be "the most popular Girls Group in Asia"!

 Even in Japan, "TT" is famous, and the best album released in 2017 topped 28 million copies, and was certified as a Platinum Disc of Japan Record Association.

 also,Dreams from "Japan's Dome" from the debut also realized in 2019 and succeeded in the first Dome Tour! Besides, it has appeared in red and white and is a big boom in Japan.


Black pink



 BlackPink is a four-man Girls group debuted in 2016. Because members are good friends, it is a unusual group that does not decide the leader!

 When the 1st single album was released in 2016, it was praised as "the history of history" in Korea, as soon as it was a Korean music program as soon as it was released on the 12th.

 In the American outdoor music festival, the K-POP Girls Group responded first in history, and the single "DDU-DU DDU-DU" received gold certification from the American Record Association.

The number of MV players of "DDU-DU DDU-DU" also overlaps the momentum, and the number of times the number of MV playback of "DDU-DDU-DU" has topped 10 billion times as of February 2022!

Recently an idol of attention

In addition to the idol introduced now, K-POP idol "AESPA" "TOMORROW X TOGETHER" "NCT127" "NCT127"EnhypenIntroduce a little (^ ○ ^)





"AESPA" is a multinational girl group that has been a single Korean, Japanese and Chinese members who debuted in 2020!

We are fascinating many fans in overwhelming visuals and unique world views since I had a debut.

 Debut song "Black Mamba" has been over 21 million in the number of times the number of playbacks from music video publication, and shines in the first place of Youtube Worldwide Sure rise!There are Japanese members, and you will want to support it in the future♪





"TOMORRORORORORO X TOGETHER" is a five-person group that is composed of Koreans and Americans with the office "HYBE" that "BTS" belongs is produced!

 Since I debuted, four newcomer awards in Japan and overseas were made, and 4 works released in Japan and 2020 to 2021 are continuously Orikon Weekly Album Ranking No. 1It is already very popular in Japan, etc. ^ ^





"NCT127" has a Japanese debut in 2018 in the 9-person idol group debuted in 2016.

Among them,A Japanese member Yuta is already very popular in Japan, such as the number of Instagram's followers in February 2021 and the number of Japanese male talents is first!

Also, the album "Sticker" released in 2021 is 3rd place at the US building board 200,Album Sales Aggregation Site MEDIATRAFFIC UNITED World Chart in the United World ChartAnd I am enthusiastic around the world!





"Enhypen" is a seven-person idol group formed through the survival audition program "i-Land"!

Since the youngest Niki is a Japanese member, he has attracted great attention in Japan, and recently appears in Japanese music programs etc.^^

Not only attracts many people with high singing power and dancing with auditions,In 2021, we are active in many directions, such as serving as Monday personality of "All Night Nippon X" in Japan!

If you look at such a track record, you will see how many K-POPs are popular not only in Japan but also worldwide♪

Drama / Movie

  Next, let's look at the attraction of how great "Korean drama" and "Korean film" are great.

Now you can watch various Korean entertainment with content such as NetFlix and U-NEXT in Japan!


   In fact, "popular ranking of Japan Netflix" announced in November 2021, and there are seven works of TOP 10 and Korean dramas are ranked in!

When I heard this, I know how much Japanese is interested in Korean drama and collecting sympathy ^ ^

 The masterpieces such as "Intraction of Love" and "Ryota House Class" and "Ika Game" are still continuing long hit and are also said to be the golden season following "Winter Sonata".

Recently, two people who became a heroine at "Intraction of Love" were also getting better and topic in Japan.♡

 Besides, Korean film "family under parasite" isWon the Asian movie first Oscar and shocked the world! In addition, as a foreign language movie, the first Academy Award Best Work Award is also won.


  Thus, "Korean drama" and "Korean film" are a big boom in Japan, and it becomes corona, and more people may have interest in Korean entertainment?

The impact will show that Korean entities are greatly exciting, such as spread throughout the world and receive numerous awards!


About the reason that Japanese is attracted by Korean entertainment


 Well, why Korea entertainment is popular not only in Japan but also worldwide?

I would like to see what the secret of the greatness is from K-POP idol.

The reason is some of the following, but this time I tried to pay attention to the following five!




 As a feature of the K-POP idol, it is possible to give one first"Friendly"it might be?

K-POP Idols are actively communicating with fans, such as SNS, Korean app "V Live", such as its own Instagram and YouTube channels!

 Therefore, by looking at the fans or the reactions that have seen their performance, the distance to the fans will be drawn, and it will lead to the opportunity to show the growing figure.

 Besides, open session meetings such as albums, etc. It may not be connected to "friendlyness" (^ ○ ^)

Performance power

The second one is the "Performance power" of the K-POP idol that attracts people.

The K-POP idol is a "practice student" and repeated the age and often debuts as a group, so the performance power is great and great!Depending on the idol, there seems to be some people who have been experiencing the practice age for about 10 years!

As a result, most groups are only high-spec members who can dance and dance, and it is not a popular reason to be overwhelmed and overwhelmed.

In addition, it is not one of the reasons why it is also the attraction of K-POP, "Dance to be able to do." Even in Japan, I tried dancing with Tiktok and YouTube etc. Videos are popular, but there are many people who dance K-POP in that ^ ^


 In Korea, instead of narrowing the chorodist to one person, various countries of various countries gather and think the best dance!

In Japan, there is an image that one choreographer is thinking of dancing, but in Korea, the multinational personality is completed by anyone who wants to manage, and the performance is completed. !

Promotion power


 The third thing is the "promotion power" that sells K-POP idol.

In Korea, there are many idols that are born by audition programs such as viewer voting.

Groups such as "TWICE" and "IZ * ONE" and "KEPLER" in Japan were also born by audition programs!

 Korean audition programs can support the idol before debut and watch together.

Therefore, many fans can be acquired before debut,"Fighting together and grabbed a dream" common points and bonds between the idols and fansI think it is not!

 After all, I think that distance and communication to fans are connected to fans psychology that thinks "I want to support K-POP idol!"!

 In addition, it can be said that there are many active groups (global groups), so it is also successful to win various countries fans.

"Girl crash" that is also a woman

 It is essential when talking about K-POP idol"Girl crash"Do you know the word?

 "Girl crash" means "a cool woman who is a woman in love"!

It is popular in Korea, and now it is still penetrating in Japan with K-POP popularity.

Looking at a cool woman, "I want to be strong!" "I want to be strong!" "I want to live with a cool!"

In particular, the largest hit song "HIP" of Mamamoo, which is popular with high singing power, sang his own style that does not have an edge of the edge, and other people!


 One member of the member was criticized by appearance in the past,

 She "If you don't fit the basis of the beauty of this era, you should make new standards"

Also talk, in the lyrics of "HIP",

"Do you only spit your own face in the world?"

And look at the lyrics with an appearance supremacy and attract the girl crash.

 In Korea with a military service, it is strongly rooted in "Male" because men are strongly asked for men, and the fixed concept of "Male is strong" is stronger than Japan.

In such cultures, the way of thinking of "girl crash" is collected greatly from women, and any era

"A figure where you loves yourself with yourself

Shows and women who have a sense of presence are cool!


Women who are addicted to K-POP are fascinated by the "fashion" of the idol and have longing!


 In Korea,"Airport fashion"There is a word.

As the words, the fashion wearing the airport is fashion that the media is focused on fashion in the airport and the fashion of K-POP idols that the media is not often used!

Young people often refer to K-POP idols and entertainers' airport fashion, and often talk to them,If you search by SNS, you also know the brands of wearing clothes, so what's worn by the idol seems to be sold out soon! ^ ^

 In this way, not only attracted attention, but also the K-POP idol's plain clothes can be seen in various situations, so many people are fascinated and attracted "I want to mane!" !

Drama / Movie

 Next, let's look at "Korean drama" and "Korea Movie" and see if we are fascinated.

There are many things that these two entertainments are often the reasons to be popular in Japan, but are not particularly "the height of quality" and "interesting interesting" (^ ○ ^)

So let's look closely about the following three this time!

Quality height

In Korea, the viewer tends to delegate opinions and criticisms, etc. for a drama and a movie.

for that reason,"The distance between the leg home, director and the viewer is near"It is characterized by one of the factors that produce great works!

 In Japan, it is considered that the viewer is considered to be a "strike" if the viewer issues a frankly to the script and supervision, so it is not a tide that the viewer can not disseminate opinions. .

 On the other hand, Korea is near the production side and the viewer's distance, so"The viewer (society) is required" is more likely to be reflected in the work, and the skills of the entities and actors can be developed and developed together.

 By doing so, it is not necessarily able to increase the quality of the work and create new ones one after another!


Interesting interesting

As mentioned earlier, Korean dramas and Korean films tend to be more likely to be reflected in the works.

 That's finally"Works that look at the social situation (such as poverty, gap, gender, etc.)" work to produce "sympathy"Isn't it connected to?

 Recently, "Ika Games" and "Poverty Game" and "Poverty Gas Class", which are also topiced in Japan, "Poverty Difference" and "Gender" are drawn on the content.

By drawing a certain state (real) as a drama more,I think that the viewer can catch as "myself" and is connected to "sympathy"!



Co-production efforts with Netflix

In Korea, there are often many dramas in collaboration with Netflix.

This is also a factor that Korea entertainment is an exciting factor.

 "Ryotae Classes" and "Love's Intolo", also popular in Japan, Netflix is ​​the original work in which Netflix is ​​jointly produced with the Korean television station.

Besides, "Psycho but okay" and "Vincientzo" "Mov-Two Haven: I am an articolor organization"!



 The original work of Netflix in Korea is overwhelmingly larger than Japan, and the actor and the scriptman are also highly classed and expensive!

Netflix invests approximately 73 billion yen in Korea from Korea to 2020 to 2020, and distributes approximately 80 works all over the world.

 also,The budget scale spent per episode is also a "Naked Director" representing Netflix Japan original, "Kingdom" representing Netflix Korean originals per episode is approximately 1.9 billion yen per episode per episode.And, the cost of making Korea compared to Japan will see how great!

Besides, Korea is working on the actor and creator's start-up strategy in collaboration with Netflix.

For example, Korea original work "Move To Haven: Move To Heaven" Mové To Haven, who was distributed in 2021 carefully depicting the complex emotions and thoughts of your family, is the role of Asperger's syndrome To the actor to play, Tan Junsan, who played one of the North Korean soldiers in "Love's in-love".



 "Where is this? What is the strategy?""Korean original work actively appoints the person attention with Netflix works"That is the characteristic of Korea!

In other words, on Netflix in Korea,A network that actively applies to actors who appeared from creators that their own produced,Isn't it connected to the strength of Korea entertainment by being born!

 Such things are factors that "Korean dramas" and "Korean films" are exciting around the world, and it can be seen that the method in production is different due to the difference between Japan and Korea culture and values.


Difference from Japan for entertainment

  So far, I have seen "Korean entertainment", why is it popular, but there are people who felt that "the way of thinking about" the way of thinking about "entertainment" and how to work in Japan and Korea? Is it not? ^ ^

While I think about the "Korean entertainment" and thinking about "K-POP idol" and "Korean drama, Korean film", it is common to "the distance between fans and viewers He felt that it was also a big difference between Japan and Korea.

Therefore, I would like to see the difference between Japan and Korea 'entertainment' from now on!

Close to distance from fans

In Japan, I think that the culture that the artist will be awarded by artists and fans born from "Audition program", and the culture is not so strong.

 Recently, "Nizi U", which became a topic, was born in an audition program, and in Japan, various ages are exciting, and "rope dance" in Japan has become a social phenomenon in Japan.♪


 From this,"Distance feeling and bond with fans"That's why Japan can not be born much compared to Korean idols.

 Besides, the audition is that a global group may be born because people aim for idol not only in Korea but also from all over the world, but there are few groups of multinational groups in Japan and not differences from Korea I think!

Distance between leg home, director and viewer

In Japan and Korea, in the efforts of dramas and film production"The distance between the leg home, director and viewer" is differentthat's right.


As mentioned in (2) of 3 (2), Japanese and Koreans have different environments and cultures that grew up in the first place, so the trend of society is different!

 In Korea, the trend where the viewer can disseminate things to the entertainment honestlyIn Japan, in Japan, it is also in the trend that dissemits things carefully because it does not have to say "people who are hitting people" when you disseminate too much frank opinions (including good opinions).

I do not think this tide is never bad,"Valuable opinion of audience for entertainment"Is not a difference between Japan and Korea that the production side and the viewer side are not successfully transmitted well!



So far, how was it so far, but how was it? (^ ○ ^)

Even if "Korea entertainment", the kind is different, but it can be seen that "Korean entertainment" is loved and evaluated all over Japan.

 Through this article, I would be glad if you know about "Korean entertainment sponsorship" and think about the excellence of Korea and Japan's entertainment ^ ^

From now on, through K-POP idols, Korean dramas, Korean dramas, Korean dramas, Korean movies, and Korean dramas, even more popular, Korea's distance is approaching, and they will touch each other's entertainment and sympathy, and the entire work will increase while sympathy.♪I think!


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