[Complete version in June 2013] Japanese song list of Korean idols! Seventeen and NCT are that masterpiece?


Which idols do you think of the Japanese songs covered by Korean idols? ^.^

This time, we will introduce Japanese songs covered by Korean idols!

NCT and SEVENTEENThat song coveredTWICE memberUntil that song covered!

It is an article that you can realize again the word that music goes beyond the border!

Please be healed by a wonderful singing voice (❁´◡`❁)

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A collection of Japanese songs covered by K-POP idols [Male artist]

AB6IX Un -DISH // "Cat"

AB6IX's main vocal Union covered the "cat" that was a huge hit in Japan.♪

Eun wrote the handwritten lyrics displayed in the video directly!

ASTRO Sana Official beard man Dism "SUBTITLE"

Cover the song of the popular Official beard!

The outstanding sense of stability and the accuracy of Japanese are truly♪

I have also covered Arashi's "Happiness" live!

BIGBANG D-LITE / Kazuyoshi Saito "Singing Tai no Ballad"

BIGBANG D-Lite, which is also popular in Japan!

I am so good at Japanese that I have a JPOP cover album in Japan♪

Btob Chansop Mika Nakajima "I thought I would die"

It's amazing that women's songs are singing without difficulty!

It is very drawn into the bass and treble switching!

ENHYPEN JAY Yuri "Dry Flower"

I collaborated with the "dried flower" that was a huge hit in Japan.♪

I want to listen to them with a wonderful voice all the time!

JBJ95 ・ Back number "Christmas song"

Cover a classic winter song♪

It's so nice that you want to listen every time in winter!

Junsu / Ai Otsuka "Cherry"

Cover Ai Otsuka's "cherry", which is a classic karaoke♪

Junsu also covers many Japanese songs such as "play" and "launch fireworks"!

J-JUN / Akina Nakamori "Second Love"

Jaejoong also has a cover album in Japan!

Many Japanese music programs have appeared and performed cover songs.♪

Recently, the theme song of Junsu and the Japanese drama "Sixth Star" has become a hot topic!


It is a talented band that belongs to Fncentertainment!

Covered "Hakushi", which is said to be difficult to sing in JPOP.♪

NCTDREAM Longwimps "Nothing"

It is a song of the big hit movie "Your name is."

Longjun himself covered it with a fan of the movie.♪

NCT127 Yuta Ringo Shiina "Sin and Punishment"

Unlike NCT127, I feel like I saw a new side of Yuta!

It's very fresh because it's a moderate music in Korea.♪

NCT127 Doyon Toshinobu Kubota "LA / LA / LA LOVE SONG"

He posted to Instagram with a photo of memories♪

This song was released by chance in 1996, when Doyon was born!

Also, this year, he posted a verse of Hikaru Utada's "First Love"^.^

PENTAGON Gino GLAY "However"

The rust part is quite treble, but it is a treble that makes you feel comfortable listening!

The pronunciation is also perfect (❁´◡`❁)

SEVENTEEN Jun Yu Takahashi "Yakimochi"

This song is so popular that the cover songs appear in China, but they sing in the original song^_^

This year, he covered "I thought I would die" and published it on the official channel.♪

SEVENTEEN John Han Mosa. "want to see"

The singer -songwriter. Covered the song♪

John HanCarat (name of SEVENTEEN fan)When I think I'm singing this song, I want to see you as soon as possible> <

SHINee Onu, Hideaki Tokunaga "Rainy Blue"

It was shown during the first Tokyo Dome performance in SHINee!

The voice of Onu matches the song and the heart is very healed> <

TREASURE John Woo Yuri "Bethelgius"

We covered Yuri's songs that are also popular in Japan!

It was released in a surprise and the fans were surprised :)

A collection of Japanese songs covered by K-POP idols [Female artist]

FROMIS_9 Hayon Yuri "Betelgius"

Yuri's songs are also popular in Korea, and there are many idols that cover!

Listening with a clear voice will be purified my heart^_^

Ive Ray & iso / Yuri "Dry Flower"

When I listen to a woman's voice, it sounds like a new song and it's fresh♪

It's a beautiful voice!

LABOUM Soyon & Yujon Hikaru Utada "First Love"

This is a collaboration with kobasolo!

Kobasolo is attracting attention in multi -creator♪

LE SSERAFIM Chewon Utada Hikaru "First Love"

Recently, the Netflix drama series "First Love First Love" based on the song has been released and has been attracting attention.♪

The MV taken for this is also wonderful!

MAMAMOO Rimi Natsukawa "Tears Soy"

Please be healed by the singing ability of a group with overwhelming singing skills♪

The member Sora is a song that has been covered in Korean!

Orange Caramel "Easy Devil"

The song released in 1977 was arranged and covered in a modern style.♪

Both costumes and MV are cute!

TWICE Sana Kobukuro "Graduation"

The topic that appeared on the MV of the song became a hot topic!

Pink costumes inspired by cherry blossoms look very good!

TWICE Nayon Official beard man Dism "I Love ..."

It was released on the official TWICE channel on his birthday!

ONCE also had an explosive reaction to the reverse surprise♪

VIVIZ Omuji Yonezu Genji "Lemon"

When I was active as a GFRIEND, I performed "Lemon" at the performance of Japan, and this time the cover video was officially released, which made a great response!

Weki meki Soo -yeon, Official beard man DISM "Pretender"

Soyon, the main vocal of Weki meki, has a wonderful voice.♪

Woo! Ah! Utada Hikaru Utada "First Love"

There are many idols covering First Love, and you can see that it is very popular!

The idol woo! Ah!♪


I introduced a Japanese song covered by Korean idols. How was it?

Japanese is a difficult language from the world, but I'm very happy that there are Korean idols that cover so many^_^.

Which idol did you like the most?

It is difficult to choose because it covers songs that match each idol>, isn't it?

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