Complete the first dome tour! Explain SEVENTEEN in 5 minutes! Delivering plenty of charms such as the latest information/Instagram/popular song/Japanese live response♪


SEVENTEEN held the first dome tour from November to December 2022!

 This time, the SEVENTEEN members who completed the dome tour safely, recommended content, popular songs, and dome tours.

Introducing plenty of SEVENTEEN's charm!

Both fans and those who have recently become fans are enjoyable ( ^ ω ^).♡

Please enjoy it to the end♪

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SEVENTEEN ^ ^ who debuted from PLEDIS entertainment on May 26, 2015

group name"SEVENTEENIs included the meaning of 13 members + 3 units + 1 team = 17.♪

The name of the fan is that the fans' love shines like a jewel that shines in carat (units representing the weight). "

So ""Carat"is♪( ´▽`)

The bigger the Carat's love, the more the origin of making SEVENTEEN shine.♡

The debut song is "Adore U (낀다)", which has a characteristic rust choreography!

The members were 13, and the leaders of the whole group were S.Coups.

SEVENTEEN is a group that is divided into three teams: vocals, performance, and hip -hop.♪

Vocal team: Woozi (Uji), JEONGHAN (Johnhan), Joshua (Joshua), DK (Dogyom), SEUNGKWAN

Performance team: HOSHI (Hoshi), Jun (Jun), The8 (Diet), Dino (Dino)

Hip -hop team: S.Coups (Eskups), Wonwoo, Mingyu (Mingyu), Vernon (Vernon)

Also, there are leaders for each team, and Woozi, Hoshi, and S.Coups are the leaders of each team ^ ^

And because the members are in charge of music production, choreography, etc., SEVENTEEN "Independent production idolIs called!

Since the first world tour in 2017, it debuted in Japan in 2018.

In 2019, the second world tour was held, and in 2022, we started the World Tour "Be the Sun" for the first time in two years and four months!

Deep the Instagram! Deliver the latest information on members!

SEVENTEEN has opened an individual Instagram all 13 ^ ^

This time, we will introduce the members along with Instagram photos taken at a place where the members visited during the Japan tour in 2022.♪

Even photos taken in nothing, such as crosswalks, alleys, and public telephones, will be a picture ^ ^

CARAT (SEVENTEEN fan) has a line to take the same thing as the members, to eat the same thing,

The place where the members went was a sacred place!

Please check out the personal Instagram of the member you are interested in.♡


Born on August 8, 1995, SEVENTEEN's oldest leader Eskpus!

As soon as the members and Carat are tampered with, they are often tampered with, so they are often tampered with as "최또삐 (cheschol again abbreviations)" ^ ^ ^ ^

However, such a place is also a cute beloved character.♪( ´▽`)


John Han, born on October 4, 1995, has a different dimension of beauty, saying, "If you have short hair, you will be a beautiful woman if you have long hair!"

When playing games, etc., the people around me think that it is only Johnhan

Enjoy the game with an idea that you can't imagine because your head rotates fast!

And I'm a very good member of Japanese (´ ▽ `)♡


Born December 30, 1995Joshua!

My parents are Korean, but Joshua is an American from the United States♪

It's very caring and kind, so it's like a member of the member ^ ^

However, when it comes to variety, the place that is too greedy for laughter is the best in the gap (° ▽ °).♡


Born on June 10, 1996, Jun, a Chinese member!

The beautiful visuals like anime and the overwhelming mysterious place are attractive.♪

The place where it is very gentle and quiet is cute, so when you look at Jun, you can feel calm and relaxed (´∀ `).


Hoshi born on June 15, 1996!

The appearance of dancing on the stage is too cool, but it is usually an innocent child, so it can be said that it is the most gap!

The place where you are eating rice looks like a hamster, and this is also a cute point of Hoshi (° ▽ °)♡


Wonnon born on July 17, 1996!

It is 182cm tall, cut and long, low voice and cool, so it can be said that it is "The Korean handsome guy" without saying.♪

It is a type that is quieter and calm compared to the bright and cheerful members, and is watching the members while smiling (´∀ `)

However, Wonwoo himself is an interesting person who wants to laugh, so the more he knows, the more attractive (´∀ `*)


Magic born on November 22, 1996!

A genius producer who is in charge of all song productions so that SEVENTEEN's songs are not born without maggots!

The petite and fair -skinned maggots are said to be cute by members and CARAT (´∀ `*)

The schedule, exercise or the music work room is a stoic member of the routine ^ ^


Born on February 18, 1997, the main vocal of SEVENTEEN!

He has a beautiful voice that appears in the musical♪

It is usually an exciting role and interesting, and it is a type that makes you laugh even if you stretch your body (° ▽ °)!

You can see Dogyom's success on the YouTube content "Going Seventeen".♪


Mingyu born on April 6, 1997!

Mingyu is the tallest in SEVENTEEN and 186cm!

Because he is a threat style and face owner, it is often used in PRADA brand ambassadors and magazine models ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

I'm good at cooking, dexterous and smart, so I think it's perfect, and it's also attractive to be messed up by members and CARAT ( ^ ∀ ^).


Born on November 7, 1997, all Chinese members Dive is all beautiful (´∀ `*)

Not only when dancing dancing, but also when eating rice, all the usual behavior is beautiful ^ ^

There are many calm hobbies such as tea ceremony, meditation, reading, and all are elegant (´ ▽ `)

Instagram is also fashionable, so please take a look♪


Sungwan born on January 16, 1998!

Although it is a main vocal, Sung -gun is very active in variety programs.♪

MC is also available and is a mood maker that excites the atmosphere of the place, so

His ability is also recognized in the television industry, including won the Male Rookie Award in the Music Talk Division at the 2018 MBC Entertainment Grand Prize!

SEVENTEEN is also in charge of variety with overwhelming fun and talent.♪


Bernon born on February 18, 1998 is a half of Korea and the United States♪

From the time of the debut from the clear and beautiful features, it became a topic that it resembled DiCaprio ^ ^ ^ ^

I can't imagine this visual and wrap, but I'm very free (´∀ `*)

Even if other members are playing at the content shooting destination, they sleep alone in the room,

The genuine freedom of "when you want to do what you want to do" is also the charm of Vernon!


Born on February 11, 1999, Dino, the youngest of SEVENTEEN!

There are many times when the members are tampered with or get a little bit, but they are loved by somehow the youngest (´∀ `)♡

There are many songs that are in charge of SEVENTEEN choreography with Hoshi.♪

The gap between the stage and the usual bright and interesting Dino is the best ^ ^

Carefully selected! SEVENTEEN 3 recommended songs♪

예쁘다 (Pretty U)

Pay attention to the choreography of the rust and the cute lyrics

Please see the special version of 예쁘다 that was shown on the 2019 World Tour ^ ^


It is the title song of the full album "Face the Sun" released for the first time in about 2 years and 9 months.♪

This song is also the opening song of this world tour "Be the Sun"!

Once you hear it, you will pay attention to the chorus that does not leave your head and 13 powerful dances ^ ^


This song is SEVENTEEN's debut song♪( ´▽`)

SEVENTEEN is famous for its infinite encore at the concert, but this song was performed endlessly on this dome tour!

It is an addictive song that will increase your tension anytime, so please ask ٩ ('ω') و

Introducing SEVENTEEN recommended content!

SNS (official Twitter, Tiktok)

SEVENTEEN has official Twitter, official Instagram, official YouTube, and Tiktok, and all 13 individual Instagram.♪

here,Official TwitterandTiktokI will introduce it with a focus on!

On Twitter, not only the official announcement, but also the members will post a lot of concerts and off shots.♪( ´▽`)

At the time of this dome tour in Japan, I posted videos taken during the concert and photos I took before the start ^ ^ ^ ^

There are many photos and videos that can only be seen on Twitter, so check it out.♪

Next, Tiktok, as well as dance videos, is a video that can only be seen in Tiktok taken during the encore of the concert.♪

There are many videos I would like to recommend at tiktok,

Did you know that a video posted by SEVENTEEN's Memen version Han is buzzing? (´∀ `)♡

Here is a video that has been played over 10 million times!



♬ Sorry for the cute (feat. Kap) --HoneyWorks

Sorry for the cute (feat. Kap)John Han dancing with the sound source is too cute! ? (° ▽ °)♡

This video is too buzzing and is now popular among Korean idols!

It is true that John Han is the cuteness of Johnhan's holding, and it will be buzzed again (´ ▽ `).

YouTube (Going Seventeen)

everyone,SEVENTEEN's YouTube content "Going SeventeenDo you know? ^ ^

This is SEVENTEEN's variety content!

This content, which started in 2017, has a variety of travel, escape games, discussions, rice planting, sports, and no content!

Some of the other idol fans say "GOING SEVENTEEN is interesting!"

Here are two recommended series!

1.TTT (MT SVT Reality)

This content is a very popular series where members of SEVENTEEN, which have been held four times, travel.♪

It's okay to reflect this far, even though it's an idol, such as driving the members, playing happily, drinking alcohol and drunk! ?

You can see how you enjoy it as much as you think (° ▽ °)!

2. Rogic night (Debate Night)

This content is a "program that is very logically discussed about many difficulties faced in life".

Members are divided into two teams for each theme and discuss♪( ´▽`)

It is said that we will discuss the challenges faced in life, but it is completely different (° ▽ °)!

A hot discussion of the members will be held on a strange theme!

"Is it better to get the water from the side, is it better to have a fire from the buttocks?"

Seventeen's logical night that can not be seen without laughter is held three times, so please take a look.♪( ´▽`)

What is the response of the first dome tour?

It was held six times at Kyocera Dome Osaka on November 19, 2022, Tokyo Dome on November 26, 27, and on December 3rd and 4th, Vantelin Dome Nagoya.

The first dome tour "Be the Sun」!

The set list of the world tour, starting from Seoul in June 2022, was composed of Japanese original songs and Japanese versions ^ ^

Actually, before this dome tour, the dome tour was decided from April 2020!

However, the dome tour has been canceled due to the influence of the new Coronavirus at the beginning of the dome tour of SEVENTEEN and CARAT (T ^ T).

Both the members and CARAT felt painful because the dreams I grabbed once were separated, but this dome tour was finally held after overcoming such difficulties!

The first dome tour "Be the Sun", which mobilized about 270,000 people in all six performances, is

It was a tour of the best memories that the dreams of SEVENTEEN and CARAT came true.♪

I'm looking forward to seeing SEVENTEEN at the dome and a bigger venue ^ ^ ^ ^♡


This time, we introduced SEVENTEEN, which made the first dome tour successfully.♪

Those who thought that "Seventeen has a large number of people, so it seems difficult to remember", and those who are already worried about Seventeen.

I would be glad if this article was more interested in SEVENTEEN and even one carat increased.♪

Not only can you sing and dance, but SEVENTEEN is too interesting to get along well with fans.

I will never regret it ('∀ `)!

Let's excite the SEVENTEEN with CARAT in 2023 ٩ ('ω') و♡

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