Chinese fans' K-POP investment is too dangerous "Chinese bar" legendary-class Senil advertisement and reality summary


Do you know the word "Chinese bar"?

If you are a K-POP fan, you may have heard it once!

Is it also called the strongest Fundam in the K-POP world? ! We will send you a special feature on Senil advertising that is too non -standard prepared by the Chinese bar!

Don't miss the surprising Senil project that is too luxurious and doesn't come up with ...! !

First of all, we will take a deep digging what is the Chinese bar and what kind of mechanism, and we'll also take up the popular Chinese bar of Stray Kids.♪

Know the Chinese bar and increase your geek knowledge ^^

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What is the Chinese Fundam "Chinese Bar"? Thorough explanation of the mechanism!


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"Chinese bar" is a Chinese foundation ^^

The bar is derived from the English "BAR" and has the meaning of "a place where fans gather."

The main activity of the Chinese bar is to support idols by recruiting albums and planning a Senil project to support idols.

Chinese bars are not for each group, but basically, like "Jimmar" and "Taeyon Bar", which is basically a foundation that supports individuals.

for that reason,If you check the number of Chinese bars purchased, you can see which member's Fundam is the first in the group!

In addition, in the case of a large foundation in addition to contributing to the number of sales.It is only for Chinese bars to prepare an order of an order of an order of magnitude ^^

There is a Chinese bar that is a hot topic every year, and it is expected among fans to see what kind of Senil project is planned.♪

The Chinese bar of the sukiz is a hot topic! The reason why the number of copies increased is the Chinese bar?

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The 8 -member Boys Group Stray Kids known as self -producing idols!

Speaking of STRAY KIDS, the popularity of South Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States is hot, and it shines in the fourth generation.

It's such a stray kids, but it's been a topic that a powerful Chinese bar has appeared recently!

The number of albums sold is also important in measuring popularity, but in some cases, the number of Chinese bars purchased!

The mini -album "MaxideNT" released in October 2022 is a topic that 470,000 out of 2.24 million pre -orders were Chinese bars! !

almost"QuarterIt means that the Chinese bar was purchasing the number of sheets ...! !

At present, 230,000 pieces of BTS Tete's Chinese bars are the highest record.

Meanwhile, the number of reservations for the latest album "5-Star" of Stray Kids to be released in June isAt the moment (May 19, 2013), Hyun Gumbers and Philicks Bar recorded 220,000 copies!

The possibility of crossing Taehyunber is coming!

I have time to come back, so the record is likely to increase ^^

Even so, I have to be surprised by the influence of the Chinese bar ...! !

Introducing Chinese bar legend -class Senil advertisements!

BTS Jimmar

Quote source

In 2021, celebrated BTS Jimin's 26th birthdayJimin Bar has a plane advertisement for airplane wrapping!

You can see bass wrapping in the city of Korea, but you don't have airplanes, right? !

Jimmer has negotiated with Cheju Airlines to implement the Jimin airplane wrapping project.

Was such a passionate feeling transmitted?It was a Fundam that succeeded in advertising an idol by fans on Cheju Airlines for the first time!

It is a Senil advertisement that has a large photo of Jimin and has excellent impact and topicality ^^.


BTS Taehyun Bar

Shinmura Light Festival

Quote source 

BAIDU V Bar (Taehyun Bar), the largest Chinese bar of BTS Tete, also has a gorgeous Senil project every year!

Among them, the topic wasIt is a light festival of Tete held in Shinmura, Korea in 2021♪

Decorations with Tete's solo songs as motifs and large dolls of Tete are prepared!

It's like a theme park! !

How ... Tettete himself was also visiting the light festival!

Tete shared the situation at that time on the personal Instagram♪


Construction of "Taehyun Kogyo Elementary School"

Quote source

The Baidu V Bar prepared the light festivalWe built "Tehyun Kogyo Elementary School" with Tete's name on his 2020 birthday!

It's a project that is no longer a birthday celebration ...!

Hopefully the children can grow safely and happily.Was planned.

It's perfect for Tete who likes children ^^

The planning of a project that will help you are very nice♪

NCT Longjunver

Quote source

In 2023, Longjunver had a Senil advertisement at all the Korean drugstores "olive Young" stores!

The inside of the store is filled with Longjun, like an advertising tower! !

No matter how you think, it's so large that your fans don't think! (smile)

moreover,Longjunver did not only olive -young jacks, but also Senil Cafe and Bass Rapping together to celebrate Longjun's Senlilled!

In addition to Senil, Longjunver has a support advertisement in a city where the concert is held, and the way to support Longjun is out of the standard! !

LE SSERAFIM Sakurabber

Sakura Miyawaki who is active as a member of LE SSERAFIM!

Sakurabber has also prepared an unexpected Senil project!

On my 2023 birthday ... I issued "11,930 Senil ads" in Korea! !

Maximum number of Korean advertisementsHe prepared this Senil advertisement.

The level of the Senil advertisement and the affection for the push are different ... (;;)

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This time, we sent a special feature on Chinese bars, which can be said to be the strongest foundation in the K-POP world ^^

It is interesting that the same K-POP fan has different features of Fundam depending on the country!

The planning of the Senil Project far beyond imagination is also surprising ...! !

I guess the idols themselves are also surprised! (smile)

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