Cherry Bullet featured by Japanese people! Up to the latest information of members and popular songs such as LOVE SO SWEET♪There is also a plan that can celebrate the birthday of member Bora greatly!

日本人も所属するCherry Bullet特集!メンバーの最新情報やlove so sweetなどの人気曲まで♪メンバー・ボラの誕生日を盛大にお祝いできるプランも!

Did you know the topic of idol "Cherrybullet"?

It is a group with various charms, including members who are from Galpura and are active as actresses!

This time, I will introduce the members and popular songs of CherryBullet in detail.♪

In addition, we started the personal Instagram in August of this year, so we also provide information.♪ 

In addition, we will also introduce Senil Advertising Crafan, which is currently ongoing, to celebrate Bora -chan, who will have a birthday in March ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

If you look at this, you will definitely be worried about Cherry Bullet (^○^)

Please take a look to the end!

About Cherry Bullet

CHERRY BULLET is a girl group that has been announced for the first time in six years since AOA belongs to CNBLUE, SF9, FITSLAND, P1 Harmony, etc. ( ^ ^).

The origin of the group name is contrasting "cherry" and "bullet".

Combining words with images, "A group that snipers the masses with a lovely and energetic charm like cherry "As

It seems to be meaningful♪

Also, the fan's name is "Lullet"and,

"LOVE+UNIQUE+LIGHT+Lau+EVerlasting+TIt was made with the initials of "Reasure"!

A special person who loves Cherry Bullet always shines Cherry Bullet and makes a smile like an eternal treasureIs included ( ^ ^)

 It is very nice that the fan's name is given with love♡

 And how! ! For CherryBulletIZ*ONEAudition program born

PRODUCE48"orKEP1ER was born "Girls Planet 999Some members participated in!

 I would like to expect Cherrybullet's future success, which has many talented members.♪

Introducing members!

From here on, we will introduce the basic information and charm of each member!

By all means, please read this and discover new charms and recommendations.♪

Hey Yun

  • Real name: Park Heyun
  • Date of birth: January 10, 1996
  • Blood type: a
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Instagram:H.YOOONI

Heyun is the oldest group, leader, and is in charge of the main vocal ^^

Before entering the FNC Entertainment of the current office, I was a trainee at BTS and TOMORROW X Together to BIGHIT Entertainment!

After transferring to the current office in 2018, he will participate in the audition program PRODUCE48!

The BoA's "Merikuri", which is sung by the teams of the lower members at the time in the PRODUCE48 assignment song, is really the best, so please listen to it.♡

Pay attention to the singing voice of the chorus ^ ^  In addition, Hyun is good at Japanese and is tedious, and when he is assigned to a team leader in Prodece48,

It was also impressive that I was teaching dancing in Japanese to Japanese members (T. T)

In Cherry Bullet, it is a gentle leader who can be loved by all members with a little bitter character ^ ^

Heyun has made a musical debut in 2021 with the musical "Krimt", so he can expect him to be an actress in the future.♪

Finally recommended HeyunIntroducing 직캠 (Chicchem)!


  • Real name: Choi Yuju
  • Date of birth: March 5, 1997
  • Blood type: a
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Instagram:Uzoo_c

Yuju is said to be in charge of visuals in the main rapper!

It's a gap that you're in charge of the rapper, even though it's a cute visual with a characteristic sauce ^ ^

In addition, Yuju is a member who has been performing in performing arts since his debut.♪

In 2017, I was a model of the school uniform brand "SMART", which was also used by Dong Bang Shin Ki and IKON!

And Speaking of Yuju, it is also famous for being performed as a JIN opponent in the MV of BTS's "Love YourDrlf Highlight Heel"!

This MV has become a hot topic because ITZY's Ryujin and Yuna before their debut appeared.♪

It's younger and cute than now ^ ^

"" "After the debut," "" ""Contract romance from todayI am also looking forward to appearing as an actress, such as appearing as an idol trainee!

Yuju has a beautiful visual, as well as a bright personality and a quiet tone.♪

There are even names of dogs because they resemble a dog!

The nickname is a wan -chan, so when Yuju speaks, there is also a cute side that can be tamed, such as "I have to put on a dog translator!"

Finally, Yuju's latest information! !

Web drama "" "Web drama" "20 years old like my XIs decided to appear as the protagonist!

Co -star with Victon's Jung Subin, SF9 Dawon, Space Girl Ruda, etc.♪

It seems that Yuju plays the protagonist's "Woman who has to live in the age of 20 years old"!

I'm very worried about what kind of drama it is, the hero who is 20 years old for a lifetime.♪

Check it out if it is released ^ ^

Finally recommended YujuIntroducing 직캠 (Chicchem)!


  • Real name: Kim Bora
  • Date of birth: March 3, 1999
  • Blood type: a
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Instagram:color_of_bora

Bora is the main vocal and is a mood maker of Cherry Bullet!

Bora, like Yuju, appeared as a opponent of V in the MV of BTS's "LOVE YOURDRLF HIGHLIGHT HEEL" MV.♪

Who is the opponent of each member?I guess there are many people who remember because it is a MV that became a hot topic ^ ^ ^ ^

And many people triggered the bora to be "Girls Planet 999" broadcast on Mnet?

The Bora at Girls Planet 999 will not only practice the dancing of the whole team, but also to practice personal vocal practice and lyrics.

It was like a gentle and caring person like everyone's sister ^ ^

I will post a video that conveys the brightness and kindness of the mullet in 1 minute.♪

Although I missed the debut as Kep1er in Girls Planet 999, I guess there are many people who have become LULLET (fan of Cherry Bullet) because of this program. ^ ^

Ji -won

  • Real name: Ho Ji -Won
  • Date of birth: September 4, 2000
  • Blood type: AB
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Instagram:Jiwxoxni

Ji -Won is in charge of League, subbocal, and visuals in groups!

Ji -Won's performing arts began when he appeared on the Korean audition program "Capop Star" at the age of 12.

It's amazing to appear on an audition program with a dream of a singer at the age of 12 ^ ^ ^ ^

In the wake of "Capop Star", he belonged to the office called Nega Network!

Along with the current MOMOLAND members, Nansie, I was preparing to make a debut in the girl group called "Little".

After that, the uniform model of the uniform brand "SMART" and the MV of "Reminiscence" by SuperJunior K.R.Y in 2012.

In 2018, he also appeared on the MV of Pakbo Gum's "Let's Go See Star", and was actively engaged in performing arts.♪

In the Pakbo rubber MV, it is especially recommended because it is only "beauty" with only the bog and jewon appearing!

Please take a look ^ ^

And after debut as Cherry Bullet, Ji -Won will appear on "Girls Planet 999" like Bora!

Foo Yernin performed with Mashiro and Jiwon who debuted in Kep1ER,

 The stage of ITZY's "Mafia in the Morning" allows you to see the cool expression and cool performance of Jiwon and discover new charm ^ ^ Among the members of the Cherry Bullet, they are bright and solid.Member parentsJi -won ^ ^ ^ ^

When Mei, a Japanese member, couldn't return to Japan due to the corona, invited him to Jiwon's parents' house.

A gentle aspect that you can take care of by looking around (T ^ T), such as inviting you to eat rice at a Japanese restaurant that runs at your parents' house (T ^ T)

Finally, the latest information on Ji -Won! !

Web drama "" Web drama "being broadcast from NovemberArmed release romanceIs appearing in " ^ ^

In this drama, Hyukho (Jung Soo -hyun), a Dego -Northern Youth, who has been transferred to Hesson High School,

It is a high -tone drama that depicts a high school life that you meet by acting as a class committee member (Hana) and Hana's childhood friend Dan (Park Deha).♪

Since it is released on YouTube, it is only English subtitles, but please take a look ^ ^


  • Real name: Ryo Katsuno
  • Date of birth: April 26, 2001
  • Blood type: a
  • Birthplace: Japan
  • Instagram:Remiland_

Remi is a Japanese member of CHERRY BULLET and is in charge of the main dancer and sub -vocal.♪

Remi is the first Japanese trainee of FNC Entertainment!

Before becoming a trainee in Korea, I belonged to "Avex Pro Works" in Japan and worked as a teen dancer model!

In the group, it may be the main dancer, so it is a live distribution application VLIVE.

Remi covers various idol songs and danceRemiland"There are also personal content♪

Both Girls and Boys Group are covered, so please take a look ^ ^

Remi passed the audition program for FNC Entertainment in 2018,

He went to Korea without knowing the Korean at all, and was studying Korean while practicing dance and singing ^ ^ ^ ^

It's amazing to go to Korea alone for your debut while there are no other Japanese trainees (T ^ T)

And in fact, it is also known as a big Disney nerd!

It's always a bright and energetic Remi, but when it comes to Disney, it looks like it's more fun than usual.♪

When it comes to what you like, it's the same for any geek♪( ´▽`)

There is a video that Remi introduces your Disney goods, so I'll post it ^ ^ ^ ^

I want to go to Disneyland with all the members someday and guide meRemi is so cute that I love Disney ^ ^

There are some photos of Remi's official Instagram when Remi went to Disney on Cherry Bullet's official Instagram.♡


  • Real Name: Park Celinc
  • Date of birth: March 13, 2002
  • Blood type: a
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Instagram:chaerin_0313

Chirelin is in charge of the main dancer and sub -vocal ^ ^

Chelin appeared in the MBC star audition program "Great Birth" in 2011!

The judge of this audition program was Pan Shi -hyuk, president of BIGHIT Entertainment (now Hybe) to which BTS belongs.

This audition program triggered me to become a BIGHIT trainee.♪

Chelin seems to have been to the United States with BTS Jung -kuk and other trainees who were trainees and other trainees!

Cherin was a trainee at BIGHIT Entertainment, but he transferred to the current office from Bighit Entertainment.

Debuted as Cherry Bullet in 2019.

Cherin, who has worked hard as a trainee for eight years, is very stoic!

Chelin is usually loved by Mei and the youngest, but

In the close video of CHERRY BULLET, while practicing, other members were ""Let's practice without rest! Let's do our bestThere was a cool scene to call out ^ ^

Chelin's appeal is that you can brighten the group even when everyone is tired.♪( ´▽`)

Recommended chelinClick here for 직캠 (Chicchem)!

Finally, the latest information on Cherin!

Tvn Saturday and Sunday drama "" Tvn Saturday and Sunday drama "broadcast in Korea since October 15 this yearSilapIs appearing in♪

This work depicts a struggle struggle of the Queen of the Queen of the Queen of the Queen who jumps into the fierce royal education war for the trouble maker, the prince!

Chelin plays 20 years ago for Queen Foryon (Kim Hess), the main character of the turbulent palace struggle ^ ^ ^ ^

Cherin has had an actress experience before, but the historical drama is the first challenge, so everyone at Lullet is a must -see.♪ 

You can watch it on Netflix ^ ^


  • Real name: Mano Hirokawa (Hirokawa Mao)
  • Date of birth: November 16, 2004
  • Blood type: a
  • Birthplace: Japan
  • Instagram:ma0_may

Cherry Bullet's Japanese member, the youngest, is in charge of the lead dancer and sub -vocal!

He is the youngest, but he is the tallest, 173cm and has a small face and has a doll -like style.♪

May is the trainee periodSeven monthsIt's a big thing that made my debut!

Before his debut, he was a junior high school student in Japan, and he had a cover dance in a dance group called "Mry-N⭐︎"!

"MRY-N☆He was scouted when he participated in KCon and entered FNC Entertainment.♪

After debut in 2019, Mei will also appear on "Girls Planet 999" along with Bora and Jiwon in 2020!

May has already debuted as a Cherry Bullet, so I think there was pressure as a debut group,

I will also make my debut as Kep1er! With that in mind, I was working hard with my own brightness (T ^ T)

Maybe Mei was particularly notable for "U+Me = Love", which won the first place in the team? ^ ^

This team also has the current KEP1ER Mashiro, Yong -un, and Billie.♪

Because it was not a team consisting of the top members, it was far higher than everyone's expectations and won the first place!

This team also appeared on the Korean music program "M COUNTDOWN".♪

The costume and the cute concept are perfect for Mei ^ ^

At Cherry Bullet, the youngest child is loving and all the members are loved ^ ^

In addition, May appeared on Yurina Kawaguchi's YouTube channel from Girls Planet 999 the other day, and VLOGs that both plays in Korea have been uploaded!

You can see the cute Mei♪

Please check this out too♡​​

I am looking forward to the growth of Mei in the future because it is this visual and ability, just like 18 years old.♪( ´▽`)

Introducing popular songs and albums of Cherry Bullet♪

From LOVE SO SWEET/Album "Cherry Rush"

 Some people have heard this song on tiktokIsn't there a lot? ^ ^

The album containing this song won the 11th place in the album category of the Gaon chart on the release week!

Both the song and the dance are addictive, so once you hear it, it will remain in your head.♪

From Q & A/Album "Let's Play Cherry Bullet"

Q & A is the debut song of CHERRY BULLET!

I made a building board chart in with my debut song!

At this time, it was 10 people, but now it is nostalgic of 10 people.

You can feel the freshness ^ ^

From Love in Space/Album "Cherrywish"

It is a title song for the first time in about a year and two months since LOVE SO SWEET released in 2021 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

The reason for the blank period of one year and two months is that Bora, Ji -Won, and Mei have appeared on Girlsplanet999!

Once you hear it, it's a song where the MV matches the MV with a head or song and a fantastic and more visuals.♪

Celebrate your Bora's birthday with Senil Crafan!

About mullet

From here, the Bora's Senil Crafan is being implemented,

I would like to dig deep the charm of Bora, which will celebrate my birthday on March 3rd.♪

Speaking of the charm of Bora, it is an overwhelming singing ability!

The recommended mullet cover video is "IU"Lost Child"is♪

Perfect for the voice of a beautiful mullet at a high temperature ^ ^

And the second recommendation is BTS, which was covered by everyone CherryBullet.Spring Day"is♪

Especially attention is paid to the rust's mullet singing voice!

Please listen to ARMY (BTS fans) by all means ^ ^

Next, this is a video that fans summarized the mullet in Girls Planet999.♪

Bora had many scenes that remember Chinese and Japanese for foreign members (T ^ T)

The audition program is an environment where everyone is a friend and a rival.

Under such circumstances, the appearance of helping each other is really impressive ^ ^ ^ ^

Girls Planet 999 was a big opportunity for many people learned about the good personality of Bora!

Finally, I would like to introduce the recommended mullet (Chicchem).♪

This is,"Love in SpaceChicchem in!

The costumes are very cute and perfect for the mullet atmosphere.♪

This is "Girlsplanet999"Utopia LChicchem!

The mullet dressed in a white costume looks like an angel♪

So far, you have digged into the mullet mainly through the video, how was it? ^ ^

I would be glad if you could know as much as one of the charms of the mullet♪

Currently implemented! Introducing Bora's Senil Crafan!

I would like to issue a support advertisement, but I'm worried about the cost and I'm very ready to prepare ...Isn't there a lot of people?

What I recommend for such people is ""Senil Crafan"^^

"Senil Crafan" is a plan for individuals to launch a support advertisement for individuals and support for YouTuber.This is a service that all agree with and share support money and realize support advertising.

In addition, by participating in Senil Crafan as a supporter, you can contribute to the recommended Senil advertisement.

If you can achieve it, you can celebrate your birthday more gorgeously ^ ^

And now, the fans who want to celebrate Bora, who will have a 24 -year -old birthday next year.


In Bora -chan's Senil project,

"" Near the affiliated office FNC Entertainment "Gangnam Ward Office StationWe are aiming to post videos to celebrate your birthday on the subway CM monitor♪

"I want to give back to a gentle Bora -chan who always supports LULLET,

I want to tell you how much Lullet loves Bora -chan. "

Standed up with the owner of the organizerThis project

It's close to the office belonging, so it would be great if Bora -chan himself could see it.♡

Not only Lullet, but also Planet Guardian (fan of Girlsplanet999)

To enliven Bora -chan's birthday togetherI hope you can participate ^ ^♡

Let's realize Bora -chan's Senil advertisement through Senil Crafan!


For those who did not know Cherry Bullet, those who were worriedDid you know the charm of Cherry Bullet? ^ ^

Cherry Bullet has been actresses and models since the debut., Members who appeared on a famous audition programThere are many, so

 Even if you didn't know about CHERRY BULLET, you may have said, "That? I have seen this child!" ^ ^

I would be glad if everyone at LULLET enjoyed it!

 If you are worried about CherryBullet after seeing this article, you are already in Lullet.♪( ´▽`)

 Let's support CHERRY BULLET together!

In addition, Bora -chan's Senil Crafan is ongoing.♪

By all means, let's excite Bora's birthday together!

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