Capture the fans with the gaze of the tiger! SEVENTEEN Hoshi Special! From basic information such as real name and height to the truth of twins' rumors! Introducing the Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan where you can celebrate your birthday grandly!

虎の視線でファンを虜に!SEVENTEEN ホシ特集!本名・身長などの基本情報から双子の噂の真相まで! 誕生日を盛大にお祝いできる池袋パルコジャックプランもご紹介!

This time, we will send you a special feature on SEVENTEEN Hoshi, which will celebrate your birthday in June.♪

Speaking of Hoshi, you are a member who has been leading SEVENTEEN's performance!

It has a performance that cannot be imitated by anyone, and is also a charismatic presence of juniors ^^

Twins from the basic information of Hoshi? I will introduce the information of the rumored sister and the too cute Japanese.♪

Also, I can't remove it when talking about Hoshi,I also carefully selected Hoshi's performances of CARAT, so please enjoy it until the end! !

moreover! This time, I want to celebrate Hoshi's birthday greatly! Perfect for those who sayIkebukuro Palko Jack PlanAlso introduces!

This year, the event has been decided for the third consecutive month of "June, July, August" ^^

From Ikebukuro Parco to Ikebukuro Station, it is a luxurious plan that can be filled with push, so please check it out.♪

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Basic information of SEVENTEEN Hoshi!

Quote source

  • Real name: Kwon Snnyeon
  • Date of birth: June 15, 1996
  • Birthplace: Korea Gyeonggi -do
  • Height: 177cm


Hoshi is a Korean member in charge of SEVENTEEN's main dancer!

He is also a member who has been leading the performance of SEVENTEEN, the independent production group, and also undertakes the leader of the performance team (Perch) ^^

It is Hoshi, who often gets a longing for juniors, but I am surprised that I had no experience in dancing training until I became a trainee.

Members who are watching near the bestHe is overwhelmed by Hoshi's energy and charismatic on the stage!

The gap between the cool figure that you show on the stage and the character with tears and charming with the team's thoughts is one of the charms of Hoshi.♪

CARAT (fan name) says that it is similar to a hamster,The place where he thinks he is a "tiger" is also cute! (smile)

The release of the solo song "TIGER" in July 2022 is also a hot topic!

Please pay attention to the masterpiece performance as if you embody the stage name "Hoshi (tiger)"!


Seventeen Hoshi is a twin? Introducing the similar sister!

Hoshi is a family of four with dad, mother and sister♪

In fact, isn't it too similar to your sister and Hoshi? ! There is a rumor ...! !

Here is Hoshi's sister, who is said to be too similar!

Quote source

The fair and long -lasting eyes are very similar to Hoshi!

but,Hoshi's sister is one year older and not twins ^^

Hoshi and sister are very close friends and have appeared only on Hoshi's live broadcast!

Hoshi who is impatient with your sister's sharp tsukkomi is cute (laughs)

In addition, my sister also took a picture of this personal Instagram!


Hoshi also reveals his sister's name and is said to be "Kwon Min -Kyung" ^^

In addition, there are many other good episodes of siblings, such as coming to see Hoshi's concert and buying underwear for Hoshi with a starting salary.♪

It would be nice if you could hear various episodes with your sister!

SEVENTEEN Hoshi's too cute Japanese collection♪

Speaking of SEVENTEEN, it is very popular in Japan and is often active in Japan!

Members who are studying Japanese hard to please CARAT in Japan♪

Hoshi is one of the members who are said to be in charge of Japanese, and often speaks Japanese!

This time, we will send Hoshi's Japanese collection ^^

"What time now?"

If you've been to SEVENTEEN's live or Penmi, you probably know ^^

It is Hoshi's Japanese version of greetings that can be seen only in the performance of Japan.♪

When I asked, "What time is it now?", "10:10 ~!" (smile)

By the way, the answer at 10:10 seems to be because Hoshi's hanging looks just 10:10.♪

It is truly a good rhyme of "Japanese ~", "fluffy ~", "gao ~", and "tratra ~"!

2021 AAA also has a Japanese speech!

SEVENTEEN, which prepares English, Japanese and Chinese speeches in addition to Korean, as much as you can say at the award ceremony!

In AAA in 2021, Hoshi was in charge of Japanese speech ^^

Hoshi talked hard, but he seemed to have forgotten on the way and laughed with "Hahaha ~"!

He talked to the end with the help of John Han, who is good at Japanese ^^

I'm glad you just prepared a Japanese speech, right?♪ 

Prepare a Japanese letter with Penmi!

Hoshi who has prepared a Japanese letter at a fan meeting held in Japan!

It is not a fixed statement that warms my heart in Japanese and pleasant letters.♪

It's true that you are laughing at CARAT in Japanese! (smile)

Charismatic presence of juniors! SEVENTEEN Hoshi's 3 selections!

"Bring it (shoot me)"


Speaking of a song that is indispensable for Hoshi's performance, isn't it "BRING IT (shoot me)"!

It is a unit song with Bokachi's leader Uji announced in 2017, but it is still handed down as a legendary song for two people ...! !

The performance of Hoshi's full power and the sharp gaze like the gaze of the tiger shown in the song are really cool! !

At the online concert, "BRING IT (shoot me)" and became a hot topic!

It would be nice to have a day when you can see live performance someday (;;)




"ROCK", which has been loved by CARAT for a long time since its release, can also enjoy the appeal of Hoshi's performance!

Isn't it a bit different in the live, maybe it will fall as it is? He / she shows the full performance that he thinks!

Do you like the "ROCK MY HEAD" part when Hoshi came to the center at the chorus? ! (smile)




In Perch's unit song "SHHH", you can see the performance of a sexy sexy Hoshi that is different from usual.♪ 

With a slow and fast dance, rust will increase more sexy ...! !

At Chicchem, you can see Hoshi's expression well, so please check it out!


Celebrate SEVENTEEN Hoshi's birthday at Ikebukuro Palko Jack!

The "Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan" held last year is back this year! !

It's very popular, how 2023 is! ! It will be held for 3 consecutive months in June, July and August ^^

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Why don't you jacked Ikebukuro Parco and celebrate SEVENTEEN Hoshi's birthday? ^^

In the Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan, "Cafe event」「4 -sided signage」「Exterior wall vision」「Poster advertising"In addition to,"Digital signage at Ikebukuro StationYou can also jack! !

There are rarely such a gorgeous plan ... (;;)

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Ini Kyosuke Fujimaki

Ikebukuro Palko Jack was held to celebrate the birthday of INI's Kyosuke Fujimaki, which was born in Nippon Pu 2!

The main advertisement of the member color blue and the illustration of Kyosuke Fujimaki is very nice ^^

Kep1er Yong -un

The birthday of Yong Eun of KEP1ER born from the audition program Galpura was also celebrated.♪

It's like a dream that a recommended video flows to a powerful outer wall vision ^^

This year's Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan will be held in June♪

I want to celebrate Hoshi's birthday in a special way!How about a CARAT celebration with the Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan? ^^


This time, we have delivered a special feature on SEVENTEEN Hoshi, which will celebrate its birthday on June 15th.♪

I guess there are many carat who is captivated by Hoshi who has both the cuteness of a hamster and a tiger like a tiger ^^

It is usually a soft and soft atmosphere, but it is a charismatic performance on the stage!

If you look at Hoshi's performance, you can immediately see why many people are deprived of Hoshi! !

Why don't you celebrate Hoshi's Senlu, who works hard in Japanese and has been doing a lot of activities in Japan? ^^

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