[Busan] 2023 Dream Concert Special! Delivering Busan Tei Information with Cit. Introducing the date/time/place/performer♪

【釜山】2023 DREAM CONCERT特集!ドリコンに行けるチケット付き釜山ツアー情報をお届け!開催日時/場所/出演者の紹介も♪

This time, we will send you about 2023 Dream Concert held on May 27.♪

Speaking of dream concerts, luxurious artists are available every year ^^

It is a dream concert held in Seoul every year, but this year it will be held in Busan!

In this article, we will introduce all performers from detailed information such as the date and time of the dream concert!

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2023 Delivering information on the dream concert!

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Dream Concert (Doricon) is a concert held at the South Korea / Seoul World Cup Stadium every May ^^

Beginning in 1995, it will be a hot topic when luxurious artists appear every year!

This year, which is the 29th time, it will be held in Busan as part of the “2030 -Busan Mansai Expo Expo”!

We will introduce the information of the 2023 Dream Concert in detail.♪

29th Dream Concert Held Information
  • [Schedule] May 27, 2023 (Saturday) 18:00 Performance started
  • [Location] Busan Asiade Stadium


Busan Asiade Stadium is a large stadium built for the Busan Asian Games and the Soccer Japan -Korea World Cup.

How the audience at this dream concert is planning 31,000 people!

20 artists will be called for the concert, and this year's excitement is showing.♪

In addition to the concertRed carpets and Korean cultural experience zones will be set up ^^

Introducing 2023 Dream Concerts!

Isn't the performer who is worried about it? ^^

As of April 28, we will introduce artists who have been announced!

Primary lineup

Kim Jeffan

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Kim Jefan is a solo singer from Wanna One ^^

He has the overwhelming singing ability as the main vocal of the group, and is also known for its wide range of voice!

It became a hot topic to be in charge of the OST for the drama "Love Failure"!



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OH MY GIRL is a South Korean 6 -member girl group that debuted in 2015 ^^

It is also nicknamed "Omagol"!

With a re -contract last year, 6 out of seven people renewed the exclusive contract! I wasn't with everyone, but I can see OH MY GIRL in the future (;;)

OH MY GIRL is gaining popularity because there are many innocent concepts and catchy songs.♪

DUN DUNCANCE, released in 2021, has become a hot topic on SNS!

I'm looking forward to singing at a dream concert!



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Oneus is a five -member boys group debuted in January 2019!

It is a group that has been active and has been steadily acquiring fans since its debut ^^

Oneus is that MAMAMOO belongs to the office, and that it also has the ability to be an artist while incorporating K-POP-like!



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ITZY, a 5 -member girl group, will also appear at the dream concert!

Singing, dancing, performance ... Either is the highest peak idol ^^

ITZY has been challenging various concepts and genre music as a girl crash group!

After the world tour that has begun to rotate last year, it will surely show you a power -up figure!



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Following ITZY, NMIXX will also participate from JYP Entertainment.♪

It is the strongest girl group that debuted in February 2022, which has both visuals and ability ^^

The unique music and concepts are gaining popularity, and in March this year, "Love Me Like This" won the first place!

There is no doubt that it will make a leap further ^^



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DreamCatcher is a Korean group girl group ^^

Debuted as "MINX" in 2014 and started with a new name "DreamCatcher" in 2017!

Along with the name change, the color of the group has changed drastically, and a song that incorporates metal etc. is released!

A group that has opened a new genre without so-called K-POP!



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Everglow is a girl group that debuted in March 2019!

It has a different atmosphere from other girls groups, especially hot overseas ^^

The songs are unique and the colors as Everglow are enriched, so please try preparing before the dream concert.♪



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JO1 is a 11 -member Boys Group born on the audition program "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN"!

This is the only Japanese group that has been decided for the first time this year and announced the primary lineup!

A group of Japanese idols and Korean idols are integrated, and powerful performance is also impressive.♪

I'm looking forward to the reaction in Korea ^^



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Tempest is a 7 -member boys group that debuted in March 2022!

Hanbin, who appeared on the audition program "i-LAND", also belonged, and has been attracting popularity and attention since the beginning of his debut!

In less than a year of his debut, he will win the first place on music programs and will surely gain more popularity!

A lot of cool songs like K-POP have been released, so please check it out before the dream concert.♪


Secondary lineup

* As soon as it is announced, it will be updated sequentially.

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 Details of "Busan Tour with Ticket"
  • [Contents] Concert ticket + Busan sightseeing 1 night 2 days (with Japanese guide)
  • [Sales period] April 28 (Fri) to May 4th (Thursday)
  • [Fee] 68,000 yen
  • [Accommodation] Busan sightseeing hotel or Busan city hotel


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Tour schedule
  • Day 1: May 27

    -12:00: Busan Station meeting

    -13:00: Departure

    -14:00: Arrived at the performance venue "Busan Asiade Stadium"

    -17:00: Entering the performance venue

    -18:00: Performance starts

    -22:00: End

    - 23:00: To the hotel

  • Day 2: May 28

    -10:00: Hotel pickup in Busan

    -10: 30-: Sightseeing tours in Busan City (Ryuzan / International Market / Chakartuchi Market)

    - 13:00:end

⭕ What is included in the tour fee

  • Concert ticket fee
  • Room charge
  • Bus fare
  • Japanese guide fee
  • Meal fee (morning hotel, dinner (lunch box))
  • Busan city sightseeing tour fee (including admission fee) (including Mt.

❌Things not included in the tour fee

  • Airfare
  • Transportation price to the meeting place

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This time, we introduced the dream concert to be held on May 27 ^^

I'm looking forward to what kind of concert it will be this year in Busan.♪

Attention will be focused on the artists that will be added in the future!

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