[BTS 9th Walk] Introducing Fandom's Senil/Support Advertising Activities/9th Anniversary Event that supported BTS♪


"BTS" in June 20229th anniversaryWe will welcome you! !

"BTS", which keeps working globally not only in Korea now

Introducing the history of their success, which has achieved numerous feats, and the Fandom Senil/Supporting Advertisements that continued to support them!

In addition, we will also introduce the cafe event to be held to commemorate the 9th anniversary, so please refer to this article and visit the event with reference to this article.♪

In the future, those who want to publish support advertisements such as Senil advertisements for members' birthdays and their debut commemoration.

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BTS chronology

BTS is now a big success all over the world, but what kind of path has you taken in the past?

Let's look back on BTS, which is swollen around the world with a masterpiece performance!

[BTS chronology]

June 2013

BTS debut

BTS made his debut from Big Hit Entertainment. The founder Pan Shi -hyuk of the office holds an audition to gather members of BTS.About three yearsAfter practicing, I made my debut wonderfully!

They sold in a full -fledged hip -hop style, and they were popular in the early 2000s.Hip -hop warriorIt gained popularity enough to revive the word.

again,Win 5 rookie awards with domestic music awards It has been attracting attention since the debut.

After that, in December 2013, we performed the first showcase live in Japan despite its debut in Japan.Approximately 46,000 or moreIt was a super premium live as it was, such as the number of applicants (^○^)


June 2014

Major debut in Japan

Announced that it will make a major Japanese debut in the single "NO MORE DREAM" that has been released in just nine months since its debut in Korea!

after that,One year after his debut, he made his long -awaited Japanese major debut ^ ^

In 2014, the album "SKOOL LUV AFFAIR", which led one of the BTS's representative songs "Boy In LuV" as the lead song, ranked third in the Billboard "World Album Chart".Ranked in the first World Album Chart for BTSDid!


May 2015

Gained the first place in Korean music programs

After that, BTS gradually increased the number of fans, but the path to success was never going well.

In August 2014, the third album "DARK & Wild" was released, but it was not directly linked to sales results.

However, the turning point of BTS, which had been sluggish, was the third mini album released in April 2015.Flower -like flower」!

This title song "I Need U" has gained popularityWe won the first place on the first music program since its debut on the Korean music program "THE SHOW" broadcast in May!


December 2016

Get seven crowns at the largest award in Asia

"2016 MNET Asian Music Awards (MAMA)" sponsored by CJ ENM, the grand prize "Artist of the Year Award"Acquired.

In addition, the "Album of the Year Award" and "Best Dance Performance Awards", etc.BTS with seven crowns!

Three years after my debut, it wasn't just a good road, but I finally showed the popularity of Asia!


May 2017

Perform a feat with the highest peak of music award "Billboard Music Hour"

The momentum of BTS, which proved its popularity in Asia, has not stopped.Billboard Music Awards], And suppressing Justin Bieber, which has been awarded for the sixth consecutive yearAwarded the "Top Social Artist Award"!

This was the first feat as the K -POP group!


September 2018

Speech at the UN General Assembly

BTS, a UNICEF global supporter, was "RM in September for young people around the world at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.Let's talk about yourselfI gave a speech with the message!


In November of the same year, BTS's first documentary film recorded the first -ranked revenue as an event movie.

The world's largest ticket dealer Stubhub announced "10 most selling artists in 2018In the ranking of, it proved the world's popularity in many situations, such as shining second after Ed Sheeran!

February 2019

Appeared at the Grammy Award

The 61st Grammy AwardBTS who was on stage as a presenter!

The third full album "LOVE YOURSELF‘ Tear '"has been nominated for the" Best Recording Package Award "and has missed the award.As a Korean artist, I was on this stage for the first time and made the existence of BTS all over the world (^○^)

Also on the world tour that started from the LA rose ball stadium in May of the same year.62 performances worldwideDo,2.26 millionMobilized.

In addition, at Wembleley Stadium in the UK, called the "Dream Stage"120,000 people in 2 days performanceI was enthusiastic about the fans!


August 2020

"Dynamite" is a huge hit

In August 2020, the first English song "DynamiteIs released!

While Corona Pan Demic was happening, bright and positive songs gained support from many people.♪

In addition, the choreography of the dance has also increased with catchy, and the songs have been excited, and the Billboard HOT100 has won the first place, making it a huge hit all over the world!

May 2021

"Butter" is also a huge hit following "Dynamite"

Digital single released on May 21, 2021Butter"Is also a huge hit!

He won the first place in "Billboard Hot 100" for seven consecutive weeks from the first week of the release date, and the MV from the public.Break over 182 million plays in 24 hoursUpdated a large record!

HowIt was also certified as a Guinness record as the largest in YouTube history♪

2021 September

The second UN speech! An unusual stage show

In September 2021, we gave a second speech at the United Nations headquarters in three years.

In a speech that was advanced on the theme of "future", the leader RM,

I thought the world had stopped (due to the influence of the new colon virus), but it is going forward little by little

I believe that if you believe in possibilities and hopes, you can discover a new way, not in unexpected situations."

again,Unusual performance at the United Nations Headquarters also had a great response!

April 2022

Performed performance for three consecutive years at the Grammy Award!

BTS participates as a performance artist at the 64th Grammy Awards ceremony held on April 4, 2022!

He attended as a presenter in 2019, and in 2020 he realized a collaboration with Lil Naz X.

In 2021, the performance of "Dynamite" was performed in the background of the night view of Seoul, and this time it became a performance for the third consecutive year.ButterIs shown!

Unfortunately, it wasn't awarded, but he showed off the stage like a spy movie reminiscent of "Mission Impossible" starring Tom Cruise and James Bond.♪


BTS Fandom's special feature!

From now on, we will introduce a super luxurious Senil event held by BTS Fandam in the past!

If you look at this, you can learn about ARMY's passion and what makes idols can think about what can be done as a fan.♪

Why don't you check out each event information and BTS's latest information on Twitter, which is introduced in the future, and participate in the event (^○^).

[Rajira Planning] Fireworks event

The first thing to introduce isSuper gorgeous "JIMIN Senil Fireworks Event" conducted by Rajira Planning

This time, I was able to hear the story with the Planning Planning and listen to valuable photos and the secret story of fireworks events (^○^).

"Jiminpen Penh, Laji Rajira Planning" is being heldJimin Senil Fireworks EventIs being held every year since 2020, this yearThird yearWhat is it!

JiminThe fireworks event that not only the fans but also the other members fans participated as a volunteer project.It seems that sales at the cup holder event are funded.

Previously,We asked us Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN to produce a cup holder,It is said that the sales are funded by the fireworks event, so there are many activities that are not only fireworks events but also ARMY.♪

Provided by: Rajira Planning

The trigger of this "JIMIN Sennu Fireworks Event" was that the fireworks display was canceled one after another due to the corona evil.

When the plan was watching TV news, a lot of fireworks display was canceled due to Corona.Knowing that the fireworks masters are in a difficult situation, do you use Jimin Senil?I think ...

Based on the fact that BTS members are gentle members who actively perform charitable behavior such as donationsOnly Japanese ARMYWhat is a Japanese -like Senil event?When he thought, he came up with the idea of ​​launching a "fireworks"!

When I told the fireworks company that, I thought that "if it could help you a little," and "fireworks are still Japanese", so we cooperated with other fireworks masters. It's a fireworks event that was realized!

In this way, ARMY people agreed with the "charity behavior" that BTS members valued, and I was very impressed by the appearance of being executed (;;).

I think it's wonderful that ARMY's passion for BTS has led to a useful behavior of people who are very feeling hard in the corona.

This fireworks event may be a memory that will remain in the memories of many people as well as ARMY (^○^).

The moment when a lot of Ilami's love is launched in the night sky, even if you imagine it, you will get goose bumps.♪

note that,Regarding the place of launch of fireworksActivities with concerns about Corona are the highest priority, and peopleTo avoid gathering,From the first time, everyoneNot informedabout it.

"Jimin Senil Fireworks Event" again this yearOctober 13thIf you are worried, please follow the Rajira Planning Twitter and get the latest information!

Rajira Planning Twitter:

Thank you very much for the valuable story this time.

[SUGA JAPAN FANBASE] Light -up event

The next one isA powerful "Light -up event" held by SUGA JAPAN FANBASE

This time, actuallyI asked SUGA JAPAN FANBASE to hear about valuable photos and light -up events (^○^)

SUGA JAPAN FANBASE's fan base, which was just launched last November, had a short event preparation period until March 9, Suga's birthday.light upWas held!


In addition, we have various activities, such as donation activities and streaming support with fans of each country.♪

In the previous light -up event in Nagoya,Even though the preparation period was short, I thought I could celebrate something, so I was planning a light -up event!


The light -up I usually see, but I was preparing for the fans that the fans would be happy only for the day's celebration only on that day!

that's what he said♪

In this way, it is wonderful to be able to hold a project that will please many fans (^○^).

It was a very powerful light -up, and it might have been a wonderful light -up that remains impressive not only in Army but also for passengers.♪ 

For next year, he said he was thinking about videos and advertisements as soon as possible, so everyone at Army is definitely.Follow Suga Japan Fanbase's Twitter and get the latest information♪

Suga Japan Fanbase's Twitter:

Thank you very much for Suga Japan Fanbase, this time, a valuable story.

[Pakjimin JP cheering party ☽ With you] Street vision & Fukuoka Tower/Sapporo TV Tower lighting

The last thing to introduce isPakjimin JP cheering party ☽ It is a Senil advertisement at street visions around the country planned by with you and the lighting event at the Fukuoka Tower/Sapporo TV Tower!

 This time, actuallyPakjimin JP cheering party ☽ With youI was able to talk to♪

Pakjimin JP cheering party ☽ With youSenil advertising to celebrate Jimin's birthday was published in 2020 on the street vision of Tokyo and Osaka.

In 2021, the street vision of five cities in Tokyo, Aichi, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Okinawa was held at Fukuoka Tower/Sapporo TV Tower!

In this way, Senil advertisements are issued to celebrate Jimin's birthday, which is pushed by street visions around the country.♪

When a Senil ad was issued in 2020,

I want to celebrate Jimin -chan's Senil in Japan, and I want many people to know his dance and singing voice.

That's why I was given a street vision in Tokyo and Osaka!

Since then, celebrations such as Senil advertisements have spread in Japan, so

It's so celebrated in Japan, it's popular in Japan.

In order to further communicate that to the world, he increased the number of advertisements with many fans and lit up at Fukuoka Tower and Sapporo TV Tower.♪

In this way, not only street visions nationwide, but also light -up events at Fukuoka Tower and Sapporo TV Tower are being held, and a wonderful event that will remain in ARMY's memory for a lifetime!

Pakjimin JP cheering party through various activities ☽ With you

I think that there is a Senil advertisement that gathers the desire to return a lot of love from Jimin and just to return with love!

that's what he said.

BTS is active all over the world in response to the passion of the ARMY people.♪

again,Pakjimin JP cheering party ☽ With YOU's Senil event activity has been featured in overseas news!

Quote source

ARMY's thoughts have really reached the world (^o^) 

Pakjimin JP cheering party ☽ With you, the latest information on Senil events and BTS is being transmitted through Twitter, so please follow up and get valuable latest information.♪

Pakjimin JP cheering party ☽ With you's Twitter:
Pakjimin JP cheering party ☽ With you, thank you very much for the valuable story this time.

Introducing the cafe event to be held!

From here, we will introduce the event cafe to commemorate the 9th anniversary of this BTS!

If you live near you, please visit the BTS 9th anniversary event.♪

Tokyo Shin -Okubo


Cup holder event
    • [Place] KPOP DJ Cafe
    • 【address unknown
    • [Period] June 11th to June 13th
    • [Twitter of the store]@idolcafe_ic


Tokyo Kamakura

Cup holder Senil event
      • [Location] Self -photo studio STELLINA Kamakura
      • [Address] 14-6 Oaricho, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa, 4-6 Uranbul, Kamakura 2nd floor, Room F
      • [Period] June 10th to June 13th
      • [Twitter of the store]@studio_stellina


Summary of Senil advertisements in the past

From now on, we will introduce the Senil advertisement of BTS that we actually performed at Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

Until now, we have posted advertisements to celebrate BTS members on SNS advertisements such as Japanese street vision advertisements, Korean traffic ads, Instagram ads, and YouTube ads.♪

In the future, if you want to release Senil/support ads in conjunction with BTS members' birthdays and debut commemoration, please refer to them (^o^).

Regarding Senil advertising/support advertisingIf you are worried about what kind of celebration is good, we also provide free consultation on LINE, so please feel free to contact us!

Street vision

In addition to the street vision introduced this time, there are street visions throughout Japan, so those who are worried about other media.Hereplease look at!


In October 2020Tokyo Unica VisionAtJiminSenil advertisement to celebrate your birthday has been issued!

Senil advertisements issued at Unica Vision, the most popular medium, have an outstanding impact and powerful because 60 seconds of images flow in large visions.♪

Also, in 2021That cross Shinjuku vision, famous for Shinjuku catSenil advertisement was also issued!

In this way, you can issue Senil ads in various advertising media.♪


Also, in December 2020, Senil advertisement was issued at Unica Vision to celebrate JIN's birthday!

Because there are many traffic and powerful images are flowing, I think that you can send your birthday to more people (^○^).


In addition, in December 2021, Senil was issued at Unica Vision to commemorate V's birthday!


In February 2021, to commemorate J Hope's birthday

Senil advertisements were issued at Tokyo/Unica Vision, Osaka/Dragonflies, Aichi/Sakae Nanairo Aurora Vision, Chiba/Bis Vision Makuhari, Fukuoka/Hakata Vision, Okinawa/Funabashiya Vision!

in this way,All over the countryYou can give Senil ads.

Traffic advertising

In addition to the traffic ads introduced this time, there are advertising media in Japan and South Korea, so if you are interested in other media, please click here!

  • [Korea] Transportation adsHere
  • [Japan] Transportation adsHere



This is the Korean "South Korea" to commemorate RM's birthday in September 2021.In front of Ryuyama Technical High SchoolThis is a Senil advertisement from the bus stop!

Because it is a bus stop near the HYBE office, the probability of being seen by the person will increase.♪

in this way,When advertising in Korea, it is popular to put it on a bath shelter or subway advertisement near the office ( ^ ^).


This is in Korea to commemorate JIN's birthday in December 2021.Gangnam Ward Office StationIt is a Senil advertisement issued in!

Because it is a CM monitor, it is a bright and prominent advertisement, and the impact on passers -by is outstanding.♪


This is in December 2021V's hometown"Daegu City Hanatsukudo Station"Senil advertisement! (A street vision was also issued in Japan!)

in this way,Many people are born in their hometown of the recommended idol (^○^)

It is very valuable and nice to be able to issue Senil ads in your hometown, isn't it?♪


This is in February 2022J HOPE's hometown"Kinnan Road 4 Street Station, Gwangju City"Senil advertisement!

In addition, Senil advertisements were also issued at Kodai, Joyoi Station, and Japan's Unica Vision ^ ^

The digital signage issued in Hongda is very powerful on a large screen.♪

SNS advertising

If you want to know more details about the SNS advertisement introduced this time, by all meansHereplease look at!


This is a Senil advertisement published in Instagram Stories to commemorate SUGA's birthday!

Compared to street vision and traffic advertisingThe price is lowTherefore, you can easily issue Senil ads♪


This is also a Senil advertisement published in the Instagram Stories to commemorate Jungkook's birthday!


This is a Senil advertisement released by Instagram feed ads on Jin's birthday!

Unlike Senil ads in Stories,Senil ads of various designsCan be out♪


This is a Senil advertisement issued by YouTube advertisement to commemorate V's birthday!

YouTube users are overwhelmingly larger than Instagram adsIt will be easier for users (idol fans) who are interested in cheering ads to see♪


This is a support advertisement on Instagram, which was launched to commemorate Jimin's singing OST (insert song) in the drama!

in this way,You can celebrate not only Senil ads to celebrate her birthday, but also various memorable days of the idols (^○^)


Until now, we looked back on the achievements of BTS in the BTS chronology, and have introduced events held to commemorate the 9th anniversary and Fandom's precious events that have been planned so far, how was it? Is it?

BTSI think there is a great support for the great ARMY people behind the world (^○^)

I was able to hear the passions of Fandam and valuable stories, and realized again how BTS is loved by fans!

In the future, we will continue to support fans who are active in Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN.

If you are interested in support advertisements such as Senil advertisements, we also provide free consultation on LINE, so please feel free to contact us.♪


Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

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Of course, chatting to the staff, It is safe to consult by phone♪

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