BTS 10th anniversary special feature! Introducing commemorative events, past Senil/support advertising/members!


This time, we will send a special feature on BTS to commemorate the 10th anniversary ^^

A lot of articles that can review the history of BTS and the recent status of members♪

In addition, we will introduce support advertisements and Senil events prepared by Army for the 10th anniversary celebration!

Please check out the official collaboration events such as Choju Airlines and Photoism ^^

again,In this article, you can also see the summary of BTS's Senil advertising/support advertising that Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN has helped!

Read this article and "I want to advertise on the recommended Senil!」「I want to give a support advertisement to support solo activities!If you have a person, please feel free to contact us.♪

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Introducing the status and personal activities of BTS members!


BTS, which celebrates the 10th anniversary,One of the events of FESTA has been released as a digital single "TAKE TWO"!

FESTA is like a festival where BTS prepares various projects to celebrate the anniversary of the anniversary.

Looking back on the past 10 years, it seems to be a song that conveys a special feeling to Army while imagining the days of walking together.

Everyone, I think there are various thoughts with BTS (;;)

Please listen to the lyrics while paying attention to the lyrics ^^


If you want to look back on BTS, you've summarized the BTS steps.This articlePlease check♪

Since I was Army, I felt very nostalgic (;;)

Namjun (RM)

Quote source

BTS leader Namjun released his solo album "Indigo" in December 2022!

From all songs, composition, concept, design, to design, I was involved in the production of the album in general, and the nam -jun -like feeling is full ^^

In addition, Instagram has posted a way to visit his favorite museum.♪


It seems that my hobbies are spending time ^^

again,Namjun will appear at the outdoor festival, one of the events of FESTA, held at Yeouido Hankie Park on June 17!

It seems to be a special corner to communicate with Army, and it will be broadcast online at Weverse live.♪

If you have time, please take a look! !

Jin (JIN)

Quote source

BTS's oldest member Jin has been in military service since January 2023!

It seems that he is doing well, such as coming to Weverse while enlisting, or when he is decided to enlist Hosoku ^^

According to Tete, my body was so big that I said, "Let's touch it! Check it out!" (Laughs)

It's always good and smiling♪


In October 2022, he collaborated with the British band ColdPlay in the solo single "THE ASTRONAUTE" and left a special gift for Army ^^

It became a hot topic to appear in COLDPLAY's Buenos Aires.♪


Yungi (SUGA)

Quote source 

Yungi, who also has a nickname Agust D, holds a solo world tour!

I am enjoying concerts with fans around the world, with the solo album "D-Day" released in April 2023.♪

In Japan, we performed at the Yokohama Pia Arena from June 2 to 4, but Army, who cannot get a ticket, continues.

As expected, it is a world star (;;)

again,Yungi's solo content "Suchita" is also popular!

In Korean, "SUGA and time to get drunk" is a content with the concept of talking with guests while drinking alcohol!

BTS members are also appearing one after another, so please check it out.♪


Hosoku (J-HOPE)

Quote source 

Hosoku has been enlisting since April 2023!

The shaved figure posted on the second photo is also very good ^^


At the time of enlisting, the appearance that all members had been sent off was also impressive!

Among the members, the first solo album was released, and he was actively performing personal activities!

It was an album that challenged to convey a dark persona, which is different from the bright and hopeful aspects so far.

At the US festival "Lora Parusa", we perform over an hour!


There are many ARMY with a cheering rod on the audience♪


Quote source

Jimin released the solo album "FACE" in March 2023 ^^

It seems that we held a Yonton event to commemorate the release, and enjoyed interacting with Army for the first time in a long time.♪

In addition, a collaboration with BIGBANG SOL is realized in January! !

It became a hot topic because it was a collaboration of successive classes.♪

again,At the time of his debut, Jimin answered, "What was the most respectable senior before the debut?"

It's impressive that my dream has come true over 10 years (;;)

The collaboration song "VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)" exceeded 20 million views in just one day ^^


Tete (V)

Quote source

Tete isFormally appointed Celine's house global ambassador!

I attended the Korean pop -up store and the Cannes Film Festival invited to Celine ^^

The photos released on Instagram have become a hot topic because they gained 10 million likes in less than 12 hours!

Tete's popularity is unknown ...! !


According to Hybe,Tete is currently preparing a solo album!

There is also information that you are going abroad in a secret for solo activities, so it will be released soon ^^


Quote source

Golden Manne Jung -guk will release a solo album in July 2023!

Namjun told me, "Let's get the album soon," but Jong -guk's turn has finally arrived ^^

In the bulletproof meal in 2022, it was next to Yungi, as declared, "I'll put it out next to Yungi Hyun!"

In addition, Jongkuk has erased Instagram accounts, but recently we often interact with fans at Weverse live.♪

It was delivered in the morning and fell asleep as it was, and the staff was forcibly terminated! (smile)

The appearance of being sleeping with ARMY around the world is too cute! (smile)

Introducing support advertising & Senil event commemorating BTS 10th anniversary!


Hokkaido Light Up Event

Period: June 13, 2023 20: 30-20: 50

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of BTS, the TV tower in Sapporo will be lit up!

It seems to be limited to 20:30 to 20 minutes on June 13, so why not go to see it ^^?


Tokyo exhibition

Period: July 21st to 23, 2023

This is an exhibition of BTS, which was realized by the seven masters cooperated!

Because it is a ticket system, if you are interested, let's purchase a ticket and go ^^

Tokyo support advertisement

Period: June 13, 2023 7: 00-25: 00

At Shinjuku Unica Vision, support videos will be broadcast only on June 13.♪

It will be aired from 41 minutes a hour, so please visit for that time ^^

Tokyo Cup Holder Event

 Period: June 10, 2023-

It is a cup holder event held in Shin -Okubo♪

There are nine types of commemorative cup holders for the 10th anniversary!

Please find your favorite Capho!


Osaka exhibition

Period: July 15, 2023

It is an exhibition held in two cities, Osaka and Tokyo ^^

It is a gorgeous exhibition where you can see many photos, so if you are interested, please check it out!

BTS & Cheju Voyage Collaboration

Special boarding paz & paper cup Period: June 1, 2023 -July 12, 2023

Commemorative wrapping machine period: July 18, 2023 -December 31st

What a collaboration with Cheju Airlines!

Air tickets and paper cups will be commemorating the 10th anniversary of BTS, and commemorative wrapping machines will be operated from July 18 ^^

If you have the opportunity to go to Korea, why not take it! !

BTS & Photoism collaboration

Period: June 1, 2023 ~

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of BTS, a collaboration with Photoism is also being held.♪

Photoism (Photoism) is like a Korean Purikura, so you can choose your favorite frame and take pictures!

This time, you can take pictures with BTS in 2014! !

It seems that there are stores in 7 cities, including Hokkaido to Tokyo, Saitama, Aichi, and Fukuoka, so more information.Official websitePlease confirm ^^

Summary of BTS Senil advertisements that I went to in the past

Street vision

In addition to the street vision introduced this time, there is a street vision all over Japan, so if you are worried about other media.HerePlease refer to the!


In October 2020Tokyo Unica VisionAtJiminSenil advertisement to celebrate your birthday has been issued!

Senil advertisements issued in Unica Vision, the most popular medium, are impactful and powerful because 60 seconds of images flow in large visions.♪

Also, in 2021That cross Shinjuku Vision, famous for Shinjuku catSenil advertisement was also issued!

In this way, you can issue Senil ads in various advertising media.♪


Also, in December 2020, a Senil ad was issued at Unica Vision to celebrate JIN's birthday!

Because there are many traffic and powerful images are flowing, I think that you can send your birthday to more people (^○^).


In addition, in December 2021, Senil was issued at Unica Vision to commemorate V's birthday!

J Hope

In February 2021, to commemorate J Hope's birthday

Tokyo/Unica Vision, Osaka/Dragonflation, Aichi/Sakae Nanairo Aurora Vision, Chiba/Bis Vision Makuhari, Fukuoka/Hakata Vision, Senil advertisement has been issued at Okinawa/Funabashiya Vision!

in this way,All over the countryYou can give Senil ads.

Traffic advertising

In addition to the traffic ads introduced this time, there are advertising media in Japan and South Korea, so if you are interested in other media, please click here!

  • [Korea] Transportation advertisingHere
  • [Japan] Transportation advertisingHere



This is the Korean "South Korea" to commemorate RM's birthday in September 2021.In front of Ryuyama Technical High School"Senil advertisement from the bus stop!

Since it is a bus stop near the HYBE office, the probability of being seen by the person will increase.♪

in this way,When advertising in Korea, it is popular to put it on a bath shelter or subway advertisement near the office ( ^ ^).


This is Korean in December 2021 to commemorate JIN's birthday.Gangnam Ward Office StationIt is a Senil advertisement issued in!

Because it is a commercial monitor, it is a bright, prominent advertisement, and the impact on passers -by is outstanding.♪


This is in December 2021V's hometown"Daegu City Hanatsukudo StationIs a Senil advertisement issued in! (A street vision was also issued in Japan!)

in this way,There are many people who are born in their hometown of the recommended idol (^○^)

It is very valuable and nice to be able to issue Senil ads in your hometown, isn't it?♪

J Hope

This is in February 2022J Hope's hometown"Kinnan Road 4 Street Station, Gwangju CityIs a Senil advertisement issued in!

In addition, Senil advertisement was also issued at Kodai, Goi Station, and Japan's Unica Vision ^ ^

The digital signage issued in Hongda is very powerful on a large screen.♪

SNS advertising

If you want to know more details about the SNS advertisement introduced this time, by all means.HerePlease refer to the!


This is a Senil advertisement published in Instagram Stories to commemorate SUGA's birthday!

Compared to street vision and traffic advertisingThe price is lowTherefore, you can easily give Senil ads♪


This is also a Senil advertisement published in the Instagram Stories to commemorate Jungkook's birthday!


This is a Senil advertisement issued by an Instagram feed ad for JIN's birthday!

Unlike Senil advertisement in Stories,Senil ads of various designsCan be out♪


 This is a Senil advertisement issued by YouTube advertisement to commemorate V's birthday!

YouTube users are overwhelmingly larger than Instagram adsIt will be easier for users (idol fans) who are interested in cheering ads to see♪


This is a support advertisement on Instagram, which was issued to commemorate Jimin's singing OST (insert song) in the drama!

in this way,You can celebrate not only Senil advertising to celebrate your birthday, but also various memorable days of recommended idols (^○^)


This time, I sent a special feature on BTS to commemorate the 10th anniversary ^^

Recently, I have been active in personal activities, and it's very fun to see different colors from the group.♪

The members did not come together on the 10th anniversary, but they are loved by many people, and anniversary events are being held around the world!

Some members are planning to enlist in the future, but it would be nice to see the days when all the members are available as soon as possible.

As the members say, I think that the BTS was so far that ARMY was great.

Let's continue to walk with BTS for a long time♪

Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

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