Become a Korean "Yonton" master! How to apply/essentials/Thorough explanation of flow & precautions on the day!


This time,Thorough explanation of Korean "Yonton"I will do it ^^

What is Yongton?

How do you apply for Yonton?

What to prepare?

What is the flow of Yongton's day? What should I pay attention to?

How to know the border?

After reading this article,I can solve the questions of Yonton♪

It is a useful article for those who are applying for Yonton and those who are waiting for Yonton, so please refer to it ^^.

Capture Yonton and have a good time!

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What is Yonton in Korea? Meaning?

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What is "Yonton"?It is an abbreviation of the Korean language "영상 영상", which means video call ^^

Instead of having a face -to -face event due to the coronaEvents to communicate with idols through video calls are now being held.♪

In Korea, there are many events where "Yonton + Fan Sign Session" is set, and in that case, it is called "Yonton Pensa".

Yonton isIt is held at the timing of selling Kamba and seaguri, and participating by buying albums.can!

This is the first group that MCND started Yonton, and most idols are now doing!

Event where you can make video calls with idolsThat was shocking!

A face -to -face event is being held now, but the Yonton event is also ongoing ^^

You can clearly leave the expressions and conversations of the push than the face -to -face event in the video! And there are Yonton fans ...!

again,I'm very happy that even fans who can't go to a Korean signing session have a chance to talk through Yonton.That's right!

Introducing how to apply for Yongton! How to know "border"?

Introducing how to apply for Yongton!

The recommended Kamba is decided! I want to do Yonton!For those who say,Introducing how to apply for YontonI will do it ^^

❶Check out the official SNS!

The first thing to check is the official SNS!

When Kamba is decided,The official SNS will retweet Yonton's announcement, so let's check it frequently!

❷Read Yonton's announcement from corner to corner!

If Yonton's notice comes out, be sure to read from corner to corner!

How to purchase the album, the date and time, the call time of Yonton, the precautions, etc. are written in detail!

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However, Yonton's announcement is written in Korean or English, and as you can see, it is quite long.

If you are not confident,It is safe to translate with a translator such as "Papago"!

again,Some of the deadlines are short, so be sure to check the application period.Let's do ^^

❸Now, apply to Yonton!

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To participate in Yonton, buy an album!

The album isIt will be purchased at each CD sales site or store to hold Yongton.

Recently, Japanese credit cards can be settled, so you can buy them yourself!

However, there are cases where it is difficult to receive a large amount of albums!

In that case,Many people use an application agency by paying the agency fee ^^

If you look up with "Yonton Agency" etc., you will find a lot, so please search!

⚠️ If you are using an agency for the first time, choose your reputation and choose carefully.

❹Yonton Head

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You can see the drop of Yonton on the CD sales site!

Please refer to the details and URLs where you can see the drops, so please refer to it in Yonton's news ^^

You may be more excited than the day of Yonton ...! (smile)

Depending on the CD sales companyYou need to add a talk app yourself and send a photo of your ID in advance, so please read the drop page carefully!

That's how to apply for Yonton♪

The procedure is easier than I thought ^^

What is a "border"? How to know the border?

By the way, you need to buy an album for Yonton application! So ...

Yonton in KoreaIt is said that the number of album purchases will be won in order.

How many albums should I buy?! Is the highest problem (;;)

In such a case, "border" is useful.

What is a border?About the cut lineIn Korea, it is said to be a "penzakat".

If you can buy more than a border, there is almost no loss!

but,This border is "Listening and teaching!"

If you feel free to remove the border, the number of fans who buy more than the number will increase, and the cut line will rise steadily.

If you do not know the border at all, it is one hand to use the Yonton application agency that I introduced earlier ^^

If you buy a certain number of pieces through an agency, it will tell you the border.

However, in some cases, the number of agencies was lost, and that they were won because they bought too much than the actual border (;;).

It is best to gain experience and know the border!

Listed Yonton's necessities! No problem if you prepare this!

If you hit Yonton, start preparing! !

By keeping the preparation well, you can concentrate on Yonton without rushing on the day ^^

hereListing Yonton's essentialsI will do it, so please refer to it.♪ 

A necessity of Yonton!
  1. Certificate for identification: Be sure to check Yonton's announcement for any specification
  2. Smartphone or tablet: Charging is full!
  3. Charger
  4. Earphone
  5. Spare smartphone: Useful for recording and recording from the outside!
  6. Smartphone stand or ring light: Ring light is definitely recommended!
  7. Campe Board: If you show the board, write it big and clear!
  8. Small items / decorations: Let's decorate the room cute❤️
  9. Mirror & makeup tool: For fixing in waiting time!
  10. Stopwatch: As a guide for Yonton!

That's the necessity of Yonton♪

It is a valuable opportunity to talk to you ... Let's challenge in perfect state! !

If you are the first Yonton in Korean unfamiliar Korean, you will practice repeatedly ^^

We also recommend practicing with your friends in advance on the talk app!

Introducing the flow & precautions of Yongton's day! Is recording OK?

This is the flow and precautions of the day of Yonton!

It's a time when you can talk to you and you're thrilled ...!

Let's prepare well on the day and make Yonton success!

@ri__ri__one Won Young, who asked a Sailor Moon translator to say "live -action version rabbit", was a real sailor moon in this MV Gachi, so I asked him to decide.💘 #IVE #아 브 #IV #원영 #Wononon #LOVEDIVE #러브다 브 @Ive.Official #LOVEDIVEchallenge #러브다 브 챌린 챌린 ♬ Love Dive -Ive

❶Yonton -1 hour ago:Identification

Depending on the CD sales companySeveral hours before Yonton, you may be able to verify your identity and confirm communication!

If you do not specify your ID card, let's check Yonton's notice ^^

If you are in Yonton in Korea, it is safe to prepare your passport at hand!

❷1-2 hours ago: Setting

Let's set up Yonton!


・ Ring light

・ Charger

・ Earphones

・ Spare smartphone

・ Campe board (If you put the camp on the ring light, your eyes will not fall down.👍)

・ Mirror / makeup tool


It is convenient to keep it at hand♪

It may be nice to decorate the room cute ^^

At this time,Here are the precautions you want to check!

◻︎ Is charging full?

◻︎ Is the volume maximum?

◻︎ Are the screen the most bright?

◻ ◻ Is there a capacity for screen recording?

◻ Is the notification of other apps off?

⚠️ The application that makes a phone call is "on"!

◻ Is the communication environment okay?

It is safe if you have a friend in advance ^^

◻ Isn't there a person around you?

If someone other than yourself is reflected, the call may be turned off (;;)

Check out Yonton's announcement again!

Check if there are any other special precautions!

❸Yonton -Just before: You can receive a message starting Yonton

When it comes to Yonton's start time, you will receive a message in the talk app!

Furthermore, about 5 minutes before my turn, the news that "I'm going to do it soon" ^^

After that, take a deep breath and wait for it to come!

❹Now! Yonton!

At first, there are many patterns that lead to staff!

Can you hear your voice? Can you see the screen?Even if you confirm etc., and even if you confirm your identity here,

It can take a few minutes to lead to pushing, so take a deep breath here and review your campaign.

Click here for points to note during Yongton!

・ Just before, you may be able to see it from the push, so don't worry! (smile)

・ Listen quietly when the push starts talking. I can't hear the story if I wear it😭

・ Don't panic even if you have a time lag up to the response

・ The voice is higher than usual! With a smile!

After connecting to the recommendation, you will enjoy as much as you want❤️❤️


There are many people who want to record a screen to keep a record with the push!

You can check whether recording is possible by Yonton's news!

However, Korean Yonton is an implicit understanding and the tendency is OK ...?

It seems that Yonton in Japan uses the app for Yonton, and it is often the case that the screen recording itself is not possible (;;).


This time, we introduced Yonton in Korea!

Did you get helpful what to prepare from Yongton's application method, the flow and precautions of the day? ^^

Let's get ready and eliminate the anxiety factor before challenging Yonton♪

Finally, the important thing is "the heart to enjoy the time with the push".❤️

Please enjoy the wonderful time with the push! !

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