A virtual idol feature that attracts global attention! Thorough explanation of the birth history & Korean bar idol! The hot topic Korean Idol Mave: What?


This time, we will send you a super -topic virtual idol special feature.♪

Recently, I have often seen idols using avatars and virtual spaces!

Just as the world changes with the development of IT technology, a big change is now coming in the idol world!

In the first place, what is a virtual idol, how it was born, and why is it so popular?

There are a lot of things to worry about because it is a world where there are many things that I still do not know.

Would you like to know the world of "idol x virtual" full of such questions? ^^

In this article,We will also deliver the basic knowledge of virtual idols, the virtual idol situation in Korea, and the hottest virtual girl group "Mave;".♪

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What is a virtual idol?


A virtual idol is a fictional idol that does not exist ^^

Virtual idols sing and dance using avatars (alter ego), and set a fictitious setting that is different from reality.

The virtual idol is based on the real "middle person", which gives a humanity and realism.

However, recently, AI technology has developed, and virtual idols with no people inside are born!

With the development of technology, virtual idols continue to change shape!

Introducing the history of virtual idol birth!

From here on, let's understand how virtual idols have been born and how they have changed in 3 minutes.♪

Hatsune Miku's appearance

First, the 3DCG (3D digital graphics) technology was the basis of the current virtual idol.

In the early 2000s, virtual idols have changed significantly with "3DCG technology + spread of the Internet"!

Did you know Hatsune Miku, which appeared in 2007 and became a social phenomenon? ^^



Hatsune Miku is a voice synthetic software and its character, a vocaloid that is also known as a virtual singer.

Hatsune Miku has a new attempt to gain a reality with a character called "Hatsune Miku" to the synthetic audio, so he grabs the fans' hearts!

At the time of the development, the character was thought to be an extra, but the character setting played a major role.

Hatsune Miku gained explosive popularity ^^

Pursuit in popularity in idol masters!


It is the trend of the idol development game "Idol Master" that became even more popular with virtual idols ^^

At that time, Morning Musume. When it was very popular, a game with the concept of producing idols was developed!

It is said to be a game that is still loved even after 17 years and played a great role in acquiring the popularity of virtual idols ^^

Is a virtual idol you can meet? !


With the development of VR technology around 2016, the era has come to meet virtual idols!

Using VR, it became possible to have a handshake event and live experience of virtual idols ^^

It is said that the compatibility between a fictional virtual idol and VR is outstanding, and now even virtual idols in the VR world have been born!

Is it AESPA that penetrated? ! What is the Korean virtual idol situation?



In the Korean idol world, the movement to incorporate virtual is becoming more active!

BLACKPINK became a hot topic in September 2020 that a virtual signing session was held with "Zepeto" ^^

In addition, BTS will release the MV of "Dynamite" in the online meta -Japanese game "Fortnite"!

In this way, there is a movement that uses an avatar to do idol activities instead of idols ^^

While "idol x virtual" began to become popular in Korea, it was "AESPA" that spread the existence of virtual idols!

The concept of AESPA is the world view that "you will meet another self (avatar) and experience a new world."

A new -shaped idol that incorporates the elements of metahase (virtual space on the Internet) in the group's concept has become a big topic!

It's a world view that seems to be SM entertainment that keeps trying new things ^^

Recently, in Korea, the movement of idol activities incorporating virtual idols is accelerating!

From here on, we will introduce Korean too great virtual idols.♪


South Korea's 7 -member Boys Group SUPERKIND, which debuted in June 2022, also incorporates virtual idols.

In addition to the five real five members, there are two virtual AI members!

Do you know who is AI member? ^^

@playsuperkind Hello, We are #SUPERKIND! #슈퍼 카 카#Playsuperkind#MOODY ♬ 오 리 운드 -SuperKind Official

It looks very natural even if you are with a real member!

In the MV, AI members also dance together, and the performance with seven people!


I am surprised at the progress of technology ... (laughs)

Virtual idol survival project "Girl Reverse (Re: Verse))」


Did you know the virtual idol survival program "Re: VERSE"? ^^

In November 2022, a virtual idol survival program planned by the entertainment company "Kakao Entertainment" was broadcast!

In this survival program, 30 real 30 female K-POP idols hide their identity and audition in 3D avatars and fictional settings.

Among the auditions, Jerin from GFRIEND, Ellie of Weki Meki, and former Lovelyz members also participated!

I couldn't imagine a world where real idols debuted as an avatar come a while ago ...!

It doesn't exist! K-POP Virtual idol "MAVE:" is deep digging! What is the reaction of the fans?


Quote source

Debuted on January 25, 2023, the Korean 4 -member girl group "MAVE:"!

Mave: "Four girls living in the future world IDYPIA have arrived in the real world in search of "freedom of emotions"It is a virtual idol group with the concept ^^

The person inside gives humanityMave: is an AI idol with no "middle person"!

Despite not being real, there are many content that increases realism, such as publishing the journey to the debut and appearing in the "SHOW! Music center" ^^.


Because it uses elaborate CG technology, it is natural from dance to movement of hair!

In addition, there is also a lovely episode that becomes more realistic!

Mave: has a "misconduct" despite the virtual idol!

Four people poses at the published tiktok, but Mati (yellow jersey) has always been in the center, "Is it a center disease?" (smile)

@mave_official_ 🌸Cherry Blossom🌸 #MAVE #메 메 #PANDORA #판 라 판 라 라 #벚꽃 놀 #벚꽃 #봄 #꽃 놀 #CherryBlossom #Spring ♬ Night Dancer -Imase

There are comments pointing out that the first pose is being able to get rid of Tailla (green jersey) in order to take the center!

It seems that the "mischievous theory" has emerged from the fans who saw this video (laughs)

By giving personality and personality, the realism increases at a stretch, and you can feel close and attachment ^^.

You can get a glimpse of why virtual idols are grabbing the fans' hearts♪

What is the reaction to MAVE:, which attracts attention as a different virtual idol from others ... Let's look at it!

What is different from like an anime character?

I want AI not to enter the K-POP world

While there are some negative opinions such as

It's a waste that it doesn't exist because the song is good

They don't care even in virtual. I like the wonderful dance and singing voice

No connection with scandal

There are some positive opinions ^^

It may take more time for a virtual idol to be accepted, but "Idol×It doesn't seem to be so far away that a world where "virtual" cannot be separated.


How was the virtual idol special feature you sent this time? ^^

With the development of technology, it turns out that the way virtual idols have changed!

It seems that virtual idols are widespread in virtual things that can not be done by real people.

However, there are a lot of goodness because it is a real idol.♪

Let's look forward to what kind of world the "idol x virtual" will develop in the future!

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