A thorough explanation of "N.SSIGN" from Okinawa! Introducing the trajectory/video day/recommended song from the youth star!


This time,Delivering the "N.SSIGN" special feature that was officially debuted in August 2023I will do it♪

Starting with the survival program "Youth Star", they made their debut about a year after the broadcast.

The long -awaited debut that both the members and the fans had finally reached in front of me (;;)

To commemorate N.SSIGN's debut decisionWould you like to look back on the trajectory so far? ^^

We will also introduce recommended songs carefully selected from those released so far!

moreover,Delivering the Senil Crafan "N.SSIGN 1st Anniversary Times Square Advertising Project" launched to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the formation of N.SSIGN!

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What kind of group is n.ssign? What is your debut date?


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N.SSIGN is a Korean boys group born from the survival program "Youth Star".♪

Since it was born from a survival program, the person you know is a rumored rookie group in the streets you know!

The members are Koreans and Japanese members Kazuta from Okinawa ^^

Kazuta is the oldest member and is also a hot topic because he is the first Japanese leader in the KPOP group history.♪

Such N.SSIGN is2023 February 19, 2023 Pre -debut on the mini album "Salty"!

and,finally! An official debut will be decided on "Birth of Cosmo" on August 9, 2023Did!

About a year after the end of the youth star broadcast, both members and fans would have been waiting for their debut ...! (;;)

In addition, N.SSIGN was scheduled to be debuted as a two -year limited -time group,It will be added to a system that can be a sustainable system with a 10 -person system!

I'm looking forward to what you will see with 10 N.SSIGN from now on ^^

You can check this article for information on the members' profile, debut songs, and SNS!

Click here for N.SSIGN articles!

Let's excite N.SSIGN's success! !

Let's look back at the trajectory of N.SSIGN from youth star!

N.SSIGN's beginning survival program "Youth Star"

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Survival program "Youth Star" broadcast from May to August 2022!

A new system was introduced, with 108 participants from all over the world, dividing into three groups: "idols", "vocalists", and "singer -songwriters" ^^

As TOP7 (top 7 sets) can win the debut,In the finals, the high -quality performance that the idol N.SSIGN showed off has attracted attention!

In the first mission "My Star" in the final, the participants perform songs from their longing stars!

N.SSIGN chose SHINee's "SHERLOCK" and caught an eye on a stable singing voice and performance!


In addition, at the second mission "My Youth", which performed songs that represent the youth of the participants, we did BTS's "Spring Day" and DEUX "in Summer" ^^.


No matter how many times you look at it, it's a finish that you can't imagine before your debut ...!

I'm looking forward to their success with the possibilities.♪

"Seven N.SSIGN" spent a long preparation period

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After the program, seven people will be preparing for their debut!

Appeared at the office joint concert "N.CHWORLD LIVE 2022 in JAPAN" and performed a new song "Woo Woo" as a "special gift for fans"!

"Woo wooo" was released in limited quantities at the venue ^^

moreover,The pre -debut was decided in February and the mini album "Salty" was released, and a Zepp tour was held in Japan in March!

Before the official debut, we performed fan meeting and live in five cities in Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo, Fukuoka, and Tokyo.♪

and,In May, the repackage album "Monologue" was released, and a fan meeting was also held.it was done!

The tickets for the performance have been sold out in advance ...!

Although the release and events of the songs were held regularly, it was a time when both members and fans were awaited when the official debut was (;;).

Finally, the official debut has been decided "10 N.SSIGN"

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On June 30, 2023, a notice about N.SSIGN was announced by his office!

The main content is

"Maintain a sustainable group, not a limited -time project group."

"Welcome three members and start a new start with a 10 -person system."

something like.

Many fans could not hide their surprise in the sudden news.

Continue furtherN.SSIGN announced that it will officially debut on August 9!

The debut album "Birth of Cosmo" will be released!

Concept photos are released one after another for their debut, and some new members are apparent!

First, the first personRobin, a rapper of Australian nationality!

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Robin has appeared on various survival programs so far!

Prove your ability with "To Be World Klass", "CAP-TEEN", and "Youth Star" that produced TO1!

The second person isLawrence that appeared in the "Youth Star" in the lead vocal of Taiwanese nationality!

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"Youth Star" is a member who has advanced to the semifinals ^^

And the last announcement wasEddie, a US nationality and a rapper!

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Eddie is a member who has not yet appeared in "Youth Star" and has not yet been revealed!

It seems that you can expect a more global success in the future with a new multinational member ^^

Introducing recommended songs from N.SSIGN!

"Wooo wooo"


First,The neat! The rookie idol! "Woo wooo" like!

N.SSIGN's first original song, the first time at the joint concert of the office ^^

Anyway, it's a refreshing song, and the dance is really cute (;;)

A song that sings the feeling of being tossed by love, reminds you of a sweet and sour youth ...?



It is N.SSIGN's pre -debut song "Salty"!

In "Salty", a mature funky sound, it showed a different figure from Woo Woo!

It's like watching a movie", The created MV is also a topic ^^

Due to the addiction, you just want to sing the rust "Salty Salty" together.♪

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This time, we sent a special feature on N.SSIGN which was decided to make an official debut ^^

I think fans and members have a variety of thoughts just because they have made their long -awaited debut.

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