A must -see for RM fans! Explain RM on September birthday in 5 minutes! From the United Nations quotes and cute Instagram summary♪


 This time, it is a special feature of RM, the leader of BTS, which will celebrate its birthday in September!

RM who reaches the last birthday in his 20s with Korean age!

Speaking of RM, it is an attractive member with an adult and intellectual figure that you can not imagine in your 20s.

Introducing the profile of such RM and the quotes that exploded in the United Nations Speech, which became a hot topic around the world ^^

In addition, we collected cute RM posted on the personal Instagram, so please enjoy it to the end.♪

Also, at Senil Advertising Agency JAPANImplemented "HYBE Office Plan" as a plan around the Korean idol officedoing!

Sunlers/support advertisements around HYBE office

BTS RM's birthdayWould you like to celebrate grandly? ( ^ ^)

Also, such a large eventPlan realized by crowdfundingand!

It is a service that launches a project to launch a support advertisement for individuals and support for YouTuber, and to provide support for people who agree with their thoughts and realize support advertising.

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We will also introduce the plans around this HYBE office and details about Senil Crafan.♪

About RM



  • Real name: Kim Nam Jun
  • Date of birth: September 12, 1994
  • Birthplace: Korea Seoul
  • Blood type: type A

RM, the leader of BTS, will celebrate its 29 -year -old (Korean age) birthday in September!

RM is a member who has greatly contributed to BTS's leap, and has been involved in most BTS songs and composition!

Before his debut, he was a topic in the neighborhood as an underground drapper, and his ability became a hot topic, and after auditioning, he joined Bighit Entertainment.

The representative of the bread who was impressed by the talent of RM was "I have to make Namjun (RM) debutWas the BTS (BTS) formed ^^

Speaking of RMEnjoy Englishand,IQ is 148Within the top 1 % in the Korean study testIt is a talented talent that everyone acknowledges.

My hobbies are reading and museum toursSo, the appearance full of intelligence is becoming popular ^^

Also, in the past, I was thinking of becoming a poet!

The quotes woven by such RMs are close to many people's hearts, and in any language will be a hot topic around the world.

This time, I will introduce quotes by RM.♪

A collection of quotes that RM spoken in the United Nations

RM has left a number of quotes, but many people say that quotes in the United Nations are the most impressive.

In the behind -the -scenes video, there is a figure of practicing speeches in English, which is not a native language, many times.

Let's take a look at what quotes have popped out of RM!

My heart stopped and my eyes were closed. In this way, we all lost their names and looked like ghosts.

"I suddenly stopped dreaming and began to hear only the voices of others,"My heart stopped"Was described.

Also, RM stopped listening to his voice, "I lost my name"And many people sympathized.


Failure and mistakes are myself, the shining stars that form the constellation of life.

Love MySelfBTS who has been touring albums and tours with the slogan.

RM is "To love yourselfHe said that thanks to face -to -face, the mistakes and failures he had committed in the past could be accepted as a thing to make himself.


By describing "failure" and "mistakes" as "the shining stars", you don't think your mistakes are bad.

What is your name? Talk about yourself.

 The next step when I learned "love myself" is "Talking about yourself」。

RM is at the end of the UN SpeechWhat is exciting and what makes my heart feel? Please tell us your story], And called for myself to talk about myself.

It seems that there is a message to regain the lost name by listening to your voice again!


Instagram posting!

Introducing RM's personal Instagram posted on December 6, 2021!

A lot of stylish photos have been posted on the RM Instagram, which loves museum tours ^^

We will also introduce pictures of cute RM in private and off mode, so please check it out.♪

It is a photo of visiting an art museum called "KUKJE GALLERY" in Seoul ^^

RM seems to have many museums overseas and overseas.

If you go to museums around the world, I feel like you can meet RM someday.♪

Photos of Swiss trips are also uploaded♪

It seems that it was a completely private trip, and you can see a cute RM ^^

In RM Instagram, two shots and everyday photos with members ^^

It's nice to see a relaxed figure that you can't usually see!

Photos that are full of RM -like reading are posted ^^

The RM that is relaxed and relaxed is cute, isn't it?♪

Introducing plans around HYBE office!

At Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, "Plan around HYBE officeIs implementing!

Senil/support advertisements may be installed in front of the Hybe office, so the idol belonging to HybeSenil/Support advertisementAs a popular medium in Korea♪

In addition, by issuing support advertisements around the office, "Authentication shotI will also increase the probability of getting a picture (^o^)

Quote source

It's very nice for fans to go to see the advertisements you have given.♪

So this time

Here are three banner ads that can be installed around HYBE entertainment to which BTS belongs!

 The positional relationship of the advertising medium is as follows.

Since all three are in front of HYBE, it seems that the idol himself will see it!

I will introduce each details♪

① Convenience store GS25

Speaking of Korean convenience storesGS25You can install a banner on the wall of the famous convenience store chain in Korea!

If there is an idol advertisement at a convenience store used by many people, it will surely attract many people's gaze.♪

② Convenience store 7eleven

Next, it is possible to install a banner at the entrance of the general Seven -Eleven in Japan!

Two sidesBecause there is, it is outstanding impact♪ 

③ Panorama road

And the third isA huge banner with a width of 10m installed in front of HYBEis!

Because it is located from the HYBE main gate, It may look like an idol himself♪

Also, HYBEIn addition to the banner advertising plan around the officeDigital signage plan at the stationThere are also

Near the Hybe officeShin -dragon stationThe nearestIt is also recommended to issue Senil advertisements at the station.♪

Located in various places in the station, it is an advertisement that is easy to see for those who are waiting for the subway and those walking on the premises!

Quote source

Quote source

Please contact the official LINE for the detailed price of the plan introduced this time (^○^)

For more details regarding "HYBE Office Plan"HerePlease see♪ 

You can also realize such a large event with crowdfunding (^o^).

What is Senil advertising crowdfunding (hereinafter "Senil Crafan")?

It is a service that launches a project to launch an idol and support advertisement for you, and to provide support for people who agree with your thoughts and realize support advertising!

Anyone can plan and start a project for free,

I want to give a support advertisement, but it is hard to realizeFor those who say, Senil Crafan is highly recommended.♪

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This time, we sent a special feature on RM to celebrate your birthday on September 12!

How was the RM profile, quotes, and Instagram cute photos?

I want to support RM, who is working hard as a leader!」「I want to release Senil advertising this year!Please refer to this plan!

RM's birthday together! Grandly! Let's celebrate♪

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