[3rd] ZEROBASEONE member special feature! Thorough explanation of the profiles and careers of Kim Gwin & Pakgonuku & Hanyujin, and the attractive points of Fan Ichushi♪


 Broadcasting started on February 2, 2023
"Boys Planet"

Two and a half months after the start of the broadcastThe debut member was decided on April 20.

and"ZerobaseOone "(Omitted: Zebwan) It has been more than a month since the group was born ( ^ ∀ ^)

Divided into three times,Three people each ZEROBASEONE member profile, career, charmPay attention to
Zebwan Special is the third one of the last!

The first feature articles of Hyun -line, Jeanhao, Song Hanbin, and the special articles of the three.Herefrom,

Special articles on Sok Mashu, Kim Tele, and Ricky
HerePlease check it out ^ ^

This time in the third Zebwan special feature, the MannelineKim Kyubin (김규빈),Pakgonuku (박건욱), Hanyujin (유진)Three people!

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Born from Boys Planet

Quote source

 The production decision of "BOYS PLANET" was announced in December 2021,

 At the award ceremony "MAMA" held in November 2022 about one year later, it was announced that 98 participants will be broadcast in February 2023.

after that,On December 29, 2022, the Signal Song "난 빛 (here I am)" and a total of 98 profile photos were released.

The first episode was broadcast on February 2, 2023, and the debut member was decided on April 20Did! !👏

From the program production decision, recruitment, audition, broadcast,1 year and 4 months laterSince the debut group was decided, both the trainees and the fans were long -term battles!💦

100%of the 98 people were selected by fan voting,

Jeanhao, Songhagnbin, Sokumashu, Riki, Pakgonuku, Kim Tele, Kim Gyu -bin, Kim Ju -woo, HanyujinNine people

"ZEROBASEONE"Became a member of♪

The group name is"A free journey from 0 to 1, and a brilliant beginning"The meaning is included ٩ ('ω') و

 The fan name is"ZE_ROSE"and,

If you eliminate "ZEBAONE" from "Zerobaseone", it will be "Rose", so

Become one with Zebwan and RoseThe meaning is included!

"" "" "" "" "The name "ZE_ROSE" is wonderful🌹

In the previous article, we introduce the final ranking of Zebwan, how to join the fan club, etc.HerefromPlease check♪

Thorough explanation of Kim Kyuubin!

From now on, I will focus on each member and explain it thoroughly ٩ ('ω') و

Kim Kyubin's profile & career

Quote source

  • Real name: Kim Gyubin (김규빈)
  • Date of birth: August 30, 2004
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Height: 182cm
  • Office: yuehua Entertainment

Speaking of Gubin, the style was too good at the first star -level test of Vopla, so it was standing out!

Gubin is now 18 years old and is very young at the age of 19 this year,

The trainee period is 3 years and 11 monthsAnd it's very long σ੧ (❛□❛✿)

 High school graduated from TWICE's Nayon and John Young in 2023.

I went to a public high school while working as a trainee instead of an entertainment high school, so I think it was quite difficult.💦

The graduation ceremony Gubin is shining Hikari (laughs)

In Zebwan, it is a manneline (younger group), but what aThe eldest son of four brothers at homeWhat is it! !

 Since I was young, I had been a trainee life toward the idol's dream, so it's a cool and cool brother in my family ...

Gubin claimed to have him dance alone after the first star -level test, after the performance in the group!

Here is the video at that time!
Gyubin was cool while watching all trainees and the master were watching.👏

What is the charm of Kim Kyubin?
Introducing the best points of the fan!

From now on, we will introduce the charm of Gubin and the recommended points.♪

Invisible style

Speaking of Gubin, the style is so good that you don't know (laughs).

He is 183cm tall and inseam 110cmAstonished
It was a style! (◎ _ ◎;)

In the video above, the question was, "Do you think you are the first proportions among 98 voicura?"

"Gubin is shy"🙆‍♀It is a scene that answered ️ ^ ^

The inseam 110cm is almost almost your feet (laughs)

Speaking of Gubin's stage where the god -like style is maximized,

05: 15 ~ "Love Killa"and07: 49 ~ "EN GARDE"Isn't it ٩ ('ω') و

Both songs won the first place by voting on site fan.♪

Both are costumes that stand out, so if you haven't seen it because it's cool, please check it out (´∀ `)

It's interesting that it's a little strange

If you look at Gubin on the stage or for the first time, it may just look like a "cool person".

But it's a bit strange and interesting (laughs)

This is with ji -nGubin is in the same room, and a video is being unpacked in the dormitoryis♪

But how! !

When Gubin opens the carry case, it is inside

It was filled with full sweets.😂!

The whole sweets are really surprising, isn't it?

I encouraged me to eat sweets together with the jewel I was with,

Gyubin, who is said to be saying "I don't eat much sweets ..." is also cute (´ ▽ `)

The next video is "Chair and Gubin" (laughs)

At a fan event, sitting on a chair,

Interesting happening that is supported by Gonuku and Junhyun, trying to pick up the cards that have been picked upis not it😂

This is a ranking announcement ceremony

The moment the 9th Members Yujin was announced, jumped from the chairGubin (° ▽ °)

At first glance, it looks quiet, but it's surprisingly interesting like a child!
The more you know, the more attractive you want to know.♪( ´▽`)

Thorough explanation of Pakgonuku!

Pakgonuku's profile & career

Quote source

  • Real name: Park Gonuk (박건욱)
  • Date of birth: January 10, 2005
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Height: 183cm
  • Office: Jellyfish Entertainment

With the degree of perfection that I could not imagine as a 19 -year -old this year, I was surprised at Gonuk's ability many times during the voice period!

GonukuAppeared in an idol survival audition program called "Extreme Debut Wild Dollar" in 2021I was (° ▽ °)

In the wild dollar, I dropped out in the final, but now I have appeared on two audition programs at the age of 18 at the age of 18!

The dream of becoming an idol from an early age
It's amazing because it's not blurred👏

Next is an interview video in "Wild Dollar".♪

"I'm confident in organizing the group," he said.

He seems to have been a student council president, vice chairman, and class chairman!

 Furthermore, in junior high school, I joined the dance club, and at that time girls were famous for the dance club, and there were only girls by pulling out Gonuku.

Thanks to Gonuku, the name of the men's dance club has spread!

In junior high school, participated in soccer city tournaments and ranked first in the debate tournament.

He said that he had excellent grades, so he received a scholarship in high school.

It's a high spec, it's too perfect (° ▽ °)!

As you can see on the voice, as an idol
It can be said that it is an all -rounder in all -rounder, even in student life (laughs).

In the video below, in the level test of voice, Gonuk himself asked, "What is your position?"

I answered "All -rounder"😏

04:36〜SEVENTEEN's "HOT" that Gonuku danced alone is very cool, so please take a look.♪( ´▽`)

What is the charm of Pakgonuku?
Introducing the best points of the fan!

Too perfect all -rounder

Speaking of Gonuku's point,

You can dance, wrap, vocal, and lyrics
All -rounder
It's a place!✨

Gonuku's lyrics ability was demonstrated"TOMBOY"That's right ^ ^

 Click here for the lyrics that Gonuku is too cool♪ 

The next video is a 183cm style, a powerful dance, and a low -pitched voice of Gonuku, which is usually low!


Fanza is God

 The cool Gonuku on the stage is also a good point, but the only point that cannot be removed is

Where Fanza (fan service) is a godis! (° ▽ °)

Here is here!

At the time of a fan eventIf you look closely, the moment you find out that you are a fan of Gonuku, you will be determined to that person.♡doing🫠❤️

Continue to here! At the final broadcasting venue

Pointing your fan → 🫶 Heart → Wink^_--☆3 -stage set ofThat's::*+. \ ((° ω °)) /.:+

This fan is surely Gonuku pen (laughs)

Finally here, waving your hand and you! I found my fan and found a pensa.

It's already too professional idol 🫠

Gonuku with many confirmed fansa.

In the future, it seems that legends will be made at concerts, Yonton, autograph sessions, etc. (° ▽ °)
I can't wait for my debut! !

Thorough explanation of Hanyujin!

Hanyujin's profile & career


Quote source

  • Real name: Han Yujin (유진)
  • Date of birth: March 20, 2007
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Height: 177cm
  • Office: yuehua Entertainment

Speaking of Yujin,"Miracle 16 years old"There is only this! !

I can't believe that this perfection has just become a freshman in high school this year (laughs).

It is no exaggeration to say that it was the most shocking member in the first star level test of voice ^ ^

When I appeared, I started dancing only a year (・ Д ・)!

In the video, I'm dancing dignifiedly at the center, but it's surprising to have a year of dancing (° ▽ °)

From the second grade of junior high schoolStarting dancing, this ability is 3 at the time ...

 In addition, this video is a level testA video that Yujin danced alone in a freestyle asked by the masteris♪

Both the master and the trainees are surprised!

 Quote source

Before becoming a trainee, Yujin said he was playing soccer seriously.

However, because he was injured such as a fracture, his parents were worried and decided to go to the trainee's path instead of soccer!

It seems that soccer was also an ace to go to the player class, so both idols and soccer

What I decided on this road was too cool where I could do my best (´∀ `)

What is the charm of Hanyujin?
Introducing the best points of the fan!

Nuna Killer

Speaking of Yujin's name,

"Nuna, Saran Heyo"That's right,:*+. \ ((° ω °)) /.:+

I guess all Zeros is the number one word ranking that Yujin wants to be told ( ̄ ▽  ̄)♡

This line of Yujin began with the master Lipj!
Destruction power (° _ °)!

This is a assortment video of Yujin's "Nuna, Saran Heyo" ٩ ('ω') و♡

"Nuna, Saran Heyo" to the singer Chon Somi! !

And in this video

Yujin showed off because "I thought about a new ment for Nuna."

"Nuna, will it be mine?"It was ·:*+. \ ((° ω °)) /.:+

It's too nunakilla, isn't it?
I want to hear Yujin's "Nuna, Saran Heyo" as soon as possible in Japan.♪


Just cute

I'm still 16 years old,
After all cute Yujin.

In this video, Yujin, who cry, "I wanted to see my mother", Yujin, who would be happy to meet her mother.

You can see a cute side (T ^ T)♡

And Speaking of Yujin, the face is already cute with a face!

My eyes are sparkling and it's too cute 🫠💖

Finally, here

Stage where Yujin's cuteness was demonstrated
"Say My Name"
(´∀ `)

Especially attention is00:38〜It ’s the part of Yujin 🫶
The lyrics are also very cute, so please listen to them full.♪

This year is 17 years old, and it's already enough because it's this degree of perfection,

I'm looking forward to how cool Yujin will be and how it will grow in the next two and a half years ٩ ('ω') و

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 This is a video where Jeanhao and Yujin came to see advertisements ^ ^

This is when Gonuk appears to see the subway station advertisement!
This is when Gubin came to see the advertisement of Hiroya♪

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