[2nd] ZEROBASEONE member special feature! Thorough explanation of Sok Mashu & Kim Tele & Ricky's profile and background, and fantastic attraction points♪


 Broadcasting started on February 2, 2023
"Boys Planet"

Two and a half months after the start of the broadcastThe debut member was decided on April 20.

and"ZerobaseOone "(Omitted: Zebwan) It has been more than a month since the group was born ( ^ ∀ ^)

Divided into three times,Three people each ZEROBASEONE member profile, career, charmPay attention to
Zebwan Special This is the second one!

The first feature of the Hyunline, Jeanhao, Song Hanbin, and the three special features of the three.

HerePlease check it out ^ ^

This time in the second Zebwan special featureSok Mashu (석매튜), Kim Tele (김태래), Ricky (키)Three people!

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Born from Boys Planet

Quote source

 The production decision of "BOYS PLANET" was announced in December 2021,

 At the award ceremony "MAMA" held in November 2022 about one year later, it was announced that 98 participants will be broadcast in February 2023.

after that,On December 29, 2022, the Signal Song "난 빛 (here I am)" and a total of 98 profile photos were released.

The first episode was broadcast on February 2, 2023, and the debut member was decided on April 20Did! !👏

From the program production decision, recruitment, audition, broadcast,1 year and 4 months laterSince the debut group was decided, both the trainees and the fans were long -term battles!💦

100%of the 98 people were selected by fan voting,

Jeanhao, Songhagnbin, Sokumashu, Riki, Pakgonuku, Kim Tele, Kim Gyu -bin, Kim Ju -woo, HanyujinNine people

"ZEROBASEONE"Became a member of♪

The group name is"A free journey from 0 to 1, and a brilliant beginning"The meaning is included ٩ ('ω') و

 The fan name is"ZE_ROSE"and,

If you eliminate "ZEBAONE" from "Zerobaseone", it will be "Rose", so

Become one with Zebwan and RoseThe meaning is included!

"" "" "" "" "The name "ZE_ROSE" is wonderful🌹

In the previous article, we introduce the final ranking of Zebwan, how to join the fan club, etc.HerefromPlease check♪

Thorough explanation of Sok Mashu!

From now on, I will focus on each member and explain it thoroughly ٩ ('ω') و♡

Sok Mashu's profile & career

Quote source

  • Real name: Sok Matthew (석매튜) Korean name: Sok Woo Hyun (석 현)
  • Date of birth: May 28, 2002
  • Birthplace: Canada
  • Height: 170cm
  • Office: MNH Entertainment


Korean CanadianMatthew.

 My parents are also Korean Canadians and high school students lived in Canada, so it is an English native speaker ^ ^

I was studying French in high school, so

Trilingual to speak three languages: English, French, and KoreanWhat is it (° ▽ °)

Before I belonged to the current office, I lived a trainee on Cube Entertainment like Songhanvin!

However, at one point, Hambin kept Matthew, who was thinking about giving up the idol's dream and returning to Canada (T ^ T).

 Leave Cube and at the current officeI was a trainee life at MNH Entertainment!

Quote source

This video is the impression of the final ranking 3rd place (T ^ T)

"I wasn't confident recently, I was worried that this was the right way,

But I read the letter you sent and thank you for saying that this road is the right road. "

Matthew was working hard in Korea for a dream away from his family.

The final ranking was ninth, but made his third place debut!

Speaking of Matthew, it is a cute image, but I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of cool aspects of Matthew from now on ٩ ('ω') و

What is the charm of Sok Mashu?
Introducing the best points of the fan!

From now on, we will introduce the charm of Matthew and the recommended place.♪

Surprising gap

Matthew is cute.
It's not an exaggeration to say cute = Matthew!

However, he has a gap that he cannot imagine from a cute Matthew (° ▽ °)

Please see these two videos♪

What a insanely trained (° _ °)! ! !

In the second video, Jeanhao and Sun -on are hanging on their arms!

In addition, as you can see in the first video

When it was surprisingly solid and this scene was aired on voice, it was too surprising and it was very exciting on SNS ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

 Speaking of the most gap from the image of a cute Matthew,
"Love Killa"Isn't it (´ ▽ `)

It's surprising that you don't wear a shirt in a red suit ...

02:05〜It is especially attention to Matthew ( ̄ ▽  ̄)!

Brother No.1 (?)

In Zebwan, the fourth and the same year of the same year from the top, there are four brothers below, but Matthew is
It's amazing my brother (laughs)


Especially, older membersWhen you are with Jiun and Hambin, you are completely cuteis!

This is a video of "Methubin" with Hambin and "Pupups" with Jiun ^ ^

 "Methubin"Just healing, Matthew
Hanbin also loves each other,
It's cute (´∀ `)

04:50〜The scenes where Hambin came to the room of Matthew is cute and recommended ^ ^

"Pupsu"But when Ji -ni is Matthew's older brother, it's the best appearance that Matthew is spoiled by jeun ... lol

09:21〜I'm jealous of Hanbin and Jeanhao, and it's a good idea that Matthew is spoiled (´ ▽ `)♡

Thorough explanation of Kim Tele!

Kim Tele Profile & History

Quote source

  • Real name: Kim Tele (김태래)
  • Date of birth: July 14, 2002
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Height: 174cm
  • Office: Wakeone

Speaking of Tele, the unforgettable singing voice is impressive once you come.

When I was a studentWith the dream of becoming a singer -songwriter, working in the band club when I was a studentTele that was doing.

 After auditioning from the office, I entered Wakeone, the current office, but I wasn't interested in idols!

This video is a TV that is singing in the band club in high school.♪

I'm surprised because it's too good!

 He was aspiring to be a singer -songwriter, so he had never danced.

Because I'm not good at it, I practice dancing.
Many people may have been fascinated by TV ^ ^

And with your own singing voice and too nice personality, you will be fascinated by your fans.Debuted in 6th place👏 

This is the impression of the TV in the final ranking 6th place.♪

Quote source

To the fans at the time of the previous ranking announcement ceremony

I always said that you should walk with me, but thank you for following your promise.

And left a wonderful comment♪( ´▽`)

I was aspiring to be a singer -songwriter, so it would be great if I could sing by playing the guitar at the concert someday.♪

What is the charm of Kim Tele?
Introducing the best points of the fan!

Fans' first love frame

Tele said that he wanted to be the first love of a star creator (voice of voice).

Executing words, now it's completely Zeros's first love frame! (´∀ `)

Speaking of the legendary stage on TV voice,
I was in charge of the keying part"Man in Love"
That's right 🫠❤️
As you can see from the video, I've been singing while watching the fans all the time ... (● ˃ ロ ˂) ꠥ

"Singing while watching the glittering eyes of the fans is my dream stageSo, what came true was "Man in Love" "(´∀ `*)

 Many people have fallen into the telwashing swamp after this, isn't it?✋!

In this video, the participants of voice, the show,

When the fans asked the Tele, "Is it a name?"Is also cute and famous♪( ´▽`)

I have to fall in love with the personality

Tele has a "good person" on his face (´∀ `)

In this video03:04〜Please see♪

 For Munjeong Hyun, which does not work"If you have a hard time, you have to tell me! I like to talk about it."

It's too nice to be able to snuggle up in an atmosphere that makes it easier for Jonghyun to talk to, not a heavy atmosphere.

 03:38〜There is also a tele that gently wakes up a trainee sleeping next to me"The way to wake up is too kind, I want to be woken up by Tele ..."(Laughs)

 Furthermore, in this video, a cute episode of Yujin and Tele was revealed on the program of the Zebwand debut group (´∀ `).

Quote source 

Yujin is"I seemed to talk because I seemed to be a good person, so I wanted to talk, but it was difficult to talk shyly."

I'm looking forward to the chemi between TV and other members in the future.☺️

Thorough explanation of Ricky!

Ricky's profile & career

Quote source

  • Real name: Shen Chuen Lui (Shiizumi)
  • Date of birth: May 20, 2004
  • Birthplace: China Shanghai
  • Height: 183.9cm
  • Office: yuehua Entertainment

I can't believe it because it's matureOn the birthday of May this year, 19 years oldRicky became

The Chinese name is Shen Chuen Lui, the English name is Ricky, so it is called Ricky ^ ^

Speaking of Ricky, you can only think of "Young & Rich, Tall & Handsome".✨

 Watch the performance of BIGBANG's G-DRAGON "BLACK"

"I wonder why this person is so cool, and I started to see other stages from there, and I became interested in K-POP."I was talking in an interview♪

G-DRAGON's "BLACK" is a song that makes you want to be a singer!

Then, after a 2 year and two months of trainee life, he appeared on Vopla!

At the ranking ceremony before the final, it was 8th place, and nine people debuted, so the fans worked hard and voted., Fourth place in the final rankingDebuted👏!

In the last broadcast, Ricky was very surprised, although fans were very surprising (laughs).

The video above is Ricky's fourth place impression

"The tattoo on the neck" Rolemodel "does not mean that someone is my role model, but

It has the meaning of wanting to be someone's role model someday. "

He revealed the meaning of a tattoo that was too cool ^ ^

What is the charm of Ricky?
Introducing the best points of the fan!

Not good at charm

Ricky is shy and is not good at charm, but that too
It's attractive! (° ▽ °)
In the video above, Ricky, who came to see his own advertisement at the station, seems to be charming with fans ^ ^

It looks shy looking down, but I'm doing my best (laughs)

 Next, this video is packed with a lot of Ricky's charm, but especially noteworthy.01:39〜It is a charming collection of Ricky from!

After being charming, (・ _ ・; is an indescribable expression (° ▽ °)

I think I want to be not good at charming anymore (laughs)

Actually interesting

Isn't there a lot of speech in a shy? I tend to think, butActually, it speaks unexpectedly, and the word sense is interestingis♪( ´▽`)

This is the event of Ricky's birthday Instagram the other day.

A gorgeous chair prepared for Young & Rich Ricky,

Although it is not the size that can be brought back to the dormitory, Ricky, who is likely to take it home, and Hambin, who stops it, and GubinIs too interesting😂

Next, when you make your own carnation that decorates yourself with voice,

Carnation made by Ricky💩I can only see it, and he himself is "I am a flower!"It was an interesting point that was surprisingly messed up and too surprising 🤣

The more you dig, the more you can find a surprising side.
I'm really looking forward to Ricky after debut ( ^ ∀ ^)

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 This is a video that Matthew came to see advertisements in the middle of the night ^ ^

This is when Tele appears to see the trainees and advertisements of the same affiliated office!
This is Ricky who came to see the advertisement at Kodai Station♪

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 The middle line of Zebwan is a lineup with a personality and a personality than the Hyunline (laughs).

I'm looking forward to the role of the three groups in the middle line and the chemi that I haven't seen before ( ̄ ▽  ̄)♡

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