[2020 latest version] Introducing the features of 15 Korean idol affiliation offices!

Korean Idol Office KPOP Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN

Recently, Japan is the birth of Niziu, and the attention to K-POP is further increasing.

Currently there are many idols active, but their affiliation offices are characterized.

So this time,15 Korean performing arts officesPick up,Idol and characteristicsI would like to introduce you!  


Korean entertainment office

If you match the great and medium-sized entertainment office such as SM, YG, JYP of famous entertainment offices30 or more companiesIt also exists.

This time I would like to introduce the following artifact office to which popular idol belongs.

  1. SM entertainment
  2. JYP entertainment
  3. YG entertainment
  4. BIGHIT entertainment
  5. Woollim entertainment
  6. Cube entertainment
  7. StarShip Entertainment
  8. Wm entertainment
  9. FNC entertainment
  10. Predis entertainment
  11. RBW entertainment
  12. Top Media
  13. EDMA entertainment
  14. DSP media
  15. OFF THE RECORD entertainment


What is the feature of each Korean entertainment office?

What is the characteristic of Korea entertainment office?

I will explain the features of the famous entertainment office 15 companies.


1. SM entertainment

SM Entertainment Korea Idol Office

It is most popular in the KPOP worldSM entertainmentis.

Idol belongs,Tohoshinki, Girlhood, Redvelvet, NCT, Superjunior, SHINee, Exo, F (X), Superm, BOAJust super popular idols.

SMVisualOrthodox idolThere are many, and I get huge popularity from all over the world.

Active in JapanSo, Tohoshinki, girlhood, Superjunior, SHINee, EXO, etc. were conducted in Japan early.

Recently, Japanese members will join NCT, such as joining a Japanese member.

Korean Idol Office Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN SM Entertainment

It is also difficult to be a practice student from the highest popularity of SM,Several tens of people who have tens of thousands of thousands of yearsIt is said.

Also, artists belonging to SM are better than the group,It is characterized by feeling full of families as SM family.

SM Features
  • It is also difficult to become a practice student
  • Although the tendency of visual proficiency is strong, the performance level is high
  • SM global audition regularly held in more than 10 countries worldwide
  • There is a team formed by the practice student before the debut "SM Rookies"


SM Entertainment Official Site


2. JYP entertainment

JYP Entertainment Korean Idol Office

It is popular following SMJYP entertainmentis.

By "rainbow project" that Niziu was born recently,In Japan, the presidentJ. Y. Park is now known.

Idol belongs,Twice, Itzy, Niziu, Got7, Stray Kids Etc.

Korean Idol Office Senior Advertising Agency Japan JAPAN JAPAN

TWICE and NIZIU etcIt is also famous for many Japanese members to belong.

J. A. Park is currently continuing as a singer.It is also characterized by cherishing each humanity and sterity of the artist.

in the past2PMHave a lot of famous idols, such as enrolling, and produces numerous hits.

From now on, JYP seems to be able to expect more success.

JYP Features
  • Artists are multinationally in a globally powerful.
  • It is important to cherish to be "truth, sincere and humble" and is emphasizing
  • J. Y. Park is still active as a singer




3. YG entertainment

YG Entertainment Korean Idol Office

Subsequent Korean Popular Entertainment OfficeYG entertainmentis.

Speaking of YG, the Korean hip hop representative,Blackpink, Bigbang, Winner, Ikon, TresureAnd so on.

Korean Idol Office Senior Advertising Agency Japan YG Entertainment

Members are often composed of lyrics,It is characterized by many artists with high charismatic artists.

There are many unique members, Bigbang's G-Dragon is a fashion leader that many people are a fashion leader.

Recently, Global development can be expected in the future, such as Japanese members debut at TRESURE.

YG characteristics
  • Hip-hop representative
  • He focuses on charisma such as individuality and song dance than dual
  • New song release is slow but always high quality performance


YG Entertainment Official Site


4. BIGHIT entertainment

BIGHIT Korean Idol Entertainment Office

Then,A major office for three major entertainment office (SM / JYP / YG)BIGHITis.

Global StarBts, Tomorrow x TogetherAnd so on 

Korean Idol Office Senior Advertising Agency Japan Bighit Entertainment BTS

BTS is a KPOP star that everyone knows,Idol popular rankings are always the first place.

We have achieved overwhelming popularity with high level performance.

Currently, Idols are only male groups,BIGHITJAPAN will hold a limited audition that lives in Japan!

Expectations are increasing if female idols are born from BIGHIT!

BIGHIT Features
  • Global popular group BTS belongs
  • A major office in the three major entertainment office (SM, JYP, YG)
  • There are a lot of artists who can write their own songs with physical emphasis


BIGHITEntertainment Official Site

5. Woollim Entertainment

Woollim Entertainment Korean Idol Office

The following entertainment office is wOollim entertainmentis.

Idol belongs,Golden Child, Rocket Punch, Lovelyz, Infinite, DrippimEtc.

Korean Idol Office Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN Woollim Entertainment

Woollim's artistMusician thinking is strongIt is said that.

also,Carcass dance(Dancing that all members' motions are not disturbed) are famous,There is a reputation for a single sense of performance.

Rocket Punch also belongs to Takahashi Takahashi, a former AKB 48.

Woollim Features
  • Musician thinking is strong
  • Calmy dance is characteristic
  • Yuri Takahashi of the former AKB 48 belongs to RocketPunch


wOollim Entertainment Official Site

6. Cube entertainment

Cube Entertainment Korean Idol Office

Next, the former representative Hongson of JYP was foundedCube entertainmentis.


Korean Idol Office Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN Cube Entertainment

Both visuals and ability are also emphasized.

Recently, it is a topic that Pentagon's Hui has provided to JO1,It is characterized by the ability to be able to polar artist by the artistis.

CUBE Features
  • Emphasis on both visual and ability
  • There are many unique artists such as dance and songs
  • Artist confidence can be written


Cube Entertainment Official Site 

7. StarShip Entertainment

StarShip Entertainment Korean Idol Office

The following entertainment office is a Starship entertainment.

Idol belongs,Monster x, space girl, cravityEtc. 

Korean Idol Office Senior Advertising Agency Japan Starship Entertainment

While being a small and small entertainment office, we will produce great idolsEtc. is a substantial artist.

IZ * ONE Wonomy also belongs.

StarShip Features
  • While being a small and small entertainment office, we produce great idol
  • MONSTER X is a US Maximum Music Streaming Service Pandora and focused on overseas expenditure as the 2019 expectation star


StarShip Entertainment Official Site


8. WM entertainment

ONF (Onnop) Member Profile! Korea WM BOYS | Tretame: "Empathy" Entertainment Information Site-Part 3

The following entertainment office isWm entertainmentis.

Idol belongs,B1A4, OH My Girl, ONFEtc.

Korean Idol Office Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN WM Entertainment

The office is not an idol as a "product",I cherish individual individuals as "people"that's right.

I put out music of various genres,Training is thoroughly training so that member confidence can be writtenFeature.

WM Features
  • Various genres of music
  • Thorough training so that members themselves can be written
  • The office is an idol individual individuals


WmEntertainment Official Site


9. FNC entertainment

FNC Entertainment Korean Idol Office

NextFNC entertainmentis.

Idol belongs,FTISLAND, SF9, CHERRY BULLET,CNBLUE, AOA, P1HARMONY(2020 Debuts scheduled)Etc.

Korean Idol Office Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN FNC Entertainment

FNC is characterized by a large number of band-style groups.

In audition,Person who can appeal to your own character wellIs it easy to receive.

FNC Features
  • A lot of band format groups are produced
  • There are many sunger songwriter artists
  • People who can appeal their characters firmly are easy to choose


FNC Entertainment Official Site

10. Predis entertainment

PLEDIS Entertainment Korean Idol Office

PLEDIS entertainmentIt was established by Han Sons who had been managering in SM.

Idol belongs,SEVENTEEN, NU'ESTEtc. 

Korean Idol Office Senior Advertising Agency Japan Predis Entertainment

Are you emphasizing your appearanceIt is characterized by many visual members.

also,Many foreign membersIt is also a feature.

Jun & Min Hao(SEVENTEEN)ChinaJoshua &Vernon(SEVENTEEN)AmericaBeca (AfterSchool)HawaiiI am from.

Predis features
  • Affiliation practice is I.o, also a topic that debuted as Wanna One
  • There are many visual members
  • Many foreign members


Predis Entertainment Official Site


11. RBW entertainment

RBW Korea Idol Office

The following entertainment office isRbwis.

Idol belongs,Mamamoo, Oneus, OneWe, Vroman, Purple Kiss (a second half of 2020 Debuts)Etc.

Korean Idol Office Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN RBW Entertainment

Emphasis on skills than appearance and ageSurrounded, Mamamoo's Sola has been trained at the age of 21.

also,Promotional strategy is good atIt looks like it is characterized.

Currently, Japan, Vietnam places local subsidiaries and focused on global expansion.

RBW Features
  • Focus on global expansion rapidly
  • Lottery artist match
  • Promotion is also longer in strategy
  • Powerful focus on appearance and age




12. TOP Media

TOP Media Korean Idol Office

The following performing office isTop Mediais.

Idol belongs,TEENTOP, 100%, UP10 TION, MCNDEtc.

Korean Idol Office Topmedia Senior Advertising Agency Japan

CurrentlyKorean men members onlyI belong.

Groups are also characterized by 4 to 6 people, compared to other groups.

Five-person idol debuted in 2020McndFrom the high performance and the height of the momentum,This is one of the male idol groups that are focused.

Top Media Features
  • Korean men only affiliated
  • Groups are about 4 to 6 people and relatively few


TOP Media Official Site


13. EDAM entertainment

EDAM Entertainment Korean Idol Office

Next, national singerIuOf the exclusive officeEdamis.

Mr. Pa Jong Han, a manager that IU has been sharing from the time of debut in 2008It was established as an IU exclusive office.

You can feel the strong trust of IU and John Han.

Korean Idol Office IU EDAM Senior Advertising Agency Japan

"EDAM", which is a company name, "MADE" is arranged reverse,"Create (Made)" "Next (Idam 다음 / 담담)" over the times over the ageThere is a meaning that

EDAM Features
  • The exclusive office established by the 12-way Manager Pa John Han of IU
  • Transfers from the former Affiliation office (Kakaom) of IU




14. DSP Media

DSPMEDIA Korea Idol Office

The following entertainment office isDSP mediais.

Idol belongs,Kard, April, Song Dong PyoEtc.

Korean Idol Office DSP Media Senior Advertising Agency Japan

Caused KPOP boom to JapanIt is also famous for producing KARA.

Kard is rare in idol groupTwo men, 2 females, men and women mixed groupsso,It is popular in America and Europe.

Recently popularOriginal X1 Don PyoIt also belongs.

It is characterized by being excellent in casting power. 

DSP Features
  • Casting power is excellent
  • Kard is an idol group rare gender mix group
  • It is also famous for producing KARA

DSP Media Official Site


15. OFF The Record Entertainment

OFF THE RECORD Korean Idol Office

The entertainment office to introduce lastOFF THE RECORDis.

Born from "Idol School"Fromis_9, I was born from "Produce101"IZ * ONEAre belonged.

Korean Idol Office Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN OFF The Record IZ * One Fromis_9

IZ * One is now in women idolOne of the most popular groupsis.

It is also famous for HKT, AKB members (Miyawaki Sakiyoshi, Honda Honda, Nako Yabuki) are enrolled.

From the 9-man female idol group, fromIS_9,It seems that it seems to be popular with the AKB fan layer because it feels an idol-like concept of Japan.

Off the RECORD Features
  • Active in Japan, such as Japanese members enrolled
  • Established with the meaning of saying "new challenge not so far"
  • Groups formed by audition programs are enrolled




How was it?

There are various features by the entertainment office ^ ^

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