[1st] ZEROBASEONE member special feature! Thorough explanation of the profiles and backgrounds of Kimji -woon & Jeanhao & Song Hanbin, and the attractive points of Fan Tekushi♪


 Broadcasting started on February 2, 2023
"Boys Planet"

Two and a half months after the start of the broadcastDebut members will be decided on April 20thYou did!

 It seems to be just recently, but the debut member is already
and"ZerobaseOone "One month has passed since the group (abbreviated: Zebwan) was born ( ^ ∀ ^)

So, divided into three times from this time,Three people each ZEROBASEONE member profile, career, charmWe will focus on♪( ´▽`)

This time,Hyun -line (old -ranking),Kimji U (김), Jeanhao (장 하), Song Hanbin (성 빈)Three people!

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Born from Boys Planet

Quote source

 The production decision of "BOYS PLANET" was announced in December 2021,

 At the award ceremony "MAMA" held in November 2022 about one year later, it was announced that 98 participants will be broadcast in February 2023.

after that,On December 29, 2022, the Signal Song "난 빛 (here I am)" and a total of 98 profile photos were released.

The first episode was broadcast on February 2, 2023, and the debut member was decided on April 20Did! !👏

From the program production decision, recruitment, audition, broadcast,1 year and 4 months laterSince the debut group was decided, both the trainees and the fans were long -term battles!💦

100%of the 98 people were selected by fan voting,

Jeanhao, Songhagnbin, Sokumashu, Riki, Pakgonuku, Kim Tele, Kim Gyu -bin, Kim Ju -woo, HanyujinNine people

"ZEROBASEONE"Became a member of♪

The group name is"A free journey from 0 to 1, and a brilliant beginning"The meaning is included ٩ ('ω') و

 The fan name is"ZE_ROSE"and,

If you eliminate "ZEBAONE" from "Zerobaseone", it will be "Rose", so

Become one with Zebwan and RoseThe meaning is included!

"" "" "" "" "The name "ZE_ROSE" is wonderful🌹

In the previous article, we introduce the final ranking of Zebwan, how to join the fan club, etc.HerefromPlease check♪

Thorough explanation of Kim Jiwn!

From now on, I will focus on each member and explain it thoroughly ٩ ('ω') و

Kim Ji -wn's profile & career

Quote source

  • Name: Kimji U (김)
  • Date of birth: December 14, 1998
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Height: 178cm
  • Office: NestManageMent

Jein, who became the eldest son of Zebwan.

ActuallyA considerable struggling person debuted in three groupsWhat is it (T ^ T)

Debuted in 2016 with the idol group "INX", but it was dissolved due to office issues, debuted in the "ATEEN" in 2018 and "B.I.T" in 2019.

I was a live activity at Shin -Okubo in Japan
There was also the era of "Shin -Okubo Dollar".

Furthermore, I am challenging countless hardships, such as being ranked first in the audition called Billboard Challenge ...

Furthermore, Jiun's career is not over with idol alone! !

Actor debut in 2021"SweetBlood ~ red temptation-" "Don't Lie Rahee"

Appeared as a leading actor in the BL drama "I want to bite your lips" and "Room 304 in Pundoku -so"I was actively engaged in actor activities!

Especially in "I want to bite your lips", it was so popular that two leading actors held a fan meeting.👏

Click here for notice♪

"I had a lot of twists and turns, but what I couldn't give up is a compelling feeling for the stage, this is the last chance."

He appeared on BOYSPLANET with that thought and made his debut in 8th place (T ^ T)! !

What is the charm of Kim Ji -woo?
Introducing the best points of the fan!

From now on, we will introduce the charm of ji -ni and the recommended place.♪

Visuals that trainees also fall in love

Speaking of Kimji -woon, if you like Korean boys, everyone is all
It can be said that it is cool,
It's a good -looking guy ( ̄ ▽  ̄)!

Voypra Episode 1,When the trainees have the first star -level testing, the incidentWoke up lol!

 Please see here ^ ^

As soon as Jiun appeared
Propers"cool,"And Zawazawa
I started lol!

I'm still 24 years old, but my sex appeal is amazing, isn't it?

In the program"I was thrilled, I seemed to fall in love."There are some trainees who said, so there is no reason not to like women (´ ▽ `)

The recommended stage for ji -ni on voice is
"Back Door" and "Love Killa"is♪

 Jeun can be said to be two songs that made the legend!

04:02〜、05:05〜It is particularly notable for:*+. \ ((° ω °)) /.:+


Gap with appearance

As he said, he said, but it may look cold because he has a long face, but it is actually cute! !

Video01:22〜You can see the cute jeun (´∀ `)♡

My favorite song is the song of Pororo (a cute Korean character), a dog cafe during the voice of voice!

Furthermore, there are too many gaps with the appearance, such as being tampered with by younger trainees and loving, and the swamps of Kim Jiwn are deep! ( ̄∇ ̄)

Thorough explanation of Jeanhao!

Jeanhao's profile & career

Quote source

  • Real name: Jeanhao (Shoho)
  • Date of birth: July 25, 2000
  • Birthplace: China Fujian
  • Height: 180.5cm
  • Office: yuehua Entertainment


MNET's first foreigner in history in history, 1st place in the final rankingJeanhao shined.

 Before coming to Korea in September 2021, I was a college student in China, but

He has a surprising background that he does not think of a normal college student!

 I passed the Chinese Geological University when I was in the university, but I was attracted to the name of the university.

He realized that he liked music, not that field.

So, he decided to go to Fujian Norin University, where he could stop Chinese geographical universities, be a ronin and major in music!

and,In the center examination at the time of the entry to Fujian Normal University, he entered the chairman in the first place in Fujian Province.

He majored in violin, performed by piano, viola, and cello, and has already obtained a music teacher license.is!

 moreoverChinese, English, KoreanI can speak 3 languages ​​σ ('⌓')

It was a college student who was interested in dancing and songs, and he began to have an idol dream!

All are the results of effort, but the high specs are too high,
I want to ask what I can't do ... lol

Please see the videos that showed off the violin during the level test of voice.♪

"I thought I had to return to China and become a music teacher if I could continue my trainee life, become an idol, or become an idol.

The only job I want to do now is KPOP, I definitely want to make my debut. "It said.

Debuted in the first place and is the first place in the final ranking, so the center and the album will include a solo song in the debut song! !

What is the charm of Jeanhao?
Introducing the best points of the fan!

Lump of cuteness

Speaking of Jeanhao's recommended point, it is just a cute place (∀ ∀)!

Please see this video♪

Video0:53〜This is a particular point!

The movement expression is all cute, lol

andTopic items that enhance the cuteness of JeanhaoThere is!💡

Video01:03〜Among the fans who are appearing in
"Haopine"It is "hairpin" called (´∀ `)

You had various kinds of hairpins during the practice!
You may have bought the same hairpin.😊

Furthermore, emotions and emotions are easy to understandIt ’s a cute point.♪( ´▽`)

This video is packed with the cuteness of Jeanhao, so please check it out.♪

Perfect style and visual

 The behavior is cute, so it doesn't look very big,Actually, the height is 180cm and the face is small, and the style is outstandingWhat is it! !

 This is a photo when I modeled a magazine in China as an ordinary person ^ ^

The visuals are already too good ...

 Not only performance, but

The stage where Jeanhao's visuals and style was good at the maximum

"TOMBOY"and"Over Me"Isn't it (´∀ `)?

 In the video05:21〜In "TOMBOY"More than usualThe makeup is dark and the hairstyle has changed!

08:24〜In "Over Me"Because it is a simple costume, the goodness was enriched.👏

 The debut has been rumored to be JulyJeanhao's birthday is July 25, so July is a gorgeous monthI'm looking forward to it (´ ▽ `)♡

Thorough explanation of Songhanbin!

Song Hanbin's profile & career

Quote source

  • Real name: Song Hambin
  • Date of birth: June 13, 2001
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Height: 179cm
  • Office: Studio GL1DE

Boipura's face, legendIt's not an exaggeration to say,
Song Hanbin.

The final ranking is second, and all of the other three ranking announcements are ranked first.

Including signal songsKeyling part with 4 songs out of 5 songsIs in charge of

I can't talk to voice without Songhanbin! You can say that (´∀ `)

I think that I had a brilliant life because I was active in voice in voice.

But Hambin isBefore I entered the current office, I was a trainee life at Cube Entertainment, but I left.(Most of the trainees leave the office due to the evaluation of the office),

I was active as a dancer, such as Wannaone and BTS back dancers.

"There was a time when I was confused because I could have a dream of an idol just because I wanted to be.

While preparing to become an idol, he obtained a barista qualification (where his parents' home runs a cafe). "

 Hanbin is too cool to keep chasing the dream of an idol while watching the reality (T ^ T)♡

The video above is impressed by the personality of Hambin, who is impressed by seeing the level test of Matthew who was training together at Cube Entertainment.

Please check it♪

What is the charm of Songhanvin?
Introducing the best points of the fan!

No.1 (?)

In KoreaIt is the mainstream to name the combination of two idols and the combination of two people as "chemi" and give a name to the combination of two people.That's right ^ ^

Speaking of Song Hanbin's famous chemi in Zebwan

With Jeanhao"Haobin",With Matthew"Methubin",With Gubin"Tubins"Such

It is no exaggeration to say that the number of chemi is No.1!

"Haobin" supports each other and is no longer a couple (´ ▽ `)♡

"Methubin" is a complete "brother", as you can see from the video introduced in the hambin profile mentioned earlier ... crying.

"Tubins" also looks like a brother because Hambin is older, but it's a smiling chemi that two people are two.♪

fan service

Speaking of Songhanvin's recommendation,What cannot be removed is the splendor of fan service, idol power, and fans!

 This video seems to be fansa to your own fans who came to recording!

It's too swamp to appeal to you what you're stiff.😇

Next, this is a video that looks for a fan who wrote a letter to himself when a 100 -only penmi was a videos.♪

 The words and facial expressions that you release in a good way are tough, isn't it?:*+. \ ((° ω °)) /.:+

Hanbin, which can already be said to be 100 points as an idol.

Leader in ZebwanAs it has become, we are looking forward to the future "idol, Songhan Bin" ('∀ `*)!


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ZEROBASEONE is rumored to be debut in July!

Especially during the broadcast period of voiceThe support advertisement at the station is very exciting, and it is an event that the trainees actually come to see the ad.You were doing it!

 This is a video where Jeanhao and Yujin came to see advertisements ^ ^

This is when Songhanvin first appeared to see the subway station advertising!
This is a cheering advertisement for Kim Jiang in Times Square.♪

In the advertisement provided by our customers, there have been many cases where a biplar trainee himself has received authentication shots.♪

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This time, we delivered the three people, Hyunline of Zebwan.♪( ´▽`)

 These three are older groups in Zebwan, but the eldest son, Kim Ji -woon, is 25 this year, so the older group is still young.

In the next two and a half years of activity, not only the stage, but also the three Hyunline

I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of position, such as the mother, dad, older brother, each of the groups ( ^ ∀ ^)

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