Thoroughly dig deeper into Lapone's new group Dxteen! Introducing the basic information of the members and the origin of the fan name/JO1 & INI!


This time, we will deliver a special feature of "Dxteen" debuted from Lapone Entertainment ^^

Dxteen is a rookie group that is now attracting a lot of attention as a younger brother group such as JO1 and INI born from audition programs!

It is also known that the members who participated in "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON 2" belong ^^

Such DxteenGroup basic informationor,Deeply digging for members with many unknown partsLet's do it!

There is no doubt that you will be addicted to the swamp of the members who have plenty of charm and charm> <

moreover,Fan name announced the day before the debut and its originIntroducing episodes with JO1 and INII will do it♪

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What is dxteen?

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Dxteen is a Japanese Boys Group belonging to Lapone Entertainment!

Debuted on May 10, 2023 with the single "BRAND New Day" and has attracted attention as a group of JO1 and INI.♪

The group name "dxteen" is ""The "Infinite possibility" of six youth (Teen), which grows, expanding and expanding (EXPAND), expanding step by step towards a dream (DREAM).OriginI'm doing ^^

Time has passed, and even if you grow up, you will not lose your dreams and make your dreams even larger"meansIt's also included!

The members were four of Okubo Nami -kun, Terao Kunobu -kun, Ken Hiramoto Ken -kun, and Fukuda Fukuda -kun, who appeared on the audition program "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON2". Added to a 6 -person system♪

He said that he aimed for his debut while living together in Korea during the trainee!

Since I was living together, I seem to be confident that my family like my family will not lose to any group ^^

To the staffI've never seen a good group so farI was told!

In the future, we are talking about the pure of the newcomer, and we are talking about becoming a group that challenges songs with various concepts and expressing various expressions!

A group that boasts freshness that is looking forward to the future growth.^^ 

DXTEEN members' profile!

Okubi wave retention

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  • Real name: Okubo Nerdomu
  • Date of birth: July 3, 2004
  • Birthplace: Fukuoka Prefecture
  • Height: 177cm
  • Member color: Pink


Dxteen's "Ekubo Angel", Okubo Nami -kun (hereinafter referred to as Nori -kun)!

Nori -kun loved Johnny's and the people shining on the stage since childhood, so he often imitated it ^^

However, he says he never thought he would be an artist.

Look at "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN" and "If I do my best, I can be like JO1."I came to aim!

My appeal point is "negative but confident!"

I always think that there are aspects that are likely to be negative because I always think that I can do more!♪

Shotaro Tanaka

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  • Real name: Shotaro Tanaka
  • Date of birth: October 18, 2005
  • Birthplace: Yamanashi Prefecture
  • Height: 179cm
  • Member color: Purple


The youngest child of Dxteen, Shotaro Tanaka (hereinafter referred to as Shotaro -kun)!

Shotaro -kun has been dancing since he was a child, and was taking lessons at the Avex Dance Master when he was a sixth grade in elementary school!

After receiving the audition, there were many opportunities on the big stage, and he aimed to be an artist because he could not forget the scenery ^^

Shotaro -kun is one of the members who participated on the wayHe is also a member who has deepened his relationship!

When I was living together, Shotaro -kun, who is good at cooking, made rice on a night snack and holidays after practice.♪

Everyone eats it because it's delicious, so I want to make a lotThere is also an episode that is relaxing! (smile)

It may be true that you can get along with the same rice ^^

Taichi Taniguchi

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  • Real name: Taniguchi Hachiichi (Taniguchi)
  • Date of birth: July 11, 2002
  • Birthplace: Nara Prefecture
  • Height: 173cm
  • Member color: Red


Taichi Taniguchi (hereinafter, Taichi -kun), the oldest and leader of Dxteen!

Influenced by BIGBANG's live when I was a junior high school student, "(I am) I wish I could stand on this stage someday"I came to yearn ^^

And aiming for an artistI had a trainee life at a Korean entertainment office!

It's cool to go abroad alone to aim for a dream (;;)

Taichi -kun was one of the members who joined on the way, and said that he was worried that he could accept his fans if he did not participate in Nippon Pu 2 ...

but,Even the oldest is a friendly personality that members are tampered with, and now it is very favored by members and fans.♪

In addition, the atmosphere changes in the performance, and the gap with everyday is one of Taichi -kun's charm!

Kenobu Terao

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  • Real name: Terakoshin Terao
  • Date of birth: August 5, 2003
  • Birthplace: Hiroshima Prefecture
  • Height: 170cm
  • Member color: Green


Dxteen's "Son of the Temple", Kunobu Terao (hereinafter, Koshin -kun)!

Koshin -kun grew up as a son of a temple in Etajima in Hiroshima Prefecture ^^

He was surrounded by warm people on the island, and is also known for being calm and calm.♪

Koshin -kun, who was a baseball boy, aims to be an artist after covering BTS at the first year of high school!

I love music and "Perhaps the power to enjoy music is as good as anyone"Is your appeal point!

It seems that there are some analysts, such as looking for the voice that suits the song ^^

He seems to be studying composition, so let's look forward to the day when Koshin -kun can listen to the song.♪

Hiramoto Ken

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  • Real name: Ken Hiramoto (Hiramoto Ken)
  • Date of birth: December 18, 2004
  • Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture
  • Height: 171cm
  • Member color: Blue


Dxteen's "Yancha Boy", Ken Hiramoto (hereinafter, Ken -kun)!

Ken began to listen to K-POP due to his family.He was shocked by the BTS live he went to when he was a junior high school student.

Immediately after the live, to my motherBecome an artist"He said he made a declaration ^^

I'm usually playing playfully, but the gap with when I play with a hand microphone and play is attractive.♪

moreover,He is good at dancing that he started under the influence of BTS, and is also called Dxteen's all -rounder!

Actually, there are some lonely and spoiled places, and when they have to go alone, they are listening to music to distract their loneliness!

It is healthy, which is called a boy, but that gap is also cute! (smile)

Fukuda's statement

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  • Real name: Fukuda Ayuta
  • Date of birth: March 30, 2003
  • Birthplace: Tochigi Prefecture
  • Height: 178cm
  • Member color: Yellow


Dxteen model? ! , Fukuda Kota -kun (hereinafter, Kota -kun)!

It is tall and easy to see cool, but in fact it has a mysterious side when speaking in a healing system ^^

Originally, K-POP, who originally liked K-POP, couldn't forget the stage I saw at KCon when I was in my second year of high school, so I would like to be an artist!

I want to be a person who can give me a dreamInexperienced songs and dances, I participated in the day of Pu 2!

"I like songs and are growing little by little, but"Can grow further"The place where there is a stretch is also my attraction point ^^

I'm looking forward to growing up as an individual and a group.♪

Dxteen's fan name is "Nico"! What is the origin?

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The fan name of Dxteen, who was looking for a fan name on Twitter, is finally decided!

The day before the debut, we announced that the fan name became "NICO" on YouTube ^^

There were a lot of applications and I was very worried ...

The Dxteen icon is Nico -chan mark

So that fans can spend their time smiling

 「So that members and fans can make each other smile

It seems that "Nico" has been decided with the origin and thoughts.♪

Fans have raised their joy, saying, "The perfect fan name for Dxteen!" And "Cute!"

moreover,The senior group JO1's fan name "JAM" and INI's fan name "mini" are shoritative, and some voices say "I feel a family!"

Please check here for videos that are announcing the fan name!


Introducing episodes of brother group JO1 & INI and Dxteen!

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This year, Lapone Entertainment's first joint artist joint live "Laposta 2023" was held!

Dxteen will also appear along with JO1 and INI, and show off a stage that makes use of the colors of each group!

In addition, the "Group Shuffle Stage" that crossed the group was also held, and it was even more exciting ^^

We will continue to introduce the episodes of older brothers and younger brothers groups that can be expected to be involved in various tips.♪

Introducing the episodes of JO1 and Dxteen!

Laposta 2023Taichi -kun in the program immediately afterJO1I asked Ru -kun Shiraiwa, "How can I get along with Ruhime -kun?"

But "I'm sorry, notI have to come from meThe answer was shy and difficult (laughs)

YoungerDxteenIt may have been using honorifics, and it has a difficult atmosphere to approach.friend!

I want you to go pounding and get along! (smile)

On the other hand, Kazunari Mamehara -kun is nearby.DxteenIt seems that he is talking with the members of Tame^^

Introducing episodes of INI and Dxteen!

2023Year5Moon, fashion & music event "Rakuten Girlsaward 2023 SPRINGSummerThis is an episode when Numaru -kun and Kotaga -kun appeared.^^

For the same eventINIWhen it was announced that he was also appearing and announced that he would walk on the runway, Daei Takatsuka was contacted by Kota -kun, saying, "I'm going to walk on the runway. Good luck!"

Meanwhile, Hatome -kun didn't contact anyoneAnd confession (laughs)

Dayp2You'll be relaxing in the episodes between each other in♪ 


This time, we introduced JO1 and INI's younger brother group Dxteen!

Did the charm of each group and members be transmitted? ^^

Anyway, it is cool to have six good friends and are seriously facing music!

The episode with the brother group was just smiling! (smile)

Although it is a group that has become a hot topic as a younger brother, it will surely be noticed in the future of Dxteen!

Let's support Dxteen, who is looking forward to further growth in the future♪ 

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