Thorough survey of JO1 Keika Sato's fashion! What is the brand name of plain clothes? Why do you wear a high brand? Is your parents rich?

JO1 佐藤景瑚のファッションを徹底調査!私服のブランド名は?ハイブランドを着る理由って?実家はお金持ち?

This time,We will send you a fashion special feature of JO1's fashionable bancho, Keikun Sato!

Speaking of Keikun Sato, he has a tall and outstanding style, andYou are known for what you like ^^

In this article,Keikun Sato, who is attracting attention as a fashionista, introduces the plain clothes that he had worn so far!

moreover,We will also approach the reason for wearing high brands♪

I'm just wearing high brandsIsn't your parents rich? ! Let's check the truth of the rumor!

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Introducing the profile of Keika Sato!

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  • Real name: Keika Sato (Keigo Sato)
  • Date of birth: July 29, 1998
  • Birthplace: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
  • Height: 182cm


Keika Sato is a member of JO1 born from the audition program "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN"!

Before participating in the dayp, I was modeling while going to a beauty school in Nagoya, and I was learning to dance as an EXPG scholarship ^^

After graduation, he revealed that he worked as an apprentice for a hairdresser!

Although he was always in the top of the day, he had never entered the debut range during the program broadcast.

but,It is also known that he became a member of the final 7th place ^^

Currently, in addition to idol activities, he also appears in dramas as an actor.♪

Thorough investigation of Keika Sato's plain clothes! Up to the brand name you wear!

I will introduce Keika Sato's plain clothes for each theme ^^

Please look for what kind of style your favorite is your favorite.♪

* Some costumes may be included.

Keika Sato's beautiful fashion

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First of all, it is Keiku Sato of the beautiful coordinates worn at Tiktok!

Long coats look great because they are taller ^^

This coat is ""Maison MargielaIt seems that the price is around 200,000!

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It's fashionable to have a little shirt in with a simple and clean coordination ^^

This shirt, which has a fashionable design on the chest, is ""Louis VuittonIt seems to be a DNA shirt♪

Keika Sato's individual fashion

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Keiku Sato, who loves fashion, wears unique clothes fashionably ^^

The tops are ""Nike"and"CACTUS PLANT FLEA MarketIt looks like a collaboration product.

Also, the messenger bag is ""DIESELI love you♪ 

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I wear a unique knit even in two shots with Showtaro ^^

The color is very cute with a fluffy material!

This knit is "CelineIt seems to be from the Fall / Winter 2022 collection!

Keika Sato's casual fashion

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It is a casual plain clothes worn at the airport♪

It's a simple outfit, but "JW AndersonThe bomber jacket is very cute!

Because it is tall, it shines no matter what clothes you wear! !

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This plain clothes that I wore at Tiktok are very cute.♪

Wearing a long coat makes it an impression that it is not too casual for hoodies!

The hat is "CelineI am wearing something ^^

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It is a plain clothes I wore at Tiktok♪

It is a fashionable advanced person to match the purple knit and the yellow -green bag ...!

The bag is "PRADAIt seems that you love the triangle campus bag ^^

Keika Sato is ranked first in "Male Entertainers with fashionable plain clothes"! Why do you just wear high brands?

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Keikun Sato, who used his tall and modeled!

The plain clothes were quite high -sense, and it was just JO1's fashionable bancho!

Such Sato Keikun2022 Model Press Readers chose the first place of "Male Entertainers who think that plain clothes are fashionable" ^^

Simple to unique fashion!」「Become a study!」「JO1 boasting fashionista!""♪

Keikun Sato is known for wearing high -brands in plain clothes.

When appeared on a TV program, "Put 50,000 to 100,000 on T -shirts"Some of them have revealed!

As the performers are surprisedDon't think of "T -shirts 50,000", it's cheap if you think of "50,000 T -shirts on that brand""" (smile)

moreover"(If you wear a branded thing)I feel different!I confessed why I wore a high brand ^^

It is a reason why Fashion likes Keikun Sato -kun, but it is difficult to imitate! (smile)

Keika Sato is the son of the president! Is it true that the parents' house is rich?

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Keikun SatoAre you rich because you often wear high brands? Rumors!

Even in the plain clothes introduced, I was wearing items from various brands ^^

In fact, Keikun Sato's father is running a scrap factory!

In other words, Keiku Sato is the son of the president.♪

At the coming -of -age ceremony, my parents gave Gucci suitsIt seems that he was born in a wealthy family.

As an aside, Keikun Sato -kunHe reveals that he has been helping his parents' factory!

again,I also know that I attended a private high school with a high tuition in Aichi Prefecture ^^

From these episodesI guess Sato Keikun is likely to be rich!

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This time, JO1, which will celebrate its birthday on July 29Keiku SatoWe delivered a special feature♪

I loved the best fashion among JO1 and dressed in various styles of plain clothes!

Because it is tall, any clothes looked very good!

Speaking of Keikun Sato, it is an image of a high brand,It was interesting to see Keika Sato's fashion for fashion.♪

Let's continue to explore the charm of Keikun Sato ^^

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