Thorough explanation of INI Masaya Kimura! Introducing your career, Instagram photo book, and cool dance videos♪

INI 木村 柾哉を徹底解説!経歴やインスタ写真集、かっこいいダンス動画までをご紹介♪

"INI" is a 11 -member performance group debuted in November 2021.

Masaya Kimura is the leader of INI!

INI is a group born from the audition "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON2".

Of the 101 trainees, the fans voted for the final debut evaluation of 11 people!

Since "JO1" was born from Season 1 in the audition, it has attracted a lot of attention since the start of the audition.♪

Masaya Kimura is a reliable leader of INI who has all the dance, songs, and visuals ( ^ ^)

In this article, I will introduce the background of INI Masaya Kimura, dance videos, and the latest information on INI!

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Birthday in OctoberMasaya KimuraIn Nagoya, his hometownLet's celebrate grandly♪

Introducing the profile of INI Masaya Kimura

  • Real name: Masaya Kimura
  • Date of birth: October 10, 1997
  • Birthplace: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
  • Height: 175 cm

Masaya Kimura is 25 years old born on October 10, 1997! The member color is yellow♪

He seems to have been from Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, and went to a local school until high school.

After graduating from high school, he was active as a lecturer in a dance class in Tokyo!

He has been in parallel with the dance instructor, accompanied by a famous artist's back dancer and appeared on MV!

He had been a back dancer for South Korea's popular group "SEVENTEEN", and he had a considerable dance ability from the beginning (^○^).

Masaya Kimura, who was a good friend of the trainees!

With his performance during his audition, "Dancing petals/SEVENTEENHe was very impressed when he danced in the group ... (;;)

In INI, he is very active in teaching choreography to other members and making songs by making use of his dance experience.♪

What is the charm of INI Masaya Kimura?

From here,We approach Masaya Kimura's charm! ! 

Efforts who always kept the first place

Masaya Kimura, who kept the first place almost every time in the ranking announcement held in the middle of the audition!

Despite his ability, he practiced without leaving anything.

What impressed me was Masaya's new sneakers that were used until they were tattered during the audition.

Compared to other trainees' sneakers,"Proof of effort"It was recognized by the trainer!

From the ability of the dance and the good -looking visuals, the audition theme song "Let me FlyIs selected as the center♪

Due to the influence of this video, we have built up the immovable position as the face of Season 2 (^○^).

A reliable leader loved by members!

After the formation of INI, Masaya Kimura became the leader of the group as a result of all the people talked together!

He was also a leader in the team battle during the audition, so I think he was more reliable among the members.

He is often assigned to the MC of the planning as a leader (^○^)

Group practice and schedule management seem to be the leader's job, and it seems that members are often grateful.♪ 

Sometimes the naturalness of the chest is♡

Masaya Kimura is the oldest set of INI!

I usually have a strong impression that I am a solid brother, but I sometimes feel like the naturalness of the element that I can see ...!♡

It seems that the group of the group is relaxed in the occasional natural remarks (^o^)

In particular, there seems to be a spoiler in front of the same oldest group of west groups, indicating the goodness of the two.♪

Among the fans, "Kim WestThe relationship between them is so famous that they are called!

Masaya Kimura's Instagram photo book!

From here, we will introduce photos of Masaya Kimura posted on INI's official Instagram!

Seeing surprising aspects and cool figures that can only be seen on InstagramMasaya Kimura'sPlease rediscover the charm♪

Photos with autographs of Masaya Kimura

This photo is a photo written by Masaya Kimura for his thanks to his fans when his debut!

If you look at the handwritten letters that you can't usually see, you can see a cute side, such as writing emoji with a beautiful feminine font.♪

In this post, I wrote the word "Noboru" as this year's kanji in 2022!

Cool photo book

This post is the one posted when the 2nd Single "I" was released!

It's a cool photo that you can't imagine from the cute font I mentioned earlier (^o^)

Childhood photo

This photo is a childhood photo posted on Children's Day!

It is very valuable to be able to see photos of the childhood childhood, isn't it?♪ You can see the cute side unique to childhood (^o^)

Photo of Masaya Kimura taken by members

This is a photo of Masaya Kimura taken by members as a "animal best shot showdown"!

It's a special photo that makes you feel as if you went to see animals together.♪

Valuable yukata photo

This is a photo of a valuable yukata taken when you travel a hot spring trip!

The fans were delighted in the precious yukata that I couldn't usually see.♪

In this way, there are many photos that can only be seen on Instagram (^o^)

In the future, check the official Instagram of INI and get valuable photos♪

INI latest information summary

INI, which is the leader of Masaya Kimura, is a 3rd single on August 24MI will release!

The new visual was released the other day, and Masaya Kimura had a pink brown hair color!

The image of the high tone that has been continued since the trainee has become established.♪

single"MThe concept teaser video is also available on YouTube, so check it out!

 It was also announced that a nationwide arena tour will be held in December!

Held in 4 cities: Aichi, Osaka, Tokyo and Fukuoka♪

It will also be held in Aichi prefecture, which is the hometown of Masaya Kimura ( ^ ^)

Ticket details have not been announced yet, so let's pay attention to future announcements!

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This time, I introducedINI Masaya Kimura isOctober 10thIs your birthday!

Masaya KimuraI don't think there are many opportunities to celebrate your birthday in Nagoya, the hometown of.♪ 

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With everyoneMasaya KimuraofBirthdayLet's celebrate grandly in Nagoya, a hometown! !


Until now, I have introduced the profile and charm of INI Masaya Kimura, and the latest information on INI. How was it? (^○^)

Keep an eye on Masaya Kimura, who leads INI as a leader!

In addition, I hope that you can celebrate grandly in your hometown, Nagoya, so that your birthday will be in October.♪

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