Thorough explanation of INI Kyosuke Fujimaki! Introducing the personality full of gaps & high school / company employee!

INI 藤牧京介を徹底解説!ギャップ満載の性格&高校・会社員時代のエピソードをご紹介!

This time, we will send you a special feature on INI's Birthday in August.♪

From detailed profiles, there are plenty of episodes of high school and company employees ^^

moreoverHere are three songs that understand Kyosuke Fujimaki's singing skills, which are called "healing singing voice".♪

If you read this article, you will definitely be addicted to the swamp of Kyosuke Fujimaki who is too attractive ...!

And this time, I want to celebrate my birthday! Perfect for those who sayIkebukuro Palko Jack PlanAlso introduces!

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Introducing the INI Kyosuke Fujimaki's profile!

Quote source

  • Real name: Kyosuke Fujimaki (Fujimaki Kyosuke)
  • Date of birth: August 10, 1999
  • Birthplace: Nagano Japan
  • Blood type: type A
  • Height: 168cm


Speaking of Kyosuke Fujimaki -kun, he has the high singing ability and a "healing singing voice" ^^

Appearing in Pu 2 in pursuit of a dream of the singer, the focus of the vocal power that sets it apart from the surroundings!

Kyosuke Fujimaki, who has become a member without dancing, is also challenging dance and rap, aiming for an all -rounder of INI.♪

Also, it's a famous story that it was a singer called "Uta" with 190,000 followers on Tiktok ^^.

The person has not stated,The video of Kyosuke Fujimaki -kun on the official Tiktok of INI is a hot topic!

Uta is a singer who didn't have a face, but a video that was singing in the same angle of view was released!

Isn't it a great joy for a fan (;;)?

It seems almost certain that Kyosuke Fujimaki was a song ^^

What is the character of Kyosuke Fujimaki? Popular people full of gaps!

Naive personality

Kyosuke Fujimaki, who is usually nervous,My personality is "I care too much about various things"

I was worried about my surroundings since I was appearing in Pu 2!

It is also known for having a very cautious and naive aspect.

but,I often go in a positive direction because I have a lot of thoughts ^^

At the concert, you can walk around the venue so that you can enjoy it from any seat!

It can be said that you can take care of it because you notice various things.♪


Popular people who are compassionate 

Speaking of Kyosuke FujimakiIt is also known for having a compassionate personality ^^

If the members are in trouble, they will say, "Are you okay?"

The kindness that snuggles up to people is like Kyosuke Fujimaki ^^

Also, according to Dae Takatsuka -kunHas the power to attract people around nature"that's right!

In Nippon Pu 2, there were natural people gathering around Kyosuke Fujimaki!

Because it has a compassion and a unique fluffy atmosphereAn existence that improves the airI am convinced that it is said!

Kyosuke Fujimaki's high school and company employee's episode!

Quote source

Kyosuke Fujimaki, who is now a very active member of INI!

Many people are worried about what they were doing before becoming an idol ^^

This time, I will introduce episodes of high school and company employee era.♪

Kyosuke Fujimaki's high school days

First of all, about high school!

Kyosuke Fujimaki, who was in elementary and junior high school in baseball,In high school, I belonged to the "Light Music Club"!

He was invited as a member singing at the school festival, saying, "I don't have to go to club activities!"

If you know Kyosuke Fujimaki's ability, you will definitely know what you want to join! (smile)

He said that he went to Tokyo for the first time in his first year of high school, so he seemed to be an artist seriously since this time ^^

Also, in "From INI", "I had milk and feed once a year in high school."

The program also said "I was from agricultural high school", soIt is highly likely that he was attending an agricultural high school.♪

Kyosuke Fujimaki era of company employee

Kyosuke Fujimaki said that he did not go to college and got a job at a company dealing with nursing care ^^

It seems that he was doing a wheelchair -related rental!

However, I was auditioning while working as a company employee, and I was uploading singing images to SNS!

Although there was no clear statement from the person's mouth, it is said that Tiktok was working as a singer "Uta" with 190,000 followers!

Deliver the singing ability of Kyosuke Fujimaki, the owner of the healing singing voice!

Hideaki Tokunaga "Rainy Blue"


Kyosuke Fujimaki -kunHideaki Tokunaga's "Rainy Blue" that was shown on the day of Pu 2 "1 minute PR"!

It is a song that is generally said to be difficult because the key is high, but it sings out dignifiedly with a cappella!

Kyosuke Fujimaki's warm singing voice and "Rainy Blue" match well, and you'll listen!

I want to listen to it someday (;;)

Shota Shimizu "Melody instead of a bouquet"


Shota Shimizu's "Melody instead of a bouquet" that was shown in the position battle of 2♪

This cover is still called "legendary", and it is a song that can never be removed by Kyosuke Fujimaki's singing voice!

The part of Kyosuke Fujimaki, which starts around 1:45, has goose bumps no matter how many times you hear it!

It's an incredible ability before your debut!

Hikaru Utada "First Love"


Recently became a hot topic by Kyosuke Fujimaki.It is a cover of Utada Hikaru's famous song "First Love"!

I guess many fans may have been deprived again due to Kyosuke Fujimaki's transparent singing voice and expressive power (: :).

From those who are not mini, "There are people who are good at singingIt is a singing voice that was highly acclaimed!

It's comfortable and I don't want to hear it as many times as I want ^^

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Ini Kyosuke Fujimaki

Ikebukuro Palko Jack was held to celebrate the birthday of INI's Kyosuke Fujimaki, introduced this time!

The main advertisement of the member color blue and the illustration of Kyosuke Fujimaki is very nice ^^

Kep1er Yong -un

The birthday of KEP1ER's Yong Eun, born from the audition program Galpura, was also celebrated!

It's like a dream that a recommended video flows to a powerful exterior wall vision (;;)

This year's Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan will be held in August♪

I want to celebrate Kyosuke Fujimaki's birthday in a special way!How about a celebration with the Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan? ^^

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This time, INI Fujimaki Kyosuke, which will celebrate its birthday on August 10thKunWe delivered a special feature♪

How was the singing voice that resonated with Kyosuke Fujimaki's personality and heart? ^^

Kyosuke Fujimaki, a wonderful idol and an artist, was so attractive that he couldn't talk! !

As an INI all -rounder, I am looking forward to future activities!

It's finally one month until Kyosuke Fujimaki's birthday, are you ready for your celebration?

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