Thorough explanation of BE: FIRST (beefast) that is now boiling! members are? Can you give up support advertising/Senil ads yourself?


Now, the topic boys group "be: first"

Who is your recommendation? (^○^)

It is difficult to decide on one person because each member has a strong personality, and the performance is attractive, such as dancing, singing, and facial expression management (> _ <).

"Be: First" was born in the audition where SKY-HI began investing in 100 million yen

The situation is broadcast on the morning information program "Clear" and has become a hot topic, and there are a wide range of fans regardless of age!

"BMSG Co., Ltd.", to which BE: FIRST belongs, is a company that allows "support advertisements" on the homepage, such as presenting information about "support advertisements".

Therefore, "Supported advertisement/" to celebrate the birthday and debut commemorative of BE: FIRST members.Senil advertisingYou can put out and enjoy it even more (^o^)

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Be: What is the charm of first?

"Be: First" is a dance & vocal group of seven members born from the boys group excavation audition "THE FIRST" produced by Sky-Hi!

It became a hot topic that the audition was in close contact with the morning information program "Clear" in the morning information program "Clear", and on November 3, the same year, "GIFTED."

The audition that became a hot topic was to hold Sky-Hi.Introducing 100 million yen at your own expense!

The goal listed in that audition is"Do not kill talent"That means.

As the words say, in the audition, the discoveries of group members aiming for the world for about half a year, respectively, respecting the individuality and charm of each participant.♪

The group was initially considered to be a group of five, but there were many auditions that have been watching and thrilled, such as announcing that they are seven people in the final announcement on August 13!

Sky-Hi at a press conference held at the final announcement

"I thought a group that was close to music was necessary now, and I felt a sense of crisis. There are many things that are different from existing auditions, and the size is small, but I needed to raise the flag first."

I am looking back.

The pre -debut single "SHINING ONE", which was distributed only three days after the debut member decision in August, isAfter the final judging, it seems that the members were shot immediately after the members were decided!

In the final judging, five people were dancing, so it was necessary to reconsider the standing position and formation, but the completed music video has shown a unusual dance that does not imagine the back of the stage!


In addition, the latest song "BetRayal Game" (reading: Vitreial Game) has been a big topic despite its short debut, such as being selected as the theme song of the drama broadcast on Nippon Television.


I think the charm of such "be: first" is so hard for fans to talk, but ...

After all, if you have seen it from the audition program, you can understandMembers' humanity and newcomer singing skills and dance performances that are unlikely to be a new artistThat's right!

So, this time, I would like to pay attention to the two charms.♪

Human nature

First, one of the charms of be: first is the "humanity" of members that can be seen in various situations.

At the training camp during the audition, the members of the members helped each other and the opinions, and the friends dropped out and everyone parted while crying ...

It is impressive that all members participating in the training camp are challenging with a passion, and may have given many people excitement and courage (^○^).

SKY-HI also auditioned this time

"I think there were some parts that were different from the normal audition in Japan. (Omitted)I think it was a training program rather than an audition.

"Everyone is a only one, but in such an era, I thought that people could say that they were number one.Instead of kicking othersI want a group that is proud of my number one and respects that other people are another number one. "

Looking back,Sky-Hi's concept that respects each person's personality while thinking of members as rivals, not as rivals.BE: It may have led to the human nature of the first member.

Also, from January this year, he has his own radio program as a Monday navigator, and from April of this year, the first variety program "Be: First TV" will be broadcast from April of the same year. The number of situations where you can listen to talk is increasing!

For example, on the broadcast on March 7, Ryoki and SOTA worked as a personality, talking about private relationships and points to sympathize with each other.♪

In this way, fans through audition programs, radio programs, variety programs, etc.One of the attractions is that you can deepen your private appearance and the members of the members, and feel more familiar with be: first (^○^).

Performance power

The second thing that is the appeal of BE: FIRST is the overwhelming "performance power".

What they are raising"Quality First"is.

BE: FIRST, the biggest feature of all members, the stable and high singing ability of all members has the potential for infinite music that each singing voice of each type colors the song and the combination is woven.♪

In the debut song "GIFTED.", It was an emotional dance with a singing voice that felt magnificent and passion.

The single song "BYE-GOOD-BYE" released in March sings songs of various genres, such as incorporating light and pop tunes, including facial expressions, and singing songs of various genres every time. Goosebumps stand!

BE: FIRST has experienced many stages from the formation, including the pre -debut period, to a small period of time!

In particular, 2022The one-man performance "BYE-GOOD-BYE" One-Day One Man Show "held at the Tokyo Garden Theater on April 24 will be performed twice day and night, and both tickets are sold out. , Many fans were boiled.

The live started with the song "BetRayal Game", which was launched on April 25, and the song was deployed in the debut song "Gifted."

Here, an action such as waving from the audience usually happens,It seems that the fans were staring as if they were standing up to seven (^○^).

If you know this, you can see how BE: FIRST is grabbing the fans's heart with overwhelming performance!

Here is the video of "BetRayal Game" which was actually performed on the first song!

You can see why fans are fascinated from the appearance that is too cool to a stable and high -level raw song, and the dance of sharpness (≧ ∇ ≦).

I'm looking forward to seeing more polished performance in the future.♪

Members Introduction

From now on, we will introduce the members of "be: first" in detail in order of age.♪ 

Junon (Ike Kame Jono) 

  • Date of birth: May 23, 1998 (24 years old)
  • Height: 183㎝
  • Blood type: type A
  • Birthplace: Tokyo

Junon challenged the audition when he was a fourth year college studentDespite the fact that she had already decided to find a job, she couldn't give up her dream and she decided to decline her employment with her "last chance" and went on this audition!

She had no experience in singing and dancing among her members, but her high tone voice singing was attractive,

Through the audition, I learned the dance skills from scratch, and then polished the singing voice I think it gave many people excitement and courage (^○^).

Leo (Rei Uemura)

  • Date of birth: September 8, 1998 (24 years old)
  • Height: 179㎝
  • Blood type: O type
  • Birthplace: Tokyo

Leo, who was active as a trainee at a former major office!

In the audition, everyone is loved by everyone as a leader,"The group with Leo has a really nice atmosphere."He has absolutely trusted so much that he acknowledges Sky-Hi (^○^)

Also, as a team mood maker, it's always impressive that you are always sweaty after performance!

Ryoki (Ryo Miyama) 

  • Date of birth: April 26, 1999 (23 years old)
  • Height: 177㎝
  • Blood type: O type
  • Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture

Ryoki is also famous for his good at English and Korean.♪

Also, because he appeared on the stage and movies as an actorHis expressiveness is at a glance from the members, and his unique singing voice and performance are highly evaluated!

recently,Movies released on September 9, 2022Appearance in "High & Low the Worst X" has been decided and has become a hot topic, and I would like to expect future success (^o^)

Souta (Yui Shima) 

  • Date of birth: January 18, 2001 (21 years old)
  • Height: 174㎝
  • Blood type: AB type
  • Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture

The No. 1 dance ability, including winning the first place in the dance world tournament!

In the audition screening, I thought about choreography myself, and I was pulling the members, such as teaching my friends to dance.♪

also,The lap that I tried for the first time is steadily done, and now Souta's rap is an indispensable part for BE: FIRST songs!

Manato (Makoto Hirose) 

  • Date of birth: April 29, 2001 (21 years old)
  • Height: 173㎝
  • Blood type: type A
  • Birthplace: Fukuoka Prefecture

He started learning dance and vocals in his sixth grade, and in junior high school, he has been studying abroad in New York in a training project for a year!

The mischievous appearance that you show when you appear live or when you appear on a variety show is a gap with performance!

From SKY-HI"I thought I had a great talent from the start."It is acclaimed, and one of the members who combined the ability (^○^)

Shunt (Shinsato Kubo)

  • Date of birth: September 01, 2003 (19 years old)
  • Height: 173㎝
  • Blood type: O type
  • Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture

 Shunt with "the attractive voice that Sky-Hi also wants" and "Sky-Hi's only voice called a genius"!

He sings perfectly from the bass to the treble, and his smile is always impressive during the performance (^○^)

His voice quality and dance are perfect because he has been dancing and singing lessons since childhood.☆

In private, there is one side to the older members.During performanceHis gap is also attractive♪ 

Ryuhei (Ryuhei Kuroda)

  • Date of birth: November 07, 2006 (16 years old)
  • Height: 180㎝
  • Blood type: O type
  • Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture

The youngest member,Ryuhei, who has been highlighting since the audition, won the first place in the final screening of the training camp because of his high expressiveness and performance!

During the training camp, he was only older members and seemed to be not good at communicating, but he changed as he looked back and recalled, "I was a new self," and growing through auditions. It was impressive (^○^)

In addition, I can be fascinated by expressions and dances that I do not think of being 16 years oldHis performance powerattractive♪

BE: Let's put out a support advertisement!

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Shinjuku Unica Vision [Ryoki]


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Instagram advertisement [Manato]


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