The prince of INI! Thoroughly digging Goto Yoton! Introducing from home/university/brother structure to your favorite type♪There is also a plan that can celebrate your birthday grandly!


Prince of INII will make a thorough deep gravity of Goto Takashi!

Prince? Actually blurred? And the charm is packedGoto Takashi -kun!

We will also introduce your hometown, university, and siblings!

On May 10th, MINI (the name of INI fans) was excited on the day of 510 (Goto).♪

June 3rdPlan that can celebrate the birthday of Goto Toshihito -kun.Please take a look at it, so please take a look to the end^_^

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After reading this article, "I want to release an INI Goto Takashi -kun support advertisement!」「I want to support INI's activities more!If you have a person, please feel free to contact us.♪

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Basic information of Goto Eion!

Introducing the profile of INI's prince, Goto Toshihitaka -kun.♪


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  • Real name: Eion Goto
  • Date of birth: June 3, 1999
  • Birthplace: Osaka
  • Nickname: Chiyo, Takechiyo, Devil Chee
  • Height: 176cm
  • Blood type: AB type
  • Hobbies: Reading
  • Special skill:Japanese drums, imitations, basketball, soccer, dance
  • Member color: White


INI's member and appear on the survival audition program "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON2"!

Strive for yourself stoicThe posture is recognizedEntered the members in 11th place safelyI did♪

The surprise face of my name is impressive!

INI's member Yudai Sano has been on good terms since the audition eraGoto Takashi -kunIt seems that the name of the joy of joy was overflowing (❁´◡`❁)


In high school, the deputy director at the dance club "Splendor" at Osaka Prefectural Toshima High SchoolWas serving♪

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The dance club seems to be quite high because it is a powerful school that participates in the national tournament!

After graduating from high school, he went on to the Kansai University of Foreign Studies Faculty of Foreign Studies, Spanish, and belonged to the dance circle "Nodcrew".

The visuals and personality are evaluated in the university's Mr. Contest and won the Grand Prix!

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If you have such a good -looking senior, I will go to see you every day and I want to enter the same circle♪

Before receiving the auditionAt Sense of Place in Grand Front OsakaHe said he was working as an apparel clerk!

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It's a convincing fashion sense♪

It ’s like Goto -kunI would like to go every day if there is a cool clerk> <

Introducing the sibling configuration of Goto Eion! Is there a photo?

He is good for older members and loves care for younger membersGoto Takashi -kun

The actual brother structure is"Brother sister·Dignity·younger brother"4 brothersis!

It may be because there are brothers who are good at treating older and younger!

I guess it was raised by a wonderful parent♪
In addition, it seems that the mother was an entertainer "Takashi Okamura" and a high school classmate!


I'm so close that I lived with my sister in the past♪

At that time, when I was on an audition program, my sister seemed to be quite anxious, but my brother was chosen as a member and my sister was relieved!

There is no photo of my brother at this time, but rumors are similar to Suzuki Fuku -kun, who was a child!

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Certainly if you look sidewaysIt may be true that his brother and Fuku Suzuki are similar because they are similar to Goto Takashi -kun.♪

The only older brother is only 25 years old, so if you have additional information, I would like to add it!

What kind of type do you like? Is home -like ideal?

Many people want to get closer to the ideal of pushing!

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ThereforeGoto Takashi -kunIntroducing the ideal type♪

  • A good attitude
  • Homely
  • Goodly raised
  • Presentation woman

Goto Takeshi -kun is a real prince and is elegant, so it may be ideal for women who have good women.♪

When I got a fortune -telling in the program, the fortune teller "(Mr. Goto) likes a good woman. Even a mature woman is fine."That said, the members seemed to be convinced that they were "ah!"

What is the charm of Goto Eion's swamp? Kimiko is cool and cute!

What is MINI's favorite part of Goto Toshihito? ^_^

A stoic place? A place like a prince? I think there are various!

This time, I carefully selected, and Goto Takeshi -kun is too swampThree charmsI will approach♪


The stoicness, which he himself announced as an attractive point, appeared on the audition program!

Before participating in the audition, it was 63kg, but when participating, there is so stoic to succeed in weight loss by 56kg!

I don't think it's easy to lose weight in a short period of time, but it's amazing that you have succeeded in execution!

It is one frame in the content called INI folder!

When I performed a shuttle run for physical fitness measurement, it was the last one, so it should be finished, but it is very cool to challenge my limit until the end!

The word that I often tell mini"I am grateful for my future efforts for my future."From the wordGoto Touhon -kun's strength is transmitted :)

I guess MINI is also grasped in a stoic and hard worker.♪

A gentle prince

Prince who proclaims you want to be a prince!

The behavior and the smile are the prince itself^_^

On Monday morning, we value fans so that they will send us e -mails exclusively for paid members.Goto Takashi -kun!

It's nice to think of MINI with the members' thoughts♪

Fans are worried that they can take care of themselves by taking care of their surroundings, but I guess fans may be safe because they profess that Goto Takeshi is the happiest now (❁´◡`❁)

The elegance that does not forget thanks to others is attractive!


As an aside, the popular "TAKERU mini corner" in the content of the INI folder is recommended because you can enjoy it from her Real Prince's perspective.♪

I'm worried about the 2 minute late settings, but please take a look! (smile)

A comedy that makes you smile

I'm a real prince, but I like to blur because of Kansai people (laughs)

However, when blurred, it does not hurt people, it makes people around you smile positively^.^

Goto Takashi -kunWhen blurred, it is smiling around♪

It can only be given to Goto Takashi -kunThe atmosphere is wonderful♪

It's really perfect where the mini and the members are thinking first.♪

It seems that SNS management seems to be in charge of Goto Toshi -kun, and the desire to entertain mini is transmitted.♪

Not only blur, but also a gently wrapped up capacity and vision, there are so many charms that cannot be conveyed in this article.Please check out Mr. Goto -kun^_^

Let's celebrate the birthday of Goto Seison at Ikebukuro Palko Jack!

Ikebukuro Palko Jack, who was dominant in the Senil advertisement of Ikezaki Kyosuke Fujimaki and Rito Ikezaki last year, revived in June, July and August 2023!

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Goto Takeshi, who smiles around with the prince,June 3rdWe will celebrate your birthday♪

May 10th was Goto's day, but it was a celebration mood, but by all meansJune 3rdWould you like to celebrate the important days where Goto Takeshi was born?

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Ini Kyosuke Fujimaki

We held a jack plan to celebrate Kyosuke Fujimaki's birthday.♪

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Ini Rito Ikezaki

It is a state of Rito Ikezaki's jack plan!

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Prince who wants to be a prince,We introduced Goto Takashi -kun!

Raised by a wonderful family, MINI and members are wonderfulYou may have been able to tell you a little about the charm of Goto Touhon -kun.♪

You can see that he had made considerable efforts behind the elegance and fun.

I feel more like supporting the hard workers.♪

What kind of preparations are you preparing for your birthday?

I hope you can celebrate the grandly for the love you usually get^_^

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