Introducing Japanese artists who can support/Senil advertising! Topical be: first, JO1 / INI, LDH


Do you know the word "support advertisement"?

In Japan, the culture of "support advertisements" is not yet the mainstream, but in Korea, "support advertisements" for traffic advertisements and street visions such as buses and subways to celebrate the birthdays and commemoration of actors in Korea. It is the mainstream to put out♪

Recently, it has been seen in Japan little by little, so I think some people have seen "birthday advertisements (Senil ads)" and advertisements to celebrate their debut commemorative in the city!

However, even if you are a fan, you will have many questions, such as portrait rights, copyright, and costs!

So this timeIn order to release "support advertising" by Japanese artists in Japan, we will introduce artists who can support advertisements and costs that are interesting (^○^).

If you want to support Japanese artists with "support ads", please feel free to contact Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN.♪

What is "support advertisement"?

Have you ever seen "support advertisements" in the city or Instagram?

As the name implies, "support advertisement"It is a method of supporting the idols of pushing using "advertisement"!

There are various types of "support advertisements", mainly on street visions, traffic advertisements on buses and subways, and other trendy Instagram ads.♪

Now, in Korea, which is very popular in Japan, the mainstream is "support advertisement", which is called "Senil advertisement" to celebrate the idol's birthday (^○^).

Not only advertisements to celebrate your birthday, but also "support advertisements" for idols' debut!

It is valuable to give out a "support advertisement", celebrate the birthday of the idol you are pushing, and send our activities to more people, and it will remain in a lifetime commemoration. I think (^o^)

Also in Korea"Authentication shot" Some fans are issuing "Senil advertisements" aiming for.

A "authentication shot" is simply a "evidence photo". 
This photo is a photo of Saorin, a very popular YouTuber "Hera Hera Three Musketeers", is actually taking a "authentication shot" in front of the Senil advertisement that fans gave on his birthday. is!

In this way, the person you are pushing may find the Senil advertisement you have issued and take a picture as evidence (^○^).

I'm very happy if you get the advertisement you are looking for, and if you take a picture in front of you.♪

By all means, let's also release the "support advertisement" of Japanese artists and enjoy the best "pushing"!


Japanese artist who can give "support advertisement"

In Japan, there are not many artists and idols that allow "support ads" because there are strict rules for copyright and portrait rights.

However, now that the culture of "support advertising" is gradually spreading into Japan, the number of artists who can get "support advertisement" if they obtain permission from the office are increasing (^○^).

Therefore, this time, I will introduce artists who can provide "support advertising" among Japanese artists!


"JO1" and "INI" belong to "CorporationLapone Entertainment "allows" support advertisement "!

There are several provisions, such as using materials provided on the official website, etc., for materials used.Email in advance (advertising content, development location, usage period, cost, advertising agency name, etc.)If you send it to the office and obtain permission, you can give a "support advertisement".♪

Details are described on the official website of each artist, so please check here.



Be: First 

"BE: FIRST" belongs to "BMSG Co., Ltd." allows "support advertisement"!

me too,After applying for permission to the office in advance, there are several provisions, such as the use of the materials listed on the official website, etc., so please use this official website for details. Please check it out.


LDH artist
Artists such as "EXILE" and "Third generation J Soul Brothers" belonging to the LDH group can actually release "support advertisements"!


The official website contains an easy -to -understand commentary image to have the fans understand the provisions of the copyright and portrait rights of their members.
This is a part of the listed!


In addition, please see this homepage, as information is described.♪

LDH JAPAN Official Homepage:


Where and costs where "support advertisement" can be issued in Japan

From now on, we will focus on places that can be used in Japan and the costs of concerned in Japan.♪

Please find your favorite media and give out a "support advertisement" in Japan (^○^).

Street vision

From now on, we will introduce the particularly popular street vision for each prefecture.♪

In addition to the street vision introduced this time, there are many places where you can "support advertisement", so those who are worried about other street visions.Hereplease look at!

Tokyo Unica Vision

After all, the most popular street vision is "Unica Vision" in Tokyo!

It is possible to broadcast three screens approaching 300 square meters in total, and the impact on passers -by is excellent.♪

  • Cost: 15 seconds 2 times/h @ 90,000 yen per day
  • 60 seconds 1 time/H @ 90,000 yen a day


Osaka dragonflies

Speaking of popular street vision in Osaka, "dragonflies"


Located in Dotonbori Ebisubashi, it is crowded all day, so you can appeal to many people the idol's birthday!

  • Cost: 15 seconds 2 times/h @ 46,000 yen a day ~
  • 60 seconds 1 time/h @ 71,000 yen per day


Fukuoka Hakata City Vision

The most popular street vision in Fukuoka is Hakata City Vision!


Because it is installed in front of Hakata Goguchi, it will surely stop at many station users!

  • Cost: 15 seconds 2 times/h @ 45,000 yen a day
  • 60 seconds 1 time/H @ 90,000 yen a day


Hokkaido Sapporo Ekimae Vision

The popular street vision in Hokkaido is "Sapporo Ekimae Vision"!


It is located at the south exit of JR Sapporo Station, where more than 73 million people come and go a year, and is the main spot in Hokkaido, where commercial facilities gather (^○^).

  • Cost: 15 seconds 2 times/h @ 25,000 yen per day
  • 60 seconds 1 time/h @ 45,000 yen a day


Aichi Sakae ICA Vision

If you want to give a street vision in Aichi, "Sakae ICA Vision" in Nagoya


There are many restaurants in the surrounding area, and it is located in the most eye -catching place along Sakae Princess Street.♪

  • Cost: 15 seconds 2 times/h @ 45,000 yen a day


Traffic advertising

From now on, we will introduce the location and expenses of traffic advertisements that can be served in the station premises of Japan in "poster advertisement" and "digital signage".♪

This time, it is an introduction only for most popular stations, but since you can release traffic advertisements at stations nationwide, those in detail are detailed.Hereplease look at!

Poster advertising

"Poster advertising" allows you to install printed posters in the station yard instead of the video.♪


It is installed at various stations and is a popular advertising medium!


There are three types of poster ads: B0, B1, and B2!

Among them,The most popular is B0 poster♪

This photo is B0 size♪

Detailed details about poster adsHerePlease take a look as it is described in the person.

  • Shinjuku/Shibuya: B0 size/7 days 84,000 yen
  • Osaka Station: B0 size/77,200 yen for 7 days


Digital signage

"Digital signage" is a more powerful advertisement because you can broadcast the video!


The video that flows at the same time in multiple media is very gorgeous♪


This time, especially popularTokyo Shinjuku Station / Shibuya Station, and JR Osaka Station in OsakaI will introduce the advertisements that can be issued (^o^)


Detailed details can be provided at each station nationwide, so you can release support advertisements.Hereplease look at.


Shinjuku Station East Exit
  • Cost: 15 seconds 10 times/h@7th 200,000 yen


Shibuya Station Hachi Public ticket gate

  • Cost: 15 seconds 10 times/h@7 days 180,000 yen


JR Osaka Station Central Exit Set

  • Cost: 15 seconds 10 times/h@7 days 120,000 yen


Introducing "support advertising" examples in Japan♪

From now on, we will introduce the "support advertisement" in Japan that actually issued at Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN.♪

You can also find the advertising media you care about and use it as a reference when giving a "support advertisement"!

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN also provides free consultation, so please feel free to contact us if you have an advertising medium that is a little worrisome (^○^).

Street vision

Tokyo Unica Vision


Tokyo Cross Shinjuku Vision


Osaka Ebisu Bashihit Vision


Osaka dragonflies


Fukuoka City Vision


Traffic advertising

JR Shinjuku Station


JR Ikebukuro Station

Osaka Umeda Station



Until now, we have introduced Japanese artists who can provide "support advertisements" and recommended places for issuing "support advertisements" in Japan. How was it?

In Japan, it is a "support advertisement" that has not yet penetrated, but recently the number of fans who have issued "Senil advertisements" to support Japanese artists is increasing!

I hope that we will continue to support Japanese artists through "support ads".♪

If you read this article and thought, "I want to give a support advertisement in Japan!", Please consult Senil Advertising Agency Japan (^○^).


Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

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