[INI Special] Thorough explanation of Kyosuke Fujimaki and Rito Ikezaki on August birthday! Up to INI support/Senil advertising examples♪


In August, INI members Kyosuke Fujimaki and Rito Ike will have their birthday.♪

Are you ready to celebrate? ^^

Before the two birthdays, this time we will introduce INI and two profiles born from the topical audition program!

In addition, we will introduce the support advertisement of INI that has been issued so far.This yearI'll give you Senil!"Is a must -see!

Please enjoy and read until the end ^^

About INI


"INI" is an 11 boys group born in Season 2 of the popular audition program "PRODUCE101 JAPAN"!

Some children were trainees in Korea, while others have no experience in singing and dancing, and members with various pasts are gathered ^^

In the group name "INI", """I (us)" and "i (you)" are connected ("n" etwork) ""The meaning is included♪

The fan club name is "MINI (mini)」。

This fan name, which was selected by the members, recruited the application from the fans.Me+INI"When"M (Memory, Memories), I (We), N (Network, Connection), I (You)It seems to be derived from ".

Also"I want to go to see INI! Make memories togetherIt has a wonderful meaning ^^

On November 3, INI, who made his long -awaited debut in the single "A", proved its popularity without losing the momentum of the audition program ^^

The debut single was the first place in the Oricon Daily Ranking, and in the first week, 508,000 copies were sold to the first place in the weekly single ranking!

In addition, the field of activity in Japanese music programs and variety shows has been expanded, and the general recognition is gradually increasing ^^.

In addition, in August, it will be decided to participate offline for the first time in K-Con in LA!

MINI seems to be a busy summer♪

About Kyosuke Fujimaki


  • Date of birth: August 10, 1999
  • Birthplace: Nagano Prefecture
  • Blood type: type A

Kyosuke Fujimaki, who captivated viewers with a visual like an adorable puppy and made his debut in the final ranking 4th place ^^

I couldn't give up my dream of becoming a singer and retired from the company I was working to participate in PRODUCE101 and went to this audition.

He said he had no experience in singing and dancing, but he was a member who was attracting attention because of his skills that he had jumped since the audition!

 The members also have the ability to heal the hearts of people and their ability.

Kyosuke Fujimaki, who has a singing voice that is unlikely to be an amateur, is rumored to be that famous "Uta"? "

"Uta -san" is a popular singer with 190,000 followers on Tiktok, and his appearance is unknown because he posted only singing voices without appearing.

However, as PRODUCE101 began, Tiktok posted, and Youtube videos were deleted.

He was very likely to be himself because his singing voice and singing were exactly the same ^^

About Ritsu Ikezaki



  • Date of birth: August 30, 2001
  • Birthplace: Fukuoka Prefecture
  • Blood type: O type

Ritsu Ikezaki, who has a doubled and gorgeous feature, is eye -catching ^^

She had no experience in singing and dancing, but she had a dream after seeing PRODUCE101 Season 1, and now she wants to be an audition because she wants to be a (dream) side.

Her favorite artist is BTS, especially V's Tete!

It has been highly popular since the beginning of the program, but it was always one step within the debut area ... but it eventually made its debut in ninth place!

Ritsu Ikezaki is a popular member of the "low -pitched cool", which is proud to be a unique person.♪

 She has a high awareness as an artistHey!She is said to be her dream, and she wants to try composition someday!

It became clear that she was going to Doshisha University, and is it smart? It is said ^^

Support of INI in the past/Senil advertising summary

From now on, we will introduce the Senil advertisement that Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN actually helped!

INI's affiliated office Lapone has granted permission to support fans.♪

There are some rules for issuing ads, so please check the artist's official website for details.

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Street vision

There are street visions in Japan where you can get advertisements ^^

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Yudai Sano

In October 2021, even though it was before the debut, Yudai Sano's Senil ad was issued at Unica Vision in Shinjuku ^^

The images of powerful large screens must be noticeable!

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SNS advertising

We have various media such as popular Instagram ads, YouTube ads, Twitter ads, and Kakao ads ^^

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Takatsuka Daimu


In April 2022, it is a Senil advertisement from the Instagram Stories to celebrate the birthday of Daime Takatsuka.♪ 

Gosho Goto


In June 2022, the Senil advertisement of Goto Goto was issued in the story of Instagram!

The price of Instagram advertising is15,000 yen ~So, it is a recommended medium that you can easily advertise.♪

In addition to images, you can also advertise video ^^


This time, I introduced two profiles, INI and Kyosuke Fujimaki and Rito Ikezaki, who will have their birthday in August, but how was it?

The support ads prepared by the fans were also wonderful ^^

In addition to the street vision and SNS advertisement introduced this time, there are also traffic advertising!

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The hot days are still going on, but let's excite this summer while we are pushing them up.♪

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