【INI Petit Pretty Stars】 INI I know in 2 minutes! Learn more about debut members!


The next-generation Global Idol "JO1" produced the "INI" debuted from "Produce 101 Japanese Japan Season2" that has become a secondary of the audition audition program.

 So this time, a large attention INII would like to introduce the attractiveness of debut members and official SNS, affiliation office, support advertisement♪

I want to know the attraction and group basic information of each member before my debut! I'm glad if you read the people♪

table of contents


  1. Group name "INI" meaning or group official SNS?
  2. What is the affiliation office?
  3. What is your debut day or debut?
  4. INI debut member
    1. Kimura
    2. Takeshi Yuka
    3. Shrimona Tajima
    4. Fujiju Kyosuke
    5. Ozaki Takumi Sea
    6. West
    7. Matsuda
    8. Forgery
    9. Benevolent
    10. Mao Sano
    11. Presence of Goto
  5. Debut support advertising feature!
  6. summary


    What is your debut day or debut?

    INIDebut is finallyNovember 3 (Wed)I am approaching! ^ ^

    The people of the INI fans waiting for a long time are finally♡

    INI debut songs"Rocketeer"It looks like a song called!

    Debut single "A"It seems to be released on November 3 (Wed)!

    It is already a debut song, an album that is likely to be very popular with performance and visuals.♪

    I'm looking forward to the future activities♡



    Meaning of group name (INI)What is the official SNS?

    What is the attraction full of 11 group names and group names, and the official SNS?





    INI meaning
    • I (eye) We "member" is

    • N (network) connected

    • I (eye) "Fan to support"

    It seems that the meaning is included! And the origin of this name isThe 11 people who met through this audition program connect their dreams of thinking in another world, and they would like to fly to the big world ...

    It seems to be from And how this group name has decided the fan! Very nice group name ^ ^

    Such names of their fans areIt seems not to be decided yet! I'm looking forward to what fan names now♡

    The official SNS that they feel familiar is as follows♪



    What is the INI affiliation office?

    Where is the debut of their debut? ?


    INIteeth,Jo1As well as,Lapone Entertainment Inc.I will belong to.

    This office isKorean companies CJENM and Japan Yoshimoto KogyoIt is an entertainment product established by.

    Currently,Affiliation of JO1 and INI onlyIt seems that INI adds in the office that is in the office!

    INI debutmembers are? 

    First of all, we will introduce the basic information and charm of each INI debut member!


    【Basic information】
    • Date of birth: October 10, 1997
    • Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture
    • Height: 175 cm
    • Blood type: type B
    • Hobbies: Walking, Movie Listening
    • Special skill: dance, hip hop, JAZZ

      Mr. Kimura who was a topic that "the center is too good" among fans!

      It was hard to win the center♪

      A nice and kind face standing is a wonderful Kimura.

      He has dancing experience, and it is famous for being a dance companion with JO1 River Assy.

      In a high school period, he has won a ruler in the tournament nationwide high school dance drill championships.

      He has been a back dancer for Momoyakawa-kun's live, or King & Prince and E-Girls choreography support♪ 

      I want you to pull the team with an overwhelming skill that is not only looks!


      Takeshi Yuka


      【Basic information】
      • Date of birth: April 4, 1999
      • Birthplace: Tokyo
      • Height: 167 cm
      • Blood type: O type
      • Hobbies: Breeding of creatures
      • Special skill: Vocal, guitar, voice percussion, work

      Totsuka Oga who showed me the second place and the second place! !

      Are all the viewers who were surprised?

      Apeal that he wanted to aim for idol loved by pets, he also likes animals that I had worked at a pet shop♡

      It may have been given the maternal instinct of fans and won fans with a petite cuteness!

      And speaking of Takatsuka University-kun, it is a beautiful singing voice♪Daisei-kun that seems to have multiple acapella circles and groups.

      It seems that there was also popularity in the circle and more groups in a pretty look and lovely looks.

      It seems that more fans will be earned as a cuteness person in charge ^ ^

      Shrimona Tajima

      【Basic information】
      • Date of birth: October 13, 1998
      • Birthplace: Tokyo
      • Height: 179 cm
      • Blood type: type A
      • Hobbies: Walk, Reading, Drama, Composition, Cafe
      • Special skill: dance, drum, wrap


      Bright smile characteristic effort! Mr. Tajima Shingo♪

      The overwhelming popularity from the start of the broadcast has continued until the time of debut!

      He was a very rich experience of experience, and he had a group of back dancers in a group of former Johnny's. He said he was running in Korea after leaving.

      Cool Performance and Sweet Face I can not imagine the fans with a bass wrap that can not be imagined!

      Not only that, it is a strong man who will carry out the drum★

      It is a Cool Izima General of the impression of such cool, but his character has been a gentle and a gap of the stage and usually an impression of your impression!

      Fujiju Kyosuke


      【Basic information】
      • Date of birth: August 10, 1998
      • Date: Nagano Prefecture
      • Height: 168 cm
      • Blood type: type A
      • Hobbies: Singing, Sauna
      • Special skill: singing, baseball


      I love singing! Fujio Keisuke, who has a strong image!

      Shimizu Shota "Melody in a bouquet instead of a bouquet" he grabbed the fans with an overwhelming singing ability.

      He also has a rumor that he was delivering songs with the name of [Uta] in the practice life TIKTOK, and the person says, "I like singing, and its feelings will not lose to anyone."

      A cute face like a puppy and the personality is a modest Fujomaki tickled maternal! And it seems to be a topic among fans♪

      It seems that we will heal us in the future with sweet face and singing voice ^ ^


      Ozaki Takumi Sea


      【Basic information】
      • Date of birth: June 14, 1999
      • Hometown: Osaka Prefecture
      • Height: 173 cm
      • Blood type: O type
      • Hobbies: Anime
      • Special skill: vocal

      Smiling is impressive and eagle is the Campoint Ozaki Shida-san ^ ^

      The cheerful and bright personality Takumi Samurai is likely to be a team mood maker!

      It seems that it was a topic before the start of "Produce 101 Japanese Season2" broadcast was started by the love reality show "Today I like" "I like today" "My youngest prince" broadcasted in ABEMA from 2018 to 2019♪

      Stable vocals and kileware dances are also evaluated by members, and there is a feeling that will be likely to be the existence that will lead to the team from such parts!



      【Basic information】
      • Date of birth: June 1, 1997
      • Birthplace: Kagoshima Prefecture
      • Height: 173 cm
      • Blood type: AB type
      • Hobbies: Games, Anime
      • Special skill: soccer, lifting

      Nishi-san with cool and colorful atmosphere♡

      Not only sexy but also the brightness fun, the momentum of his fans did not stop!

      It seems to have been active as a dancer before, and it seems that there is also something to stand on the stage with the famous people, but "I wanted to change myself who has been active as a dancer. I would like to say.

      It is likely to be a team mood maker like Ozaki Takumi Sea♪




      【Basic information】
      • Date of birth: October 30, 2002
      • Made: Okinawa Prefecture
      • Height: 171 cm
      • Blood type: type B
      • Hobbies: Basketball, Cartoon
      • Special skill: Dance, Shinichi Kudo Monomet

      It was 47th at the time of the first order announcementMatsuda.

      Demonstrated more and more and finally decided to make a debut! !

      It seems that there is a name "Gaya entertainer" with a mood manufacturer character that uses the place with a bright character!

      Is it from Okinawa and now 18 years old? The owner of the figures that I think♪

      It is likely to be more attention in the futureMatsudaShould I! I can not release my eyes♡



      【Basic information】
      • Date of birth: June 12, 1998
      • Birthplace: China, Zhejiang Province
      • Height: 176 cm
      • Blood type: type A
      • Hobbies: Pokemon Fight Battle, Photography, Art Edit
      • Special skill: Japanese, English, Korean


      Mr. Cheiku Boy for China (Shu Fen Fan)♪

      A strong person who can speak Korean not only Japanese or Chinese! !

      I will smell the high spec I dollar of Multi Ringual!

      He always likes fashion and is always fashionable, "What year is Idol?" There is an atmosphere that just says ^ ^

      It is expected to be great for his future charismatic. !




      【Basic information】
      • Date of birth: August 30, 2001
      • Birthplace: Fukuoka Prefecture
      • Height: 178 cm
      • Blood type: O type
      • Hobbies: Movie Listening
      • Special skill: drum, vocal, caricature picture


      Bonde voice is attractive♪

      Although he is inexperienced dancing and singing, the instrument has a variety of talents that the guitar and drums can play!

      However, there are many people who looked at his dance and song growth in the program and became a fan? ?

      The carefully 178 cm and long-haired and long-haired and long-haired models are model-shaped type, and weight is 63 kg model face loss, but I like to draw a portrait!

      There is also artistic, he continues to make a quick effort It seems to be more crowded!

      Mao Sano


      【Basic information】
      • Date of birth: October 10, 2000
      • Hometown: Osaka Prefecture
      • Height: 178 cm
      • Blood type: AB type
      • Hobbies: Games, DIY
      • Special skill: Monomane

      It's a good guy and humble and effort home Yo-san Sano!

      Such a posture has grabbed the fans' s mind ^ ^

      The face when it is true is very cute smiling when laughing with super handsome guy is too cute! And it seems to be a topic among fans!

      It is a type that is a type that is also good for members and fans to the staff and staff♪

      Mr. Mao is expected to have dancing and singing and still growing, so you are looking forward to further growth after his debut! !


      Presence of Goto


      【Basic information】
      • Date of birth: June 3, 1999
      • Hometown: Osaka Prefecture
      • Height: 176 cm
      • Blood type: AB type
      • Hobbies: Reading
      • Special skill: Japanese drum, monomanese, basketball, soccer

      Midori Goto, who hangs cool and cute!

      In the university, it is a level of level that won the Mister Con, but with the official HP, the tea ceremony is also shown to eat cucumber, and the tea ceremony is also shown to the fan ^ ^ Such a gap of many fans It seems to have won★

      He has previously been creative dance and seems to be confident in expression and silhouette yourself♪

      Not only dance but also good wraps! It seems that the personality is also evaluated and the personality is also very good in the fans.

      I'm worried about him not in the future without a non-office!


      His debut support advertisement feature!

       We will introduce the support advertisement of INI debut together!

      ※ We include past cases and cases of other companies.



      What did you think?

      It is not fun to win the fierce battle, and you can enjoy the future of a lot of fans.

      I think that various trials are likely to stand up from now on, but I would like to do my best from Japan to the birth of Global Idol with JO1!


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