Explain JO1 Takumi Kawanishi in 5 minutes! Delivering your parents' home, family, siblings, and too cool photo books from the basic information♪ Introducing the Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan where you can celebrate your birthday grandly!

JO1川西拓実を5分で解説!基本情報から実家や家族・兄弟構成、かっこよすぎる写真集をお届け♪ 誕生日を盛大にお祝いできる池袋パルコジャックプランもご紹介!

JO1 member, Takumi Kawanishi, who will celebrate his birthday in June!

Speaking of Takumi Kawanishi -kun, he debuted in the final 3rd place in Pu 1, and is known as a handsome face of the facial national treasure class ^^.

This time,We will provide information that Takumi Kawanishi is concerned about, such as backgrounds until the debut and family and siblings!

moreover,About cool and beautiful photo books and terrestrial dramas for the first time!

again,I want to celebrate the birthday of Kawanishi Takumi -kun! We will also introduce the "Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan" that is perfect for those who say.♪

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Basic information of Takumi Kawanishi!

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  • Real name: Takumi Kawanishi
  • Date of birth: June 23, 1999
  • Birthplace: Takasago City, Hyogo Prefecture
  • Height: 170cm


Takumi Kawanishi is a member of the JO1 born in the audition program "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN (Japan Pu 1)"!

I came from Takasago City, Hyogo Prefecture, and in high school I belonged to the baseball club in a sports course ^^

Actually, I have been interested in performing arts since I was a junior high school student, and in 2014, I participated in the audition sponsored by Avex "Japan's largest handsome excavation festival! BOYS AWARD AUDITION"!

He had progressed to the second screening, but he overlapped with the baseball club game, and at this time he gave up the audition.

After graduating from high school, he also worked as a company employee in the factory experimental department!

However, it was decided to hold a day, and I decided to participate in the audition "to fulfill my dream" ^^

During the program broadcast, I made my debut in the final 3rd place while keeping the higher rank.♪

Takumi Kawanishi Introduces the parents' home & family / brother structure♪

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Takumi Kawanishi's parents' home is Takasago City, Hyogo Prefecture, which is the hometown ^^

When the debut as JO1 is decided, he says he received a celebration flower and message from his neighbors!

I was born and raised, so it may have been good friends with my neighbors.♪

It seems that Takumi Kawanishi is a family of four, dad, mother and older brother!

Takumi Kawanishi, who was a baseball boy since childhood, seems to have been greatly influenced by baseball lovers ^^

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He said he had already belonged to the baseball team when he was in the first grade of elementary school!

Mom seems to be enthusiastic about Takumi Kawanishi, as he can be said to be Takumi Kawanishi's number one fan!

Every time I appear on the program, I contacted me, "I saw it!", And there are magazines and CDs in the room!

He seems to send his impressions about makeup and hairstyles, so you can see that it is very loved.♪

In addition, the details are not mentioned,In the magazine, it also reveals that there is an older brother.

Rumors that you came to see the live ...?

I don't know who it is, but I guess your brother is a good -looking guy! !

Facial national treasure class ... Deliver a cool and beautiful photo book of Takumi Kawanishi!

Would you like to see a cool and beautiful photo of Takumi Kawanishi, who is said to have a national treasure -class face? ^^

I will introduce it all at once, so please prepare your mind! > <<

Please find your favorite photo♪

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First of all, a shot that is too handsome from the front ...!

The unevenness of the face is clear, and it's just a sculpture (;;)

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Coolness and sex appeal explode on the stage! !

The clear face shines on the stage ^^

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The angle from below also keeps the beauty ...! !

There is no way to make exquisite expressions!

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Takumi Kawanishi with black hair has a slightly different atmosphere than usual!

The crisp expression looks even cooler!

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The face national treasure handsome is beautiful from any angle.

It's a photo that was taken unexpectedly, but it's too cool ...! !

Did you find your favorite photo? ^^

Let's look forward to many facial national treasure shots! !

Takumi Kawanishi and NCT Yuta co -star! The first appearance in the terrestrial drama "Counddoji Boys" is decided!


Takumi Kawanishi appears as a starring of the drama "Cream Dodge Boys" which started broadcasting on April 14, 2023!

It is a work based on the manga, and it is a story that four cool but dajiki handsome guys work hard with life -size ^^

NCT Yuta has also been selected for the starring!

Takumi Kawanishi plays the role of Ao Shiki, who is a professional student and is crazy, but he also accepts himself.♪

Takumi Kawanishi, who is the first appearance in the terrestrial drama series, says that he is shooting in a good atmosphere while there is anxiety and tension!

"Creamdoji Boys" is broadcast on TV Tokyo / BS Tele Test 7ch every Friday, so please take a look ^^

Let's celebrate the birthday of Takumi Kawanishi at Ikebukuro Palko Jack!

The "Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan" held last year is back this year! !

It's very popular, how 2023 is! ! It will be held for 3 consecutive months in June, July and August ^^

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Ini Kyosuke Fujimaki

Ikebukuro Palko Jack was held to celebrate the birthday of INI's Kyosuke Fujimaki, which was born in Nippon Pu 2!

The main advertisement of the member color blue and the illustration of Kyosuke Fujimaki is very nice ^^

Kep1er Yong -un

The birthday of Yong Eun of KEP1ER born from the audition program Galpura was also celebrated.♪

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This year's Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan will be held in June♪

I want to celebrate Kawanishi Takumi's birthday in a special form!How about a celebration with the Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan for JAM? ^^


This time, I sent a special feature of Takumi Kawanishi, who is active as a member of JO1.♪

I was able to know surprisingly one aspect, such as being a baseball boy, or having a background to working as a company employee before becoming an idol ^^.

It's deeply emotional to think that you are active as a member of JO1 because you challenged the audition without giving up idols ...!

Did you enjoy a photo book that you can fully enjoy the facial national treasure handsome? ^^

Let's support Takumi Kawanishi, who will definitely show you a lot of success! !

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