Deeply dig into the Japan -Korea joint Idol Group ORBIT! Introducing the meaning and members of Orbit! What is the present after leaving and suspension of activity?


This time, I will dig deeper into the Japan -Korea joint dance vocal group ORBIT.♪

A total of seven members, three Koreans, one half of Japan, and half, and three Japanese are all from the day!

What kind of group is an unusual group orbit with president and art directors among the members?

We will deliver the basic information of Orbit and the profile of members full of individuality ^^

moreover,Introducing the series of DV riot, which was the source of Tomo's withdrawal and indefinite suspension of activities.

There were many twists and turns, but this fall, a fan meeting will be held to see the full body of seven people!

I will mention the current situation of Orbit and the details of Fanmi, so please enjoy it to the end!

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What is Orbit?

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Orbit is a Japan -Korea joint idol group!

The members were formed by a total of seven Koreans, Koreans, Japan -Korea half, and Japanese, who appeared in "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN"!

Many fans have been supporting since the day of Pu, and on November 11, 2020, we made a formal debut on the full album "00" and pleased the fans.♪

The group name "Orbit"Walk through each orbit"and"We will do various music (All Beat) with members with their own willTwo meaningsIs included ^^

The planet is the subject, and the name of the foundation is "Earth"!

The members have seven planets, and they were named "Earth" as the last planet!

The members are also actively participating in singing songs, and as they are included in the group name, they are a group that depicts our own trajectory ^^

With the military service of Korean members and the suspension of the members, this year, we have finally announced the activities with seven people!

It is a notable group that will surely get more expectations!

Introducing ORBIT members!

Yong -hung

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  • Real name: Jung Yong Hung
  • Date of birth: January 15, 1993
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Height: 180cm


Yong Hoon is the eldest son of Orbit♪

It is characterized by a baby -faced and adorable visual that is invisible to the oldest ^^

Before the appearance of the day, work as a member of the idol group HALO!

It is a member who has excellent singing and idol power and was very popular during the audition, but the dayp was declined on the way.

Despite the humor and the eldest son, there is also one side that can be tampered with by the members!

Yong -hung's friendliness creates a good atmosphere of the group.♪


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  • Real Name: Kim Hye -Yung
  • Date of birth: September 2, 1994
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Height: 186cm


Hicho is a Korean member in charge of the Orbit leader!

The style of nine heads and cool visuals are popular.♪

Hicho, like Yong -hoon, has the past that was working as a member of Halo!

Also, not only is it as a member of the group,I am surprised that it is also the president of the Korean office of Orbit!

He has a long experience as an idol, and he is relied on by the members ^^


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  • Real name: Kim Yundon
  • Date of birth: February 19, 1995
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Height: 176cm


Yundon is a Korean member who is in charge of Orbit's rap!

There was a time when I was active in Halo as Yong Hoon and Hicho ^^

The group is in charge of the rap, but the talent as a vocal with a transparent beautiful voice!

The reason is not disclosed for individuals, but they are exempted from military service and are working with Japanese members!


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  • Real name: Jun Uehara
  • Date of birth: November 23, 1996
  • Birthplace: Tokyo Japan
  • Height: 177cm


Jun is in charge of the Orbit wrap ^^

Dad is a Japanese member of Japan and Korea, a Japanese and a Korean half!

Since he appeared on the Korean audition program "PRODUCE X 101", "Nippon P"I want Jun debut!Many fans wanted.

He has a reputation for the ability of the rap and is an indispensable member for Orbit.♪


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  • Real name: Masaaki Ando
  • Date of birth: December 19, 1996
  • Birthplace: Japan Fukuoka
  • Height: 173cm


Tomo is a Japanese member with a powerful singing voice♪

The vocal talent was different as it was said to be "voice ghost" in the daily P!

In addition, the word "handsome" is perfect and is popular in visuals!

Before I became an idol, I had an unusual history of being a ship engineer ^^


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  • Real name: Senya Osawa
  • Date of birth: May 18, 1997
  • Birthplace: Tokyo Japan
  • Height: 177cm


Shunya is a Japanese member who is in charge of Orbit design!

I am in charge of art directors such as Orbit goods and site design, and I am showing a variety of talents ^^

When the photo of the trainee was released, "Similar to BTS Jungkuk!"♪

While having a cute visual, he is captivated by his friend and humor!


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  • Real name: Yushin Miyajima
  • Date of birth: December 3, 2000
  • Birthplace: Japan Saitama
  • Height: 163cm


Yugo is the youngest Japanese member!

In the day of P, it kept the top, but dropped out in the final ranking 12th place ...

A lovely visual and cuteness! If you think, you're a talented group who can sing and dance ^^

We are expanding their activities, such as appearing in the musical of the popular manga "Magi" as Aladdin!

What is ORBIT member Tomo (Masaaki Ando) withdrawal and suspension of activity?

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Tomo has been active as an Orbit vocalist, but announced an indefinite suspension from July 1, 2022.

At one time, I will introduce a series of flow, what happened to Tomo, who had been raised to the story of withdrawal.

Prior to the announcement of indefinite suspension,"Weekly Bunshun" according to "Weekly Bunshun"Masaaki Ando (Tomo) assaulted the woman on the dating, and became a police.Was reported.

There is a bruising in the body of a dating woman, and it is said that he was taken to a hospital with a large amount of drugs due to mental shock.

On the other hand, although the office acknowledged the dating, "I haven't DV"

However, the statement officially issued by the office was criticized that "Tomo's shoulders are too much."

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In addition, many fans seemed distrustful due to the announcement of indefinitely suspension of activity after the tour.

Then, on September 30, a message from the person was announced that Tomo would return from November 1st.

oneself"I offered to leave many timesI heard the public's voice in response to this news and "It's really hard for everyone in EARTH to see themIs spelled out his thoughts during the activity.

The full textHerefrom

It seems that not only the office but also all the members, including the person, decided to continue with seven people in the future.

What are Orbit's current and future activities? The fan meeting "To EαRTH II" is held!

Tomo, who had been suspended, returned completely last November.

Also, from March 2022 to the present, Korean members Yong Hoon and Hicho are announced that they will be discharged in the fall!

This fall, seven people will be reunited, so the fan meeting "To EARTH II" will be held in a complete body!

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Click here for details on the fan meeting ^^

Holding information of the fan meeting "To EARTH II"
  • November 10th (Fri) Toyosu PIT (Tokyo) 18:00 Open/19: 00
  • November 24 (Friday) Theater Drama City (Osaka) 18:00 Open/18:30
  • Saturday, November 25Theater Drama City (Osaka) 17:30 Open/18: 00 starts
  • November 26 (Sun) Theater Drama City (Osaka) 17:30 Open/18: 00

The 1st performance of Tokyo and 3 performances will be held♪

I'm looking forward to the long -awaited fan meeting! ! (;;)

Ticket sales will start on May 1st, but please note that there will be advance reservations in the fan club this time!

Ticket information for the fan meeting "to Earth II"
  • Earth 1 Star Advance May 1st 19:00 to May 14th 23:59
  • EARTH1 Hoshitsu Hoshito Announcement May 17 15: 00-
  • EARTH 1st Star Second, 2nd to 7th Phase Reception June 1st 19:00 to June 25 23:59
  • EARTH 1st Star Second, 2nd to 7th February Announcement June 28 15: 00-

The recruitment of the fan club 1st star is already over, and we plan to recruit seven stars from May 1 to May 31!

If you want to go to a fan meeting, please check the details from the official website ^^

About ticket informationHere

Join a fan clubHere 


This time, we introduced the Japan -Korea Joint Idol Group ORBIT, where Idols from Niupu gather ^^

Members who have been aiming for idols and idols gather, and are a group that has a reputation for perfection every time!

The EARTH will not be able to wait for seven perfect body this fall!

I want to go to a fan meeting! If you are, please check the ticket information and go to see you.♪

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