[2022 latest] Summary of the latest information of JO1 members! What is the live performance? Introducing Twitter♪


JO1 released 2nd Album "Kizuna" on May 25, 2022!

On the same day, the 1st Arena Live Tour 'Kizuna' was also announced.

This time, we will introduce the latest information summary of the members of JO1, which is expected to be more likely to be in the future, and the live performances scheduled to be held, and the Twitter summary.♪

By all means, let's get to know JO1 in this article and support you more! (^○^)

Summary of the latest information of JO1

From here, I will summarize the latest information on JO1.♪

[JO1 latest information]

June 15th

"Eve Saint Laurent Beaute" CM song for the first time in live delivery

"JO1 is an ambassador" A commercial song for the cosmetics brand "Eve Saint Laurent Beaute"All HoursIs unveiled for the first time!

Performed with live distribution from eight SNS accounts ◎

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June 29th

JO1's first official smartphone game application "& JO1" will be released in July

JO1's first official smartphone game app "& JO1Will be released in July 2022!

"& JO1" is a game where you can spend your time with JO1 and experience their real faces and charms. If you grow a photo card, you can watch live performances, or if you give a pre -azend to the members, you will deepen your bond!

I can't wait for the release♪

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June 30th

Magazine "GIANNA" Takumi Kawanishi, Ruhime Shiraiwa, Shuo Tsuruso are w cover and interview

Takumi -kun, Ruhime -kun, and Shion -kun are magazines "Gianna] Was in charge of the cover and answered the interview!

Buyers can also apply for autographed chekidas♪


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July 4th

Released "Yoshio Ohira from JO1 Pouch & Mirror Book"

Produced book of JO1's beauty staff, Shoko -kunOshio Ohira from JO1 Pouch & Mirror BookWas released!

There are gravure and beauty interviews with daily makeup and stage makeup.

With a porch & original design mirror that says "I thought from scratch for JAM"♪ JAMs are inevitable to buy ...!

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July 22

Kazunari Mamehara appears "Movie version Kamen Rider Revision Battle Familia" screening started

Mamehara -kun appears "Theatrical version Kamen Rider Revise Battle FamiliaThe screening will start!

Mamehara -kun plays Otani Hope, a young man who bravely confront the hijack criminal.

In the picture of the published scene, there is also a figure with a transformation belt!

Let's watch it in the theater at the moment when Mambara -kun's dream comes true (^○^).


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July 31st

"MTV Live Match 2022.06.05" broadcast on MTV

"" "" "" "June 5, 2022"MTV Live Match 2022.06.05Is being aired on MTV!

JO1 was a big bird, with ASTRO, Fantastics from EXILE TRIBE, W-Inds.

Whether you are participating or not, let's get excited together through MTV! On -air day20: 00-22: 30 on Sunday, July 31stis. Don't miss it ◎

MTV viewing method:https://promo.skyperfectv.co.jp/guide/?mtv=howto

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About the live performance scheduled

JO1's first arena tour "1st Arena Live Tour 'Kizuna'Is decided!


JO1 and JAM were not readily met due to the influence of the new Corona.

I'm deeply moved by the long -awaited arena tour (;;)

The tourAichi, Osaka, Kanagawa and Fukuoka will be held for about 10 daysis!

The details of the performance are as follows.

[Performance name]

2022 JO1 1st Arena Live Tour 'Kizuna'

[Performance schedule]

September 3rd (Sat) 17:00 Open / 18:30

Sunday, September 4th, 15:30 Opening / 17:00 Start

Saturday, September 10 11:30 Opened / 13: 00 Start
Maruzen Intec Arena Osaka

September 10th (Sat) 17:00 Open / 18:30
Maruzen Intec Arena Osaka

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, 15:30 Open / 17:00 Start
Maruzen Intec Arena Osaka

Saturday, September 17 17:00 Open / 18:30
Pia Arena MM

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, 17:00 Open / 18:30
Pia Arena MM

September 19th (Monday / holiday) 11:30 Open / 13: 00 starts
Pia Arena MM

Wednesday, September 21, 17:00 Open / 18:30
Marine Messe Fukuoka Building A

Thursday, September 22, 17:00 Open / 18:30
Marine Messe Fukuoka Building A

【ticket fee】

All seats designated 9,900 yen (tax included)

* Wheelchair area available

Reference URL:https://cloud.jo1.jp/feature/2022_livetour_kizuna

JO1 Twitter summary!

Speaking of JO1's Twitter

It is characteristic that members actually tweet and communicate with fans.♪

So, this time, I will introduce a little about JO1 Twitter!

Let's rediscover the latest information and the surprising aspects of the members on Twitter (^○^)

2nd Album "Kizuna" one after the end of the online talk signing session!

Items such as denim, shirt, stripes, etc. are different, but everyone is very refreshing because they are light blue link coordinates.♪

If you mention the next event, you will be able to enjoy a new fun again and feel happy as a fan (^○^).

#Kizuna -kun's "Who's hand?" Game held in the challenge!

The last answer was Ruhime -kun, Keikun -kun, Takumi -kun.♪

It's fun to think, "Who is the hand ...?"

It is a leader who knows the hearts of the fans well!

Three shots of healing by Jasmine co -starred in Ren -kun and Ki -kun, and "Our Season" MV!

Two people who love cute jasmine, and JAM who love the two cute people ... The chain of healing does not stop♪

It was a tweet of Lotus who was too cute, such as using summer -like emoji and asking fans (^_^)

JO1 Senil/Supporting Advertising Case

From now on, we will introduce the JO1 Senil/Supporting Advertising examples of our company in the past!

There are various types of support advertisements,

Not only advertisements to celebrate your birthday (Senil advertising), but also support advertisements that will be celebrated when you release the album (^o^).

I want to give Senil/support advertisements, but can I get it alone?

Where is it best to put it out ...?

I think there are many questions about advertising.

The official LINE of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN offers consultations by chat and free phone!

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.♪

  • Street vision

    Celebrated JO1 members Shio -san, JO1 member in December 2020 and January 2021The most popular medium in Tokyo, Unica Vision Senil ad was issued!

    This also celebrates Keikun Sato, who celebrated her birthday in July 2021.At Unica VisionIt is a state when Senil advertisement was issued♪

  • It is outstanding impact when a very nice video is broadcast to a large vision!

    The street vision is also located all over the country, so

    I'm worried about other media!"

    Hereplease look at♪ 

    Times Square

    What is this!

    Celebrate JO1 Ruho Shiraiwa's birthday in November 2021It is a Senil advertisement issued by Times Square in New York!

     The advertisements on Times Square are impressive, and I think that those who are advertising will remain in their lifetime memories (^○^)

    If you are interested in Times SquareHerePlease see the details of♪

    SNS advertising

    This is a support advertisement that commemorates the Senil ads that were all published in the Instagram Stories and this 2nd album!

    In this way, there are not only Senil ads to celebrate your birthday, but also support advertisements that are given for celebration when you release a new song (^○^).

    again,SNS ads are less expensive than other advertising media For,

    Get an ad for the first time!""Let's put it out alone!It is also a recommended medium for those who say♪ 

    For more information about SNS advertising,Hereplease look at.


    JO1, which was formed in 2019 and has steadily gained popularity!

    In the media and magazines, we are expanding their activities in both groups and individuals.♪

    A long -awaited arena tour will be held from September!

    There is no doubt that there will be more JAMs that are addicted to charm through their performance (^o^)

    Let's continue to transmit the charm of JO1 around the world!

    Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

    Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

    Looking at the examples introduced this time, many people may feel like "I want to release Senil!"♪

    If you are worried, "I don't have the courage to give an ad ..." "Isn't it difficult to go?"

    If you register the official LINE of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN,Automatic response chat solves concerns about cheering advertising!

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