If you want to give a Senior Advertising around YG! Introducing how to put out and medium♪


"I also want to put out Senior Ads!"

Therefore,This time, we will introduce the Senior Advertising to the YG Office where "Big Bang" and "Black Pink" belongs♪

If you are worried about a little, please feel free to contact me!

Let's go out of Senior Advertising around YG!

Speaking of YG Office, many famous artists, such as "BigBang", "Ikon", "BlackPink", and other debuted in 2020, such as "BigBang", "Ikon", "BlackPink", and other It is!

Therefore, this time we will look at the benefits of issuing Senior Advertising around YG♪

What is the benefit of issuing Senior Advertising around YG?

The idol belonging to YG is recommended! Isn't there any fans saying? (^ ○ ^)

I want to recommend it to such a person"Getting a Senior Advertising around the YG Office" is!

By issuing Sensile Advertising around YG, it will increase the establishment that you can see the idols visiting the office♪

Also, not only you can see"Certification Shot"The probability of

"Certification Shot" is a "evidence photo" briefly.

In other words, the idols find out the Senior Senior Advertisement and to take a picture as evidence (^ ○ ^)

If you are thrusting to YG, please try to put out the Senior Advertising around the YG Office♪


Recommended media

Near the YG office, there are many nearest stations, bus stops, convenience stores, and convenience stores!

Therefore, it is possible to issue a sensor ad using such a medium (^ ○ ^)

From now on, we will introduce advertisements before the subway advertising, bus shelter and convenience stores in detail in detail♪

Subway advertisement (Uoi Station)

"Subway advertisement" is an ad that is easy to stop at the eyes of people waiting for the subway and who walks on the subway!

Near YG,"Saiai Station"Because there is a nearest station, it is also recommended to put out a sensor advertisement at the station (^ ○ ^)

In this video, it was actually issued at "Uoi Station"TREASURE's Bang JedamSenior ads are introduced!

In this way, it is characterized by the more people who can get a large-standing advertisement in a large number of people, so you can see more people with more people (^ ○ ^)


If you want to know more details of subway advertisement, please see here!

Bus shelter

"Bus shelter" is "Bass Stop Advertising"!

It is a large ad installed at the bus stop, and if it is illuminated, you can see beautifully at night♪


This picture is the bus shelter of the "Treasure" actually issued "TREASURE"!

also,Besides the photos, you may be able to put your name and message, so the voices of cheering may actually reach idol ^ ^

If you want to know more about bus shelters, please see here!
About bus shelter
  1. Bus shelter

In front of a convenience store

Before YG, nearby"GS25"There is a convenience store called!

Therefore, by issuing a Senior ad at the convenience store called "GS25", it may also be established that you can see the idol.♪

also,It is characterized by the fact that the cost burden is low compared to subway advertisement and bus shelter because it can be started for 24 hours and can proceed in one week basis.


In this video, we are actually introducing the Senior Advertising issued by "GS25"!

As you can see, it is more powerful than seen in the picture, and it has become a major noticeable advertisement♪

Because there are many customers who use convenience stores, it stops in the eyes of many people ^ ^



Introduce the idol belonging to YG

YG has many famous idols in Japan, such as "Big Bang", such as "Big Bang", which has become a major topic last four years, and "Ikon", "BlackPink", and "Treasure"!

So, this time, we will introduce you to the idol belonging to YG♪

Big Bang

 Star who played a camback for the first time in four years!It will be released only one hour in one hour Twitter's World Wide Trend, etc. Certified the unusual popularity!



 Winner a newcomer award for 2016 "Japan Record Grand Prize"And "Japan Gold Disc Great Award" wins New Artist of the Year! W W winning is great popular in Japan♪




 Girls group that has released many history!The first full album is a global artist who climbed to the top level in only four years from the debut, such as recording the first appearance of the first appearance in the Billboard 200 of the Build Building Board♪




New Idols with Strict Audition Winning!The 36th Japan Gold Disc Grand Prize Holds the First Award and Held Japan TourAnd it is very popular in Japan♪



So far, I have seen what kind of Senior Advertising to YG, but how was it?

Even if you are in Japan, you can get a Senior Advertising in Korea, so it will be more secure.♪

Even if you want to know information about the Senior Advertisement, I'm glad if you want to actually want to get a Senior Advertising (^ ○ ^)

From now on, let's push yourself together through "Senior Advertising" ^ ^

If you are interested,to usPlease consult anything!


Leave the Senior Ads Agency Japan!

Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN

Looking at the case introduced this time, there are many people who felt that "I also want to put out Senior Advertising!"♪

"Don't you have the courage to give advertising ..." "Do you not make it difficult?" If you are troubled, please feel free to consult with Senior Ads Agency JAPAN ^ ^

When registering the official line of Senior Ads Agency JAPAN,Automatic response chat solutions will be solved about your support ads!

Of course chat to the staffIt is safe to consult with the phone♪

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