[February 2013 Korean Senil advertising summary] Senil/support advertisement found by SAJ staff in the city along with photos♪ How many you see? Location?

【23年2月韓国現地センイル広告まとめ】 SAJスタッフが街中で見つけたセンイル/応援広告を写真とともにお届け♪ どのくらい見かける?場所は?

In February 2013, the staff of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN
I went to Korea♪( ´▽`)

So I put a photo or video of Senil/Supporting advertisements that I saw during my three -day stay, and conducted a little investigation to see how much ads were.♪

In addition, there are advertisements supported by Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, so I will introduce them while incorporating past examples ٩ ('ω') و.

Looking at this article, "I want to issue a recommended Senil advertisement in Korea!"
If you want to celebrate your debut and anniversary!

I hope that you can make your promotions even more exciting through Senil/Cheering advertisement ^ ^

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What is Senil/Supporting ads?

From TWICE SANA Installory

First, "Senil/Support Advertising" is
It is an advertisement that fans have published for their birthdays and support!

It is an advertisement that is a non -profitable advertisement that fans voluntarily do in the advertising culture that originated in Korea ^ ^

Not only celebration of birthday, but also many people who say "I want to support my debut! I want to advertise" in the audition program, and to commemorate support advertisements to commemorate the discharge and the release of CDs ('). ▽ `)

Found in South Korea in February 2013
Introducing Senil/Supporting ads for each place♪

From here, we will deliver the Senil/support advertisement found during your stay in Korea for each location with photos and videos ^ ^

Subway station

Kodai entrance station


Doyon video



NCT127 Doyon Senil Advertising
The consolidated passage from Kodai entry station to the airport railway is
It was a Doyon specification on both sides♪( ´▽`)♡
Shizuni (NCT fan) staff, including the author, was very excited ('∀ `)! !

IVE Won Young Senil advertisement

Korean actor 안효섭 (Anhyosop) debut 7th anniversary celebration advertisement

NCT127 Jaehyun Senil Advertising

Korean actor 김민규 (Kimmingu) support advertisement

Enhypen John Won Senil Advertising

Singer HYUNA (김현 Kimhyuna) debut 16th anniversary celebration advertisement

NCTDREAM Longjun, Gemin Advertising

NCT TEN, 우 소녀 (Space Girl) Dawon, Luda Advertising

StrayKids Iennil advertisement

Treasure John Fan Senil Advertising

Kodai Station was a place where young people gather, so it was overflowing with advertising!
There were many advertisements with large vision and impact (° ▽ °)

Mitsunari Station

EXO Beckyung Exterior Celebration Advertising

Beckyeong's welcome advertisement is wonderful that came back after a long military service.♪

NCT127 John Woodle advertisement

NCT127 John Woodle advertisement

This advertisement in Jong Woo was big and very noticeable♪ 

Incheon Airport

Make a video

Around HYBE

ENHYPEN John Won Seven -Eleven Sensenfil Advertising

ENHYPEN John Won Senil Wrapping Bus

This John Won ad was supported by SAJ♪

Enhypen John Won Senil Advertising

Before and around HYBE, the area around February 9th birthday is enhypen Johnwon's Senil advertisement
It was a lot of John Won Festival (´∀ `*)♡

TOMORROW X TOGETHER Taehyun Senil Advertising

TOMORROW X TOGETHER Taehyun Senil Advertising

NCTDREAM Chison Senil Advertising

This Jun -won ad was supported by SAJ♪

Audition program & Audition, Shonen Fantasy appearance
유준원 (Yujun -won) support advertisement

After & Audition, you are currently a boy fantasyJun -won appearing in!
The advertisement tells the fans to support me (T ^ T)

Around SM

NCT127 Jaehyun Cafe Exterior Senil Advertising

The exterior of the cafe is all Jae -hyun specification
There was a presence and the design was cute and the best (*゜ ∀ ゜*)♡

NCT127 Jaehyun Senil Advertising

NCTDREAM Chison Senil Advertising

RED VELVET Surugi Senil Advertising

Around JYP

SAJ also supported the advertisement of this Jihiyo ^ ^
5 images from the top: TWICE Jijunil advertisement

There were many Jihiyo's Senil advertisements around JYP.♪

Jihiyo himself is also an Instagram story
I was giving a certification shot of my Senil advertising ^ ^

StrayKids Iennil advertisement

NMIXX Soryun Senil advertisement

Hybe, SM, JYP 3 offices,
There were many Senil ads of my idol ^ ^

After all, if you advertise near the office,
Because there is a high probability of being able to see it ('∀ `)!

Designs for each advertisement of the same idol
It's completely different, so I'm not tired of watching it ^ ^

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN
I found the supported ads!

From here on, the ads supported by SAJ in the ads introduced this time,
Here are some bus shelter advertisements near the office that supported the past♪

thisJun -won ads
He gave me a certified shot on SNS♪( ´▽`)

From here on, we will introduce past cases of bus shelter advertising near the office (´∀ `)








This time, we incorporated photos and videos of Senil/support advertising in Korea in February 2013,
I introduced how much advertisements are, how was it?

It is natural that Korea has idols and actors advertisements in the city.
It was overflowing with a lot of ads ^ ^

It is also recommended to visit Senil advertising during your birthday.

Recently, the culture of Senil/support advertising has been spread in Japan,
I felt that it was still more compared to Korea ...

Senil advertising Agency JAPAN staff, and nerds together
Let's do our best to make Senil/Support advertising culture more exciting ٩ ('ω') و

Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN♪

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

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