Anime x Senil cafe is very popular in Korea! South Korean local staff investigates! What is the reality? Introducing the flow of events and examples in detail♪




What is Korean anime culture?

You have the image of "Speaking of anime!", But did you know that Korea also has original anime? ^^

A typical Korean anime work is "Pom Pon Poloro" and the "Symbia Part", which has won the highest audience rating among children's programs.♪

When you go to Korea, do you often see penguin characters, Pororo?

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Anime produced in Korea has the characteristic of "there are many animations for children".

Japanese anime is made based on manga, while Korea, where the domestic market is small, seems to have a background that manga culture does not grow ^^.

In addition, since the European and American markets are also considered, there are many works produced by the method called "photoral" using the trendy CG!


Does the feeling of a three -dimensional picture be conveyed compared to Japanese anime?

"For children" x "photorial" seems to be a characteristic of Korean anime culture ^^

On the other hand, Japanese anime is popular with adults.♪

The “Demon Blade” and “Magic Battle”, which were dominated in Japan, are also extremely popular in Korea.

The "Movie Version" Demon Blade "Infinite Train Edition, which was released in January 2021, has become a hot topic in about 4 months and has exceeded 2 million spectators!

In the movie theater, there were many women and families as well as young men ^^

It is said that animation can be seen in sub -skosques such as netflix, and in Korea, the anime culture has changed from "otaku" to "fashion"!

What is anime x Senil? Investigate an anime nail event in Korea!

It is a very popular anime culture in Korea, but did you know that there are fans who have recently held an anime recommended Senil event?

the"Quality that is far beyond imagination by anime sensory events!"It has become a hot topic!

Let's take a look at the anime sensation -shell event that was actually held in Korea♪

First of all, it is a Senil Cafe event of Shoyo Hyuga of "Haikyu !!", which was also highly acclaimed by Korean volleyball player Kim Yong -yong!

Outside the cafe, a large banner is displayed, and a poster with a different design is also displayed.♪

Many goods such as fan, cup holder, and seals are prepared!

It's a happy space surrounded by a lot of recommendations ^^

In addition, the Senil event in Asuka of "Neon Genesis Evangelion" will be held in two locations, Seoul and Busan.♪

Fans, such as cakes, cup holders, and figures, are irresistible!

There are also life -sized panels and uniforms that appear in anime, and if you are a fan, you will have to decorate the decorative decorative sense!

It is an anime -sheel event held in Korea, and these are planned by fans!

It's surprising that you are preparing all the design and goods production from scratch ...!

Introducing the flow of the event!

Here, let's take a look at the series of flow until the anime Senil event is held!

Introducing the journey to the actual cafe.♪

1. The subject of Senil Cafe

Decide what theme to celebrate the recommended Senil♪

2. Design decision of Senil Cafe

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Determine the design and color used for Twitter, flyer, banner, etc.!

3. Cafe survey

Find a cafe where you can hold a Senil event ^^

Anime Senil Cafe seems to be held in Hongde.♪

4. Cafe site survey

Actually visit the cafe and check the location and composition of the decoration!

5. Display / configuration

We will decide to decorate in the cafe♪Determine the location of posters and goods!

6. Determine the production schedule

We will decide the product production schedule on a daily basis!

In this case, preparations have begun about 4 months ago!

7. Recruitment of cafe staff

* Anime characters cannot be used as they are, so we are looking for staff to draw!

At the cafe conducted this time, 15 staff members cooperated ^^

The recruitment was divided into the number of times and was recruited about three times!

8. Production details request to staff

9. Production of goods

10. Senil Cafe Demand Survey

We will hold RT and hashtag events on Twitter!

11. Public relations

Please distribute flyers to goods shops etc. ^^

Prepare a thank you present to the shop that cooperated!

12. Goods sales online

13. Present preparation

We will prepare Son Muru such as cup holders and seals for customers at Senil Cafe♪

14. Cafe decoration

15. Held a cafe♪

It seems that there are many preparations before the Senil event is held ...

It is said that the anime sensory event is more difficult to prepare than an idol.

On the other hand, I guess there is a fun because it is created with many staff and collaborators ^^.

In addition, we will introduce the goods prepared at this cafe.♪

  • Main poster (2 sheets): A2 or A3


  • Exhibition outside the cafe: X Bana Placard (현 막)

  • Exhibition inside the cafe: Placard (현 막), life size (등신), monitor MMD (3D CG video)
  • Cup holder
  • Acrylic key ring
  • Sticker
  • Transparent postcard

  • Bottle sticker

  • Postcard
  • Mini 족 족
  • Lenticura
  • cookie
  • Memo


Can an anime x Senil event be held in Japan?






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