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First of all, free consultation on LINE

By LINE, automatic response/manned support
We accept troubles of customer's Senil advertising.

There is also a free telephone consultation reservation, so
Please feel free to use.

Free consultation on LINE


Recruitment of Senil Crafan PJ owner!

★First 6 person fee free★Senil Crafan starts!

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[For those who came for the first time]
Why do we support and live support?
I will tell you the length of our thoughts.

For the best Birthday-ad

We support the idols with our customers and provide the best Senil advertising experience.
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Monday-Friday: 10: 00-19: 00

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Anyone who has a passion for "I want to support you" can make a project.

Please be assured that we will make a project with the full -time staff and support it to the end.

Until now, we will fully support us, such as procurement of funds (2) transactions (2) return goods settings (3) deposit management (4) delivery of return goods (4) arrangement of advertising and advertising products.

Please see here for the detail.

To conclude, to the idol officeAdvertising application formPlease be sure to submit.

Also, depending on the advertising mediumFrom affiliated officeRemarkable certificateYou may not be able to broadcast the ad without without it.

Please refer to the following article in detail the provisions of copyright presented by each medium.

■ About office permission / prohibition / guidelines

First of all, we will contact you on LINE and we will do each procedure according to the customer's request.

See the following article for details.

■ Rough flow / expenses, merit of requesting an agency, etc.

NY Times Square is a popular medium.

Please refer to the following article.

■ NY Times Square

See below for the types of subway advertisements and recommended places in Korea.

■ About the type of Korean subway advertising and recommended places

We can handle street vision advertisements throughout Japan.

However, there are limited media where Senil ads can be published, so please refer to below.

■ About the location of the street vision, the cost, and how to publish it

Instagram is the easiest and most reached advertising method.

See the following article for details.

■ About Instagram advertisements, expenses, costs, and flow

You can do it all at once from cup holder production and design production.

See below for details.

■ About the type of cup holder, price, flow, etc.

Please ask other questions on LINE.