Creative video production for SNS advertising

Creative video production for SNS advertising

Regular price¥16,995

Overview of video production

If you want to make a great Senil ad, I want many fans to make cute/cool images.♪

But isn't it surprisingly difficult if you're not used to editing videos using apps and PCs? Lingering

Such "I'm not good at editing videos on my own ...😣For those who say, our creators will act on the video production! 🤗

We will produce video according to the completion image of the customer.♪

Production case

The past production examples are introduced here, so please take a look.

View video portfolio 

Price / delivery date

In the case of a regular fee, our logo marks in the last 1 second of the video.

If you do not want to insert the logo, the production fee is the logo less fee (regular fee + 10%).

The number of seconds Regular price (excluding tax) Price without logo (excluding tax) deadline
15 ~ 20 seconds 16,500 yen 18,150 yen 5-7 business days
30 seconds 33,000 yen 36,300 yen

* The number of corrections is up to 2 times. Two or more corrections are 5,000 yen (excluding tax) per time. Please note.
* The delivery date varies depending on the production schedule, so please check with the person in charge each time.

Flow of video production

Think of composition

First of all, by yourselfConfiguration of materials and images usedPlease decide.


Create a storyboard

Once the composition of the materials used and the video is determined, enter the configuration in the storyboard.

[Example of a storyboard]

CUT Material used Part -time part Character to put in The number of seconds


00:10〜00:25 15 seconds

00:44〜00:46 Happy Birthday 2 seconds


Download the storyboard 

Send a storyboard and material

The following 2 pointsPlease send it to our email address.

① The storyboard

Handwritten images and reference images are also OK
Please send it in text so that you can copy to prevent typographical errors.

② Materials used

If the material is attached directly to the email, the capacity may be compressed and the image quality may be reduced. We recommend that you use large -capacity data transfer services such as data flights.



Production & correction of trial drafts

Our creators will make video based on the storyboard.

Once the test is completed, we will send it to the customer!


  • Basically bigFixed twiceUntil.

  • It cannot be modified after submission.

Delivery & distribution

When the video is completed, we will deliver it to the customer and set the advertising!

If you receive the screening, it will start distribution on the specified date!