[Why We Do] Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN's thoughts

In this article,Why do we do this business?
Starting this business, future visions, etc.
I would like to introduce you.

If you are interested in our company, or if you are worried about requesting, please read it to the end.😌

nice to meet you. This is Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN.

nice to meet you. This is Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN😊

We are a special agency for Senil advertising and support advertising.

Many people seem to have a company in Tokyo,The headquarters is located in Fukuoka, Kyushu, and a few elite members of Japanese and Koreans who have the desire to "really support customers' activities."I'm going in 🇯🇵🇰🇷

What is Senil/Supporting ads?

Senil advertisement in the first place? Cheering advertisement? What? 🤔

I think some people may think.

What is Senil/Support Advertising?This is a non -profit advertisement that fans will spontaneously do only to support your push on your own idols and actors' birthdays and anniversaries!

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

By the way, "Senil" means "birthday (생)" in Korean, and this Senil/support advertisement is originally a mainstream culture in Korea.🎂

Although the media of Senil advertisements is currently diverse, I think that there are many cup holder events in street visions, subway advertisements, cafes, etc.😊

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

In Japan, SMAP dissolution ads

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

Quote source

In Japan, what is the easiest to imagine is the advertisement that SMAP fans appeared all over the Asahi Shimbun when SMAP was dissolved.😌

Following the dissolution of the national idol group SMAP, the advertisement that fans used a message ad with the gratitude of the newspaper was very popular at the time, and the related tweets in 10 days from the advertisement. The number of cases was about 230,000.

Due to this, the dissolution of SMAP greeted the end of beauty with the warm support of the fans.

Until now, it was extremely small for individual customers to advertise in newspapers and street visions, but in recent years, along with the boom and the Korean wave boom, it has become more common in Japan.☺️

[Trigger] Why did we start this business?

Now, I will change the topic and talk about the starting point of this business.

First of all, as a major premise, our staff has many people who have studied abroad in Korea and Australia, and only the staff who want to connect Japan and overseas.😊🤝🏻

On top of that, we are originally a promotional business related to Korea, and the Korean staff of Japan -Korea Bilingal is also enrolled.

One day, from the Korean staff

"My friend wants to advertise in Japan to support the idols, but can this company support me?"

They said.

"Eh? Is it a personal advertisement to simply want to support you? Is that in Japan?"

At that time, we didn't know Senil advertising culture, so I was surprised when I first heard it.😳

However, with the feelings of the staff and acquaintances, we were very pleased when we supported us and succeeded in the Senil advertisement at the street vision in Tokyo.

What I noticed through that experience

"Cheering people will be happy for both the supporters and the supporting side."That meansis.

Since then, we have prepared a business system to support the activities of fans, repeated negotiations with Japanese media, which does not know the culture of Senil/support advertising, and now provide more than 500 supports a year. You can now get it.

"I'm glad I asked Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN."One word is the vitality of our business☺️

[Our thoughts] Why continue this business?

Let me share that idea why we will do this business a little more😌

Progressive activity is indispensable for people's lives

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

The purpose of this business is the purpose

By supporting recommended activities,
"Shine in the lives of the cheering person. Moisturize the supported person's life."
It is to bring it.

In fact, I've been supporting so far,

"Thank you very much for listening to your story, designing wonderful advertising and advertising support! !! !!

Starting today, it seems that you can have fun again tomorrow! "

I have a lot of words☺️

Supporting someone can help someone.
That is to contribute to society.

When people live together and contribute to others, they feel the significance of their existence, which creates the power to live tomorrow.

If you think so, we are indispensable for people's lives, and we are."Maximizing social contribution by pushing life"I think is a mission.

Connect Japan and Korea sincerely. The private sector connects.

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

There is also the purpose of connecting Japan and Korea 🇯🇵🤝🏻🇰🇷

Some of our staff have studied abroad in Korea, in front of the anti -Japanese movement when Japan -Korea relations are said to be the worst in history.

However, what the staff felt was

What the media is saying and what Koreans are saying is often different.

Looking at TV news, there are reports as if the whole Korea was doing anti -Japanese movements, but there are many Koreans who like Japan.

I think the opposite is true.

So, for our side purpose,It also means changing Japan -Korea relations from the private sector.

We would like to conduct cultural exchanges and change the impressions of Japan and the impressions of Korea by supporting both Japan and South Korea's recommended idols!

[Our vision] Our activities in the future

Finally, I would like to talk about the vision we are aiming for and end it.

All you need is the passion of "I like/I want to support you."
Senil/support advertising/planning that any individual can do will be fulfilled.

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

It costs a lot of money to try to advertise to some extent.

That would only be possible with a big Fundam.

The destination we aim for isNo matter how small Fundam or individual, support advertisements and projects you want to do is supported!

We will be able to provide the resources of the people, things, and gold for that.

Currently, we provide advertising media, support advertising support, and create creative production, but we will expand the scope of what we can do in the future.

Specifically, we are currently planning a crafan service specializing in Senil advertising/support advertising. (As of June 2022)

As a result, we will do our best to share the plans' thoughts and clear the financial issues, so that the vision of the planner will be realized.😊

Through a small success experience, create an opportunity to change that person's life.

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

When I talk to young people these days, I feel that there are many people who are not confident.

"I'm something ..."

"Isn't it impossible ..."

What should I do to get people who think so to get confident?

we,To be confident"To accumulate small success experiences"I think it is necessary.

For example, if you plan a small cup holder event, see the fans gathering and everyone is smiling ...

"I'm myself ..."

Some people thought

"I can make people smile."

I think that you can be confident.

The confidence you gained will surely be the power to live tomorrow.✨

weI want to create an experience that changes the life of that person by supporting the activities of fans.I think.

"Shine in the lives of the cheering person. Moisturize the supported person's life."

I believe that the life will change the world, and our business will continue.

Nice to meet you😊